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  2. Ratings of the top 20 edge rushers coming out.
  3. Stopped the clock Stopped my heart for a brief point in time Couldn’t STOP everyone’s chins on the Patriot bench from hitting the ground after that catch. Stop it he’s been doing it his whole career.
  4. If he had better hands on him he’d it would be a different kettle of fish and his draft position sky rockets.You match size with deadly hand use now we are talking.I see it with alot of big guys though they just don’t have the nuance it’s try and bash down the middle of guys which will work at times. Problem is what have you got when your strength is negated you don’t have to have a plethora of moves but you have to have a counter. The 290-305 gap shooters are basically what this defense is built around upfront.
  5. I been having look at Fotu myself and once you get that mass moving sideways it’s like trying to stop the Titanic to get him to come back the other way..Fotu will be a nightmare at the point of attack but I don’t see him fitting what we do like you mentioned.
  6. That’s what teams are looking at now it’s all about movement if your just big you won’t cut it.You certainly won’t go high in the draft.Size with out the movement is Jerome Brown types those days aren’t over but they are certainly limited now the way the game is played.
  7. Good for Clayborn dudes making a living good luck to him.
  8. It’s purely a miscommunication either Tru hasn’t heard or aware of Campbell’s intention and he’s done what he’s done. Basically it’s a symptom of what crucified this defense the whole first half of the season. Basically it’s probably one of the reasons both guys are now playing on other teams.
  9. Exactly Campbell was a 4th round pick and was on a team that went to the SB. Ulbrich has already mentioned the draft is very deep at the position so I think they feel pretty comfortable with multiple options in the draft.
  10. That’s the problem the game has gone away from that. Movement is key.Basically if you get a big guy off balance or move the play away from him he can’t change direction or be another player rallying to the ball that’s the issue with these big guys if the above mentioned isn’t there outside of just taking up space what use are they.
  11. How does Chaisson Delpit Hennessy sound while adding an experienced Brashard Breelund and Wreh-Wilson to the DB mix ride Oliver and Sheffield as starters with Delpit/Kazee combo at FS Neal WLBer/SS RICO Slot/SS Neasman backup at SS.
  12. I think alot of guys when they don’t get it revert to what they no best not saying this is it with Hendersen.What I do get the inkling of about him though he’s confident and backs his speed to make a play.Now wheather this survives at the next level I’m not sure it’s why I’m iffy about him.
  13. Arnette he’s another one with great technique he just ran really pedestrian at the combine but plays a lot faster.