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  1. You sound like you’d have pass rush and not win. We’ve won without it, like I mentioned stop pretending it’s the be all and end all. Theres many ways to win.
  2. Takks got something to prove this year and I hope he does. His financial future depends on it.
  3. How pathetic is this those guys that struggled at that fixed a franchise that couldn’t win in back to back seasons in 40 plus seasons and sent the same franchise into the playoffs 6 of the 12 seasons there been here vs the 8 in 42 previous. Save that weak arsed pass rush ****e.
  4. Whose to say Griffen is going to be an answer to our pass rush. If it isn’t on Jarrett or Fowler our highest paid guys whose it on there getting that money for exactly that to rush the passer.How is that BS. I think alot here just get enamoured with names. The Falcons have invested big money into its rush have gone to the draft to attempt to put guys upfront to remedy this. You got to move on from the past have a look what we have at hand in now. Pass Rush how bout the offense controls the clock so the defense doesn’t see the field how bout that one. Thats how we used to win 08-12 by controlling the ball. A lot of ways to win in this league.
  5. The onus is on Grady Jarrett & Dante Fowler both were signed and extended to rush the passer.There is no onus on a rookie but to come in and do there job.
  6. That’s great to see coming off of a season ending injury Neal looks like he’s in the best shape of his career.
  7. What this will tell me is we still can’t run the football when we need to. For the Falcons that’s game over.
  8. I still don’t get the Hooper Hurst production thing.If I’m honest I don’t want Hurst to produce like that we got Ridley back there’s only one ball Julio and Gurley are the other 2.Hat I would like to see from Hoopers replacement is big plays and him sealing the edge to allow Gurley to do damage.
  9. Articles like this make me sick. And for the love of god some people think coaching and the decisions they make aren’t important. Ill open the filing cabinet up and just file this one in under common sense. Outside Zone opens play action ya think really just stop it.
  10. Stop speculating 2012 you do realise there’s a lot of water to go under the bridge before we have to worry about anything like that.As the article mentions TD doesn’t seem to overly worried about it. If the guy that is in control of it being not overly worried why would the fans bother to.He has all the variables we do not.There working through many scenarios now to try and stay on top of it.I don’t think it’ll be as bad as your making it out to be.
  11. If both guys on that right side can solidify there positions we are looking good long term.
  12. Senat reminds me a little like Gono they seem to have the physical ability flash all soughts of potential but for some reason can’t crack game day rosters consistently. What this suggests to me they are missing something in there preparation and maybe a bit slow between the ears. If you look at what and how Jarrett has progressed v Senat suggests exactly the opposite trajectory of thee above mentioned.
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