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  1. Get a GM whose team always picks in the 20s draft wise and makes the best selection based off the talent left over. Add that scenario into how the team has gone record wise. I don’t want any GM that has been at a team who consistently picks inside the top 10.
  2. Are you a joker or what you actually think Julio wants plays off. How bout get a clue before commenting.
  3. Yeah and they make it sound like the next guy coming in is a sure thing to replace a 13 yr vet whose still playing at a high level getting hammered because of **** house play calling and an inconsistent running game. I can see past the ****e being sprouted. Question simply for me is why is he having to wait so long with the ball.Instead of 5–7:second drops why not 2-3 second in and out set the defense up move the pocket pre snap motion type of moves to at least keep a defense honest. I think he thought he had the Aints defense solved after he gashed them off of the 2nd PA fo
  4. Stop it HD that in cases and having a mindset your setting up for these deep shots.WTH we want to straight drop Ryan off of 5-7 step drops against an aggressive Aints front is just farken stupid. And as soon as we got behind put the running game on ICE I’ll pass my way out of this farken stupid carnt. Oline weren’t good but as per the last 2 seasons play calling under pressure is appalling against good defenses.
  5. It just seems our fan base hates good players.
  6. The only question that really needs to be asked are we maximising what’s in the building really. We could have done what you mention but it wouldn’t make any difference if they had the same clown show coaching it. Talents great but I’d take better coaching every day of the week. We just haven’t had that.
  7. No disrespect RAHEEM but if you think this **** you can kick rocks aswell with DQ and TD.
  8. Ummm Rah Brah they’ve been too long for upto 2 years lol cmon man.
  9. Stop it your not allowed to run an offense like that how dare you come up with stuff that gets the ball out quick and sets up deep shots how dare you think like that. Koetter is ******** allergic to that sought of play calling. Thee amount of time I saw Ryan looking around through his progressions today and having no where to go was laughable. Why not just tell NO to pin there ears back I’ll hold the ball for 5 seconds and stand basically behind C so it makes it easy for you. Oh no wait we did do that 😂
  10. We were eliminated at 0-5. See how stats are dangerous.
  11. SB hangover sunk us it started with hiring Sark & Koetter and has capitulated since. Theres still plenty of talent on this team but it’s just been misused year after year since 2016.
  12. Not talent decision issues. Its why Quinn and TD are down the road.
  13. I don’t mind this capitulation it only confirms Ryan or a new QB will have a new OC next season.
  14. Look at this offense of ours what a picture 😂 I knew we’d wet the bed against these clowns.
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