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  1. It’s no harder than most other seasons. The biggest challenge is the curve ball that Covid built. I think if they don’t try and spread themselves thin they’ll be fine. If there going to try and fix everything then they’ll run into issues. Targeting key areas is the key.
  2. If you look at the totality of the Falcons team I think your first paragraph is accurate. If you look deeper and target real concern areas I think your in a prime spot. Before you even look at the talent the off field in coaching is the biggest improvement the Falcons could make.Talent for naught without coaching your toast. For me that’s where the off field evaluation starts. I really think the Falcons need to keep this off season very simple. 1.Pass Rush 2.Run Game 3.Pass Coverage If the Falcons target these areas first and foremost we’ll go a long wa
  3. I don’t mind the contracts both have earned those. Covid can kick rocks though.
  4. No doubt he’s on the finishing straight without a doubt but the future is now.This is another point if we didn’t think we could win with him I’m with you go get that guy.But if not ride Matt until you can’t.Then go get your guy the risk is no different.If you go get a QB early potentially you have upwards of 45 mill put into the QB position. Me I want the Falcons to keep this off season really simple. 1.Run Game 2.Pass Rush 3.Pass Coverage. All in in those 3 areas and ride Ryan and Julio until they can’t go anymore.
  5. The NFL is a fluctuating situation what it looks like now isn’t what it’s going to look like in a month year 2 years.We don’t know what’s around the corner. So with that in mind why wouldn’t you want to go foward with Matt. That’s all I’m getting at here.I no this if you put Ryan in the right situation next year he’ll produce so why worry about a year or 2 down the track with what we might and might not do QB wise. I know we can win with him that’s the here and now.
  6. Not according to TF and even so if he wasn’t his guy he could have looked to trade or just eat the contract.
  7. But the overall picture is what it is right a picture of winning.We aren’t looking at snapshots here we are looking at the body of work.
  8. I wish you’d started in thread title AS YOUR dream draft. Because it sure as **** isn’t mine.
  9. That is not what your asking this franchise over the given time has a record of winning. Its weakness is not finishing that’s what we have to remedy.
  10. Yep and we have a QB still playing at a high level with a coordinator/HC whose system fits him to a tee.Get the running game and defense right and let’s roll. Don’t stress about not picking here again.
  11. Why would we care about a replacement for Ryan. I and no doubt TF are putting there money on AS and co can get the best out of Ryan now. Heres one why not worry about replacing Ryan when we have to how bout that one.
  12. The latest TF talk floating around on FOX has him saying Matt Ryan is one of the big reasons he took the Falcons job who’d have thought.
  13. 103-87 4-6 yeah we have actually but anyone round long enough would no this the Johnny come lately’s will only mention the last 5 minutes.
  14. Look at that I’m all emotionally attached yet we get the first real evidence of Matt staying from the GM and all quite on the Western Front. Nothing from the clown brigade 😂
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