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  1. Ice your a bum before you got here we looked like absolute champs not having a back to back regular season record or playoff run.Ice how can you treat us that way. Purple I mean we could have done so much better the history of the dog ****e before you says it all.
  2. Chris Redmon Joey Harrington Byron Leftwich to name a few gems all say hi.
  3. How bout just a play call to center the kick for a money man Bryant to kick a 38 yd FG just saying.
  4. Well there you are when your on a franchise that took 40 plus years to win back to back seasons and make back to back playoff runs says alot. I don’t get that disappointed anymore because I understand that’s our normal.Our history says it,it’s who we are.Expectations seem to be this teams downfall.We want to be mentioned with the best but we are far from it. Thats the reality of being a Falcons fan a chequered history with a few rays of sunshine.
  5. **** 4 years you must be new.I didn’t and haven’t liked about 30 odd years of the 40 I been in on this team 4 Jesus you must be young 😂 The bottom line with this franchise is basically these last 4 years are pretty much standard practice.If you look at this teams history when I see disappointment it’s pretty normal if your a long term Falcons fan it’s who we are. If you understand this it really balances out as I mentioned you’ve been around this team long enough as unfortunate as this sounds.
  6. Yep you can do that if your willing to take the pain and continue to have high draft picks. Flores is doing a good job there but the jobs far from done though.
  7. To be fair we gave the media the ammo there just using it. It may not be sound opinion alot of it but I can’t think of a worse start than what we rolled out with a new regime.I think last week we have to take it on the chin. The real topic here is how AS & co ie the players respond are we going to be that team that looks like it’s fumbling round in the dark trying to find the light switch or are we going to actually show something which negates the above given.
  8. Just give me something to see that there’s improvement in this team. I don’t wanna hear under prepared ill disciplined after the pre season talk suggested other wise.
  9. I’m on that thought process aswell we’ve seen poor Morgan coached oline’s and DK based offenses to expect a **** of alot better than what we got Sunday. Man if they blow dog again both sides of the ball I dunno man I just don’t no.
  10. Right now everyone is going to come after the Falcons oline.There going to sit back in a zone throw thee odd blitz at it until the Oline can prove they can block under pressure. Offensively I really think we need to continue down the track of run first and continue to protect our Oline against 2nd and 3rd and longs. Even more important is fast starts there another key element to protect this team.3s aren’t going to do it.It has to 7s & 8s. The worst that could possibly happen is we see more of the same undisciplined poor technique rubbish we rolled out last week.If we see another game like last week where we can’t score and the defense is left defense less I’m almost putting a line through the season.
  11. Some players get it some don’t. Dumb it down lowest common denominator. We are in a learning time this is all this is. Pees knows what he wants now as above the teaching points he uses have to become more understandable which will hopefully bare fruit.
  12. That’s the whole point if we run the ball like that and force teams to pull that extra guy in the box pull there LBers closer to the LoS this opens the passing game that’s exactly what we are aiming for. So the fact they had to adjust to it is exactly what we want then it’s on AS to make his move to exploit there chess move.
  13. Yawn I’ve heard this yarn spun year after year but #2 some how manages to get through it.It’ll be no different here.
  14. A couple of things if we can’t get off to a fast start and turn 3s into 7s we'll lose ugly again. Can the defense get some stops when it matters.
  15. Hows the team looking without him passing game looks good doesn’t it.I thought we’d drafted the 2nd coming of the best TE of all time if you listen to all the plaudits. Falcons look like true beaters without 11. Get back to me when the Falcons ever look like winning the SB again. Good luck.
  16. Injury settlement I think as he never got over the last one he got.
  17. There’s no hiding behind a poor performance but for me I need to see improvement.Thee only thing I liked about this performance was the running game in the first half and the commitment to it. The self inflicted wounding was the worst all the penalties were just coach killers they need to clean that up.They can’t afford to continue beating themselves.
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