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  1. Gonads call by Koetter I could see Ryan pointing that out to the sideline.
  2. I think more of a concern is we are still struggling to move the ball on the ground. Koetters offense needs more out of the run game.It will help Ryan out immeasurably.
  3. Yep that’s my take on the offense aswell. Who'd have thought it a bubble screen lol to win it.Absolutely loved seeing Matthews crush that LBer or Safety reminded me of what he did to Norman when they played the skins last year.
  4. $$$$$ thread Vel I wonder if all the Harry hate parade will turn up I doubt it lol.
  5. Fast start play from in front. No TOers.
  6. No you don’t your a fool. Thats the first time I’ve seen you say your no cap guru.EVER. At least when I don’t know I say I don’t know. I’d rather look silly for 5 minutes than 10 years guess which group your in.
  7. Lol not a cap guru but prints up OTC and Sportrac for years proclaiming this and that lol you joker.
  8. Ergo stop it mate the variables that your mentioning aren’t an option lol for these guys that are invested in there argument they don’t want see or hear your options. The issue I have with there points is I believe they’ve known what and who and how much years in advance you’d have to too make all these pieces fit.
  9. That doesn’t mean anything your speculating as per.If your not privy or in the inner sanctum how can you pretend to know what’s really going on.
  10. 90% of the story where are you pulling this **** from. Are you in the inner sanctum because there the people who have the number your pulling out of your behind. Wake up you think you have 90% of the story or facts your joking your a fan like all the rest of us pretending you have 90% of what’s going on about and around this team.Youll be lucky to have 50% but your 9n here spouting like you no basically everything with regards to facts and numbers round this dreaming. Your fooling yourself if you think that.
  11. You mean the mess TD had to clean up the mess McKay left hahahaha. **** why not bring back the Rankin Smith ownership days then you can crow about being right because you’ve been wrong for ever in a day the last decade.
  12. How is it weak. You continue to speculate about something you don’t 1 have all the information and 2 basically ignore what others are telling you and 3 wait until it dies down then start up another thread about it a week or so later. Those 3 things are like clockwork with you.
  13. This is exactly what I’ve been saying to 20 for months. His take is to basically take the information available forget everyone else’s opinion and speculate the **** out of a subject he doesn’t have all the information about. I’ve been telling him this for months.
  14. I didn’t want Takk I wanted Carl Lawson But his injury history killed his stock and went in the 4th round.The whole league missed on this guy I think.
  15. Who wouldn’t want it but reality was he was never going to get it. Thats the thing you can speculate all you like what ended up happening. Mclure Archer whoever where are they now and how’s that deal looking right now.Again did you hear anything from Jarrett or his agent saying he wanted thee above because if Archer or Mclure said it does that make it so or are Jarrett and his agent a more credible source.Fact of the matter is this all started when Jarrett came out and said he wasn’t playing for a discount then I believe the speculation went to AD money. Much like you and 70s speculation about the cap really you got no idea and your throwing darts and in the dark you know and I definitely know it.