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Everything posted by FlyHighFalcons

  1. Jason Laconfora of NFLN is in the journalism game for the wrong reasons. Everytime a deal is struck he tries to glorify himself by saying how he said that was gonna happen yesterday or something like that. get over yourself.

  2. That Braves game last night needs to be replayed from the end of the game with that call being called an out. Worst call EVER. Literally. Ump just wanted to get out of there.

    1. AF89


      If you look at a ground view angle of the tag, it looks possible that the gloves may have swiped over the top of Lugo's pants w/o touching him. Thats shakey evidence at best but probally more than enough to shoot down any replay arguments.

    2. FlyHighFalcons


      There is no way that he was safe and there is no way that ump can actually have a precise eye to see something like that. He was out.

  3. So many bad threads coming out right now. Not every thought is a thread my friends.

    1. Twoism


      You churn out a fair amount of unnecessary threads too, who are you kidding?

    2. Knight of God

      Knight of God

      Nah, usually when he makes a thread they are interesting.

  4. GREAT day for football. Anybody that goes to jheezy's "Lockout is over!" post and replies to my reply with something nice to say about football gets a +1.

    1. FlyHighFalcons


      So thankful for this time and what is about to be one of the most exciting times in football history.

    2. FlyHighFalcons


      What're you coughing about, Gritz?

  5. It's about time we got down to football.

  6. Hey Jbo- Change your twitter password. Got hacked and keeps sending whack tweets.

  7. Amy Winehouse passed away, joining the infamous Forever 27 Club. Shame that such a talent is gone too soon. RIP.

  8. DeMaurice Smith's extreme lack of public speaking ability makes me feel like he's always lying.

    1. FlyHighFalcons


      The players need to quit bitching. Seriously. It's getting ridiculous. You can't solve everything in the world right now. You want to reform on YOUR OWN TIME? Well guess what? This is a two-way deal, there is no "YOUR OWN TIME."

  9. I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.

  10. Since I turned 18 a year ago today, my home burned down and my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Crazy year but I'm still here.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. FlyHighFalcons


      I'm sorry for whatever terrible thing has turned you into the boy you are today.

    3. BlazerHarvard


      I just want your parents to apologize for not using protection...

    4. FlyHighFalcons


      Well you can visit my father's grave to do that. You are a disgrace.

  11. Her sister Pippa is even better Statick.

    1. Twoism


      Kate is much prettier than Pippa.

    2. MattM12


      No doubt, coming from a Brit, Kate is the winner there

    3. FlyHighFalcons


      Not in my opinion.

  12. You can kiss some preseason games goodbye and likely going to have to see a late start to the season.

  13. Good stuff Skull.

  14. That Heat game was bananas. Quit watching when Heat went up 15, got text of Mavs winning.

  15. Want Portal 2 pretty bad, not about to dish out 60, though. Game looks interesting.

  16. Falcon Max: Don't read Mr. Right's posts.

  17. Has way too much time on his hands after making that top 100 list. Please comment.

  18. There is no time for a decision, they just need a team to accept an offer. Atlanta IS interested if offered. Oakland and Carolina have been mentioned, but are both doubtful.

  19. Falcons for Hard Knocks please.

  20. Lol, inbreds these days.

  21. You put it as your avatar BleedBlack&Red

  22. Let us know how it goes, Statick.

  23. Since returning to the boards my reputation has went from 300+ to 195. Oops.

  24. Wow, the reffing in this Detroit game is terrible. Six men for tying goal, seven men for closing goal.

  25. "Good" song Cody.

    1. unconquered.


      Haha. You know it!

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