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  1. Of which 3.1 will be added to the cap Jun 1 from Toilolo release. Who knows what money will be freed up from Ryan's extension. Yall just need to stop,if you want to moan go and have a look at the SB champs cap because ours just isn't an issue in comparison.
  2. I'd actually start BJ Hill and Jarrett in the middle Crawford/Takk at LDE and use a mixture of Takk/Reed at Leo against the run. In the nickel Beasley at LDE Bryan Jarrett and Takk that's the speed rush package.
  3. The senior bowl drills really swayed me on Hill the ability he showed as a people mover and being the leader on that NC State d-line are a couple of reasons why I liked the guy. Ticks boxes.
  4. I would be very surprised if they do go for any of the above in the draft. I think carrying that many o-lineman is the FO/Coaches have shown there hand. There either making a huge push on defense or going up to get a certain guy that's my read on the moves so far. I think when they get Ryan extended and make a late push for a DT TE or WRer will almost verify what I have mentioned above in my opinion.
  5. Oh well fans will see what they see think what they think.At this point in time it is what it is.
  6. We got a ready made replacement though FFS we drafted Takk I don’t see how we’ve mismanaged our cap at all.
  7. 10 o lineman on the roster already but some want more wow.If we did the folks that wanted them would complain about how many holes we still got lol.
  8. Cmon KoG no G in the first round lol.
  9. Bad move get rid of a franchise QB to go get rookie o lineman yeah no thanks I’ll pay the piper and ride with Ryan thanks.
  10. That's why I believe we double dip at DT because we are looking at the long term picture here at the position mentioned. Great information Larry I to was unaware of the above.
  11. Best example I can recall developing from the bench would probably be Aaron Rodgers.Old discount double check rode the pine for a few seasons.
  12. Sign me up for that last line.
  13. We will soon see.
  14. The point being is good players get passed over all the time position regardless is all I'm getting at.
  15. This sought of thing happens every year. Carl Lawson got passed over 4 times by every team last year. Grady Jarrett got passed over 5 times. Morale to this story is it happens good players get passed over.