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  1. OL development there so poorly taught in college it's almost as though there setup to fail at the next level. Oline scares me the most when it comes to drafting.Man what I'd do to turn the clock back and land a Quentin Nelson oh lord that's the type everyone who moans about when talking oline investment.Thing is guy's like him are so rare it's no joke.
  2. Is Jake good now is he lol could have fooled me by the way alot post round here.Many ways to skin a cat.He may not have drafted well in that area but yet the winning record and franchise success is still there. As above many ways to skin a cat. PS if the talents there in that position I'm pretty sure we'd draft that talent there.Fact of the matter we've done pretty decent over the decade and haven't had to draft in the top 10 much.So for the most part we miss out on that good oline talent what there is of it.
  3. That's how I'm structuring his deal it's mostly performance based.Keep the guaranteed to a minimum.Also keep adding talent around him. Alford your right has completely dropped off the ends of the earth with his play BUT I still believe like Free he has something to give and at a minimal cost to us.
  4. I'm with you on this and what's more disappointing is they've had a experienced set of eyes in Knapp also helping Sarks cause to no avail. I'd clean house on that side of the ball.
  5. Schwietzer was asked to play RG which I found very puzzling because he was a left sided player his whole colliegate career.I didn't understand that move. As for off loading Schaub,I saw an article with Debo saying that Schaub had alot to do with his own development so keeping him as a coach has some weight for sure.
  6. If your taking him top 10 you've got to really delve into this guy's tape. I started this Florida thread about 2 months ago as it's the first college team I'd looked at. Just been checking in on it and more of there players every now and then and just caught a quick glimpse of this guy.
  7. AB took a role out of his business book and invested in the person. Steelers have used this model extensively they've had a handful of HCs over there history and do the same as above.
  8. What round 2 3 or is he on the rise late 1 ?
  9. What an absolute fool TD is no wait a minute it's the most winningest the team has been in its history. Oline be ****ed there's more than one way to skin a cat. Fact.
  10. I want this issue fixed aswell but the quality in the position is rare.Olineman coming out struggle for the most part.You just don't know what your getting in that spot. **** college football are just hurting that position group.
  11. That's the issue though isn't it finding someone of Nelsons quality or olineman of that quality. What it's looking like this year the other side of the line is loaded so I really don't see how we can go past that side of the ball.
  12. The biggest concern for me is on the offensive side of the ball. Sark was given experienced help to bring and make the offense more consistent the latter has happend we can't move the ball on the ground and it has stalled out everything else. First things first for me that's my first order of business the Sark/Knapp experiment is in the book for me.I'm now ready to move on.
  13. Hahahaha safest my god what are you watching. Mentioned this in many a thread you watch Will Hernandez against us You watch Jake Conklin last week n MNF safe alright safe at getting the butts handed too them lol. So an article that comes out that says this makes it correct does it well I could also post many article also refuting but I won't waste my time because my eyes tell me different. Wrong lol keep telling yourself that. Youll be the fool wanting oline in this weak class when the dline is loaded but carry on with your weak narrative.
  14. I laugh at the shiney hood ornament horse manure comment. Montana Rice Aikman Irvin Rodgers Nelson,Jennings Brees Thomas Ryan Jones Big Ben AB Manning Harrison Warner Fitzgerald and the list could go on and on and on makes me laugh when clown show mention this as not being important or you don't need it to win.
  15. I'd start by remodelling STs so for me it's Bryant Bosher first. Then I'd move Schaub. Beasley I'm keeping and he's going to be my situational 3rd down pass rusher mixed in with a few base snaps dependent on down and distance.This is how I'm using Beasley going foward and yes I'm resigning him for a few more years at a decent price.For me max deals are off the table if he doesn't take it I let him test the market. Alford I'm bringing back for one more year.I still think with the comfort of having Debo Neal and Allen back there I still think he's got something to give.Hes on a short leash though. Base end is key and we need to draft it.Reed and Shelby are viable cuts and talent can be upgraded. Fusco I give him another go but I'm drafting another G/T early 2nd round is where I'd be looking.