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  1. Watching high dollar players not perform happens in every team across the league. My own personal opinion on this is Freemans a fighter I want to give this guy the opportunity to get healed up and see what we have.I got a sneaking suspicion he will be chomping at the bit to get back and perform with his team mates. I back Frees character I don't see any give up I just see a guy slowed by those injuries is all.Call it a wrap for this year rehab for however long it takes and comeback hungrier next year.
  2. Very Generous I think G. To me like many have mentioned Oliver with his physical traits have been the let down.I was really thinking he'd be a good pick.As of right now I'm here nor there on him. Saw him get beat pretty badly in pre season in press coverage and I gulped at that one yikes.His inexperience cost us bigtime down the stretch against the Bengals also.I can't go past a C- for this guy and he's got a fair bit of ground to make up in my eyes. Senat B- I'm high on this guy I want to see him get more snaps hence why I didn't rate him higher.But the signs are here with this guy.Put him next Jarrett the next year or 3 and I think that Defensively interior becomes a real strength of this defense. Ito Smith surprise pick for me wasn't expecting too much but has shown enough for me to be given a solid B grade. Ridley is dynamite I know we need to fix the oline but here in lies why you take a guy like Ridley ahead of the mentioned.This guy has bigtime playmaker written all over him.He has a few things to clean up but it's all there for this guy.Id say he's right there with Julio as our best route runners.B+ A- type range for me.
  3. PS I've never actually heard of the guy. Its a hard one for a rugby guy to crack into this sport when he's had very little experience if any in it. How longs Alex Gray been on our practise squad 3 years now and I'm not so sure he's close to cracking it after this time either.
  4. You can't undo stupid in 5 minutes. The issue with the NFL and its whole tackling is you've been taught wrong from the jump and the cancer has been preached for so long.When taught how to actually do the skill correctly alot just don't get it and hence why alot have the issue they do. Or even worse they revert back to the garbage they've been doing there whole footballing careers. I laugh when you guys talk Tackling the only thing you think that's involved is arm grabbing and the cliche from **** just wrap the man up lol.Dont know how many times I seen that garbage written.
  5. x’s and o’s

    Good as always PMF.
  6. I actually see from these gifs there are things this defense is doing better and players like the much maligned Jack Crawford can actually make plays out there. The ugly is unfamiliarity and communication break downs this causes players to be out of position and just using poor techniques.To me this is going to be ongoing.Just hopeful this defense with bodies coming back can hold it together.
  7. Actually the last time Takk spoke like that he got blanked against the Steelers.
  8. Matt Bryant is a huge out that 57 off harder he kicked to ice the game you just don't replace with the snap of your fingers.Its a very under rated and bad injury for this guy to miss a game.
  9. I find the whole Matt Ryan critique only comes down to one thing a SB ring that's basically it.Until he wins one he'll never get his due.The kicker for me and you hear other QBs and his peers talk about him is he's right there with the best.I'veheard it from so many. I think if your a player it's only your peers opinions that matter,all the rest is just noise.If you can walk into a room of all your peers and they pay you the respect due I think if your a player that's all that matters numbers and titles for naught.
  10. Getting Jarrett and Shelby back this week would be a big in as no doubt the Giants are going to try win this thing on the ground. The 2 mentioned are tough run defenders and should stiffen up our front. Ill say this there are very few easy wins to be had in this league and while I like those black jerseys of ours the last time we played in them at home I think we lost against the Chargers. That's about where I'm at week to week if we had a full strength squad maybe I look a game or 2 down the track but right now we need to scrape together Ws by any means necessary and it doesn't matter what they look like.
  11. Don't I know it yet Takk on his rookie deal injured from the jump and there's nothing lol I'm like ummmmm
  12. I don't understand the mindset of not paying a guy after you've Draft developed he performs the Falcons pay. We are a build through the draft team aren't we that's what you do after you do the above they get paid. Am I missing something.Jarrett Neal Debo Ridley Takk we've got another few years possibly longer of fans moaning after the club does a good job drafting talent and have to pay them. Surely fans can't have the mindset of go play your heart out earn millions for the franchise and put yourself in harms way for peanuts can they. Injuries are all part of this also.
  13. And there it is We'll See What Happens. Like I basically said 6 pages ago let Free go through the rehab and Let's See What Happens lol.
  14. Yeah good try man that's all you've done ran a narrative to get rid of the guy. Anyone whose reading between the lines can see that's what your meaning. Youve given up on Freeman anyone reading your comments in this thread can see that from a mile away,just because you word your responses in a certain way it's quite easy to see where you stand when commenting on Free.
  15. And what I said about 6 pages ago instead of assuming Freeman can't come back why not let him heal up and see how he goes next year.How bout that one instead of assuming he's done and throwing him on the heap. Thats always been my mindset with guys like Free who have the talent he does i back the man to be as good once he gets healed up and goes through a good rehab.