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  1. Could be worse - could be Dolphins fans watching their team getting smoked by a QB that apparently can't pass!
  2. He's free to wear what he wants - just like we're free to ridicule him!
  3. I dislike the Pats in part for all the bandwagon fans over here in the UK but have a begrudging respect for Belichick and what he's been able to achieve. Not sure we'll see his like again for a long time if ever!
  4. Pats schooling the Saints on how you close a game out!
  5. Two weeks to prepare and you can only muster 3 points! Might make teams think twice about interviewing anyone Mcvay's had a cup of coffee with!
  6. Nope I liked this better.
  7. When that went through you could almost hear a pin drop there! BEAUTIFUL!
  8. Thomas pushed him off and right into the pick - brilliant!
  9. I would love it if Cooks scored the TD that knocked the Saints out!
  10. If the Rams don't wake up - this'll be done by the end of the 1st quarter!
  11. Maybe - just seeing them lose would do for me!
  12. Surprised they didn't find a way to not overturn that.
  13. How about keep it as it is in terms of playoff rankings but only have the 1 and 2 seeds guaranteed playing at home. The 3rd to 6th ranked teams are then sorted based on record. That way the Chargers would have been ranked #3 instead of #5 and had some reward for their decent record.
  14. For sure, although kind of funny to watch the Packers go down at home to the 2 win Cardinals!