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  1. Bucs score here and they go up 26. However unlikely the comeback we can still hope right?
  2. I kind of like the Colour rush ones as well.
  3. To compound it I'm pretty sure Jake Long got called for holding on the play too.
  4. Same ref crew as our game vs the Lions.
  5. Wow, didn't expect that to actually happen!
  6. At this rate the Twins could be knocked out of the postseason before there's any runs in this one!
  7. Newfound respect for Mike Tomlin for putting up with his antics for so many years!
  8. Not screwed - they just don't know the rules! But hilarious to see them cry about it nevertheless!
  9. And the <insert opposition here> have just gone 3 and out to start the game.
  10. Forget the Dolphins the Miami Hurricanes would probably beat us!
  11. I can smell the stink over here several thousand miles away!
  12. Could be worse - could be Dolphins fans watching their team getting smoked by a QB that apparently can't pass!
  13. He's free to wear what he wants - just like we're free to ridicule him!
  14. I dislike the Pats in part for all the bandwagon fans over here in the UK but have a begrudging respect for Belichick and what he's been able to achieve. Not sure we'll see his like again for a long time if ever!
  15. Pats schooling the Saints on how you close a game out!
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