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  1. This is the thing with what you are saying if we were winning and in the same situation the discussion isn’t the same. The biggest discussion shouldn’t be about the cap that’s not the issue it’s lack of wins.Why isn’t this team winning what are thee biggest problems round us not winning. I mean Julio Jones is far from being the problem or how much his contract was or cap hit was. Its almost as though everyone glosses over what the real issue is here.It’s not paying guys like Julio Grady Debo and alike.
  2. I dunno where people are getting this fantasy from. Thee people who are exhaling and celebrating the hardest are the DC’s for Tampa Carolina and New Orleans ohh and alot of Tatfers who bring up the taking lays off over paid mentality.
  3. No chance VT those set of downs after thee Julio highlight catch in the SB are worse. Closely followed by that atrocity of Downs inside the 5 against Philly in the divisional. Those 2 snapshots in time make me physically sick rewatching/talking about it.
  4. Given up on trying to explain that. I’m sure they thing 2016 was a bolt of lightning and the rest is the rest.
  5. We do but that’s why we bring a guy like Pees here to scheme that up.
  6. Grady Jarrett Deion Jones Foye Olukon AJ Terrell there’s pieces there. I don’t need an All Pro in every spot I need 7-8 that do there jobs and 3 or 4 that do a bit more. Thats exactly what we have.
  7. When your bringing one of thee better DC’s to the table out of retirement to run a defense I’m expecting top 15 or better. I do think this defense should never have ever been rated as badly as numbers say it was.I believe getting rid of the rocks or diamonds nature alone puts it at least in the middle of the pack.
  8. I won’t be Thats setting the bar to low. I’m expecting big things from AS & Pees in particular.
  9. I hate the cap narrative. Its clear to me that all of these deals have been worked around how the cap was projected years in advance. If not for the global pandemic quite possibly Julio is still a Falcon.
  10. I remember when people were saying the same ****e about Chester.
  11. Typical TATF concentrate on one player instead of the group. Oline is a group that’s how they should be judged.
  12. HC in a no contest. Its the top of the food chain.
  13. JAG until he proves different much like all these draft picks including Pitts.
  14. I’d say he just got pissed at an organisation that pissed it’s SB window and his prime away because of poor in game and off field decision making. Julio gives his all while the dog and pony show coaching and running it screwed the team and him. Julio be like I’m out.
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