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  1. No that's what this all about its pay comparison do you think Tru lives up to his 14 mill per season vs Alfs 8-9 per season and here in why the microscope is on Tru the way it is. When both these guys were earning nothing there wouldn't be such an uproar between whose better. As for who is why would you care there both Falcons there both contracted the idea that you complain about something for nothing is a waste of time either guy is going anywhere.You should be satisfied that we actually got one of the better outside tandems in the NFL at corner.
  2. The biggest off season decisions we had too make was to keep Poe or keep Levitre we did the latter and restructured him to help us with cap.Smart move if you ask me. Too me Dimitroff has nothing to prove he's basically been in charge of the most successful stint in team history those facts are undeniable.Hes won exec of the year twice in that time so too me the only peak he hasn't attained is SB victory.Thats all this discussion comes down too. Outside of that he's proven he can adapt to his surroundings build a team from scratch which created a consistent winner,can't ask for much much more bar the trophy.
  3. The zebras will make these calls because they aren't used to seeing what a real tackle and the nuances of that style look like in real time too me that's where you'll have problems. Much like the players the zebras are learning aswell,I'm sure they will have issues and poor calls will be made but the more and more they see what good tackling and use of the shoulder looks like and helmets and heads being moved to the side the better the calls get. The issue right now with the new helmet rule is basically growing pains.The real issue too me is why has it taken one of the most professional leagues on the planet to realise after 50 plus years of playing this game that this now this is an issue. Its all about money and the welfare of there product ie the players.For some reason all of a sudden they the NFL care about player safety and the initial 800 odd mill payout that was made or an amount around that is something the NFL will stomach once but they understand if they don't do something now the cost goes north quickly.
  4. He didn't come into the league like this Trufant was getting props from the best in Richard Sherman.Trufant doesn't make a difference in what your referencing your kidding if you think he doesn't do a better job than Collins that's straight up garbage talk right there. Why does Trufant have to outplay Alford there both on the same team the only discussion or agenda to be had is pay equity in which there isn't any.Fans have to get past that.The samething happens round here everytime a guy gets payed and then all of a sudden there play has to be best in the league. Only if the market or reality operated as such,very few players who get paid like Trufant actually play upto what there worth.Thats the real agenda here.
  5. You know using the helmet as a weapon should be legislated against. Dont know why the coaches haven't got onto using shoulder as the primary weapon in tackling anyway.You can do as much damage with a perfectly positioned shoulder shot which is completely legal. Ludicris in my eyes I'm telling you the masses that have been taught incorrectly over the years is almost laughable.
  6. Stop it sssshhhhhhh Gazoos watching lol. Kazees also looked good can't wait to see who comes out on top Schweitzer or Fusco. Ortiz is winning the f/back race.
  7. Vandy I'm so hyped for this season am doing watching those 2 redzone TDs against the Chiefs had me rubbing my hands together with glee. Cue smiley face.
  8. Definitely speeds up the learning process. Watching Ridley in the highlights his ability to get open is going to make a huge difference to this offense. No Julio or Free last night and the offense was pretty much on the move at will. The regular season can't get here quick enough.
  9. Depth and rotation this tells me you don't watch games. I bet you were one of these guys crying about Alford being a PI machine in his first 2 years while the mentioned was basically shutting everyone down lol. I get the whole agenda driven crap now it's typical round here once a guy gets paid all of a sudden hitting the moons not got enough he has to go further like hit the stars everytime he rolls out. The idea you think Trufant doesn't make a difference and shuts down Hogan which got the Pats going in the 2nd half is a laugher.Jalen Collins got killed that 2nd half,no disrespect to him as he was a rook but Trufant ***** those routes down.
  10. No because we are drafting well and with Trufant we are a better team regardless of what we are paying him. Go and ask if you'd have preferred Trufant instead of Collins in the SB no disrespect to the latter but Trufant would have ate those comebacks up that killed us in that second half.
  11. Nah man don't be worried man I think DQ and co are right up there with those rules and tackling technique.We just need to keep working on it and improve.
  12. It does if its continual unwarranted and not based on anything resembling fact.Thats the issue I have with it and the stuff flying round in the last month or so about Julio Ryan Matthews contracts are evidence of this. I can see the frustration Gazoo goes through and why he posts like he does.The difference between him and alot of others is the rationale of there points.While I don't agree with everything Gazoo posts I understand why he posts like he does.
  13. Got to say the play of the TEs and Wes Schweitzer was my go too's today.I hope the latter pushes it all the way to the end to see whose the guy him or Fusco.
  14. Tell you what watching those short clips right there Reed and Shelby aren't going to get the props they deserve they set edges well in Shelbys case,as for Reed on the weak side is in perfect position to clean up any cutback action. Senat looks perfect for what we want at the position.His low CoG is going to kill alot of C and Gs.
  15. Dawg I pushed like on this post because in pro sport if your not adaptable your gone as the ground can change very quickly and you need to be able to act and think on your feet wheather it's on or off the field. Now what we need to do is have some transference to some of our fans see whats going on and adapt there thought processes. All this MR2 Sark and JJ11 stuff this off season has just been painful to read and the assumption is the killer too me a lot of it has just been straight up off the cuff noise with very little rationale behind it. If they had that adaptable thought process maybe it's different.