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  1. Falcons are making a surprise move and releasing DE Ray Edwards, a big free agent pickup couple of years ago Per Jay Glazer.
  2. 1. Brees won't sit the season out. 2. This assumption that the Saints will suck this year even with Brees is false, they're still odds-on favorites to win this division and are better than they were a year ago. 3. If he sat out the year, he would be a free agent unable to be franchised.
  3. Lol "Barffallo." Combined Superbowl wins in Atlanta and Buffalo: 0. Four game superbowl appearances: Buffalo, 1. Atlanta, 0.
  4. I can't find it right now, but there's a video of a fat guy doing a bunch of trick shot throws and he makes it look COMPLETELY real, but then describes how he faked it all. These videos will look 100% real but they aren't. He described what to look for and this video has a bunch of those things. Also, I like the part where everyone is like "what's the catch?" The catch is that he went undrafted because IN ALL LIKELINESS he is a scrub QB from some terrible university and will never actual play in the NFL. Cool video though.
  5. No, I'm saying it's fake as in most of these throws aren't real. There are a few straight shots that show the ball the entire time and the balls trajectory/spin and "wobble" change completely.
  6. The Mayan calender says nothing about the world ending this year. Nobody knows really where that came from. They predicted a huge meteor shower on that date, but their calender never ends. The final date on their calender is in the year 4444 but that's because they couldn't see beyond that date.
  7. Naw. Goodell said nobody would be safe using the "doing what I've been told" excuse.
  8. Or we could stop pussyfooting around and not use a FB.
  9. Nobody picking the Aints is stupid. No reason to doubt this team. They are going to be better than they were before.
  10. WRs can't wear 1 either. 11-19, 80-89. Do people really not know about the numbering system? I imagine if you watch or want to act like you pay attention to the NFL, then you would know it.
  11. Lolol shut up. He didn't tell anybody ****. He asked if they would make an exception for him because he really wanted to wear it, they said no.
  12. If there is a way to do this for anywhere as low as a 6th and as high as a 2nd and you can afford it, you do it. Anybody saying otherwise is stupid.
  13. Even after resigning Grimes, the Falcons still have a huge need at corner. Having Asante, Grimes and Dunta would be huge and make them dangerous in the secondary. Just add a 2nd or 3rd round DE that can contribute on the pass rush right now and you've got a great D.
  14. http://boards.atlantafalcons.com/topic/3946783-brent-grimes-has-signed-his-franchise-tender/ There ya go. Not hard to look on the front page first.
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