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  1. I'm actually thinking the per annum amount isn't the issue we can give him 12 per but only guarantee say 8 and throw the rest of it through bonuses so he can get up to that 12 per. The issue will be the guaranteed amount that's the key if they want ex amount of the final amount this too me is the issue. I think at the end of the day both sides will have to give up some for this deal to get done.
  2. Yep I didn't really look at him because of that he was just so raw and to me. He had pretty much a motor and effort and that was about it.But on the flip side DQ and co must like what they see and can use what he has with some refinements. I too believe Takk is a year if not 2 away.
  3. Manuel has been in this sought of defense along time so I think with DQ promoting him like he has I don't think that's a choice DQ would ever consider as to over rule or put him in the back seat. At the end of the DQ trusts him and has as above promoted him as thee guy defensively. What I meant by expectations is I think Manuel will learn a lot about himself being thee guy calling the shots.Much like DQ did as a HC in his first years and through last year you learn from mistakes and I have no doubt Manuel will be in the same spot.
  4. I don't see too many issues with Manuel at all with regards to hitting the ground running.What I do see is the expectations of him being unrealistic.He will know doubt have some growing pains and too be honest I think DQ will step back regardless and be a sounding board of soughts if it does happen to go south or start off a bit slower than expected. No doubt having everyone back and another's year will help our guys but too me it's how all the injured guys come back in and the cohesiveness they show is what I'll be looking for.Talent wise this is the best we've looked in along time.
  5. I think Julio smart enough in the off season with regards to rehab to know exactly what it takes for the following year. Have too say im quite confident if I'm honest I mean last year it was turf toe nothing to do with the other operation he had with the screws in his foot. Too me it's shouldn't be too much of an issue I think as long as he takes care of himself he can keep producing at this level for at least another 5 seasons.
  6. Vel remember 98 what was it 45-10 in Foxborough and we went to the SB. Wouldnt complain seeing something similar we weren't expected to do anything that day either.
  7. Don't worry about it we have a lot of fans who wanted TD kicked too the curb aswell.Id hate to see where we'd have ended up without him.
  8. The defense was very young too remember that and was far from a finished product.I think while everyone including the mediatalk up the loss of KS only a select few have ever mentioned how much better this defense will be with the added speed the return of Trufant and the addition of a run stuffer like Poe will be. On the offensive side of the ball the only place where I think the team could stumble is along the o-line if they don't continue that level we saw last year then there could be some issues. Improvement and game close out we need to turn the Free and Coleman loose a bit more to run clock again that's dependent on the big boys upfront as long as there's a continual consistency there I really think the Falcons will still roll.
  9. I don't like the idea that we are lumped in with the because Carolina fell over we've in that category because.These guys with narrative haven't looked at the whole picture that's the biggest issue I have. If you looked at the Carolina situation we are built completely different but because we lost the SB the same is supposed to happen to us.
  10. Investing in your o-line well we can do that through the draft and pay our skill players. Transendent well I'd prefer we keep our good players regardless of position and keep drafting well.
  11. Awesome. Chuck D NAS Rakim 3 favourite lyricists of all time.
  12. Don't care how much we pay him as long as the deal is structured properly who cares it's not my money. The reason why I want too keep him is he's a **** of a player and I believe we can't win without him.I also think that block he missed in the SB is like a weight on his shoulders. Free is a determined guy I think a bit or redemption will be had this year and he'll be a big reason for it.
  13. To me I have always questioned Hagemans consistency and WANT. Until he shows me consistency throughout the season and post season then I'll be more onboard. I wish him and everybody well because the best stays and whoever drops off or doesn't show that WANT on a consistent basis will make it easy they'll be gone. Iron sharpens iron DQ says best stays.
  14. I think we as fans get caught up in it and all the rest that rides with it. All that matters as a player or competitor is that you have the respect of your peers all the public opinion and noise from the outside means nothing. If you can walk among your peers and they have that hey he's a great player or he plays tough or other such accolades I think in the end that's all the player really looks for when it comes to how good they are or recognition.