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  1. Change in identity to I've mentioned this in other threads I really think DQ wants to win in a certain way aswell.He wants to dominate physically both sides and leave zero doubt.Sark has to implement meant that vision. This off season they almost need to go all in offensively and decide is the G play good enough and what are they going to do at TE.
  2. Is he comparable to say a Travis Benjamin I know the Falcons looked long and hard at him before Sanu and Gabriel.Would San Fran pay him Benjamin type dollars. 4 yrs 24 mill a little bit less than Sanu's deal.
  3. Best post in this thread. This is exactly how we should be looking at it.
  4. He's had his chance.
  5. Again 30 drops which led the league. #9 in fumbles. While I wasn't expecting 34 a game taking into the context you mention I think around 26-27 wouldn't have been out of the question if we hadn't performed in those above categories like we did. Everyone whose out for Sarks head refuses to mention those above stats and here in lies where alot of that regression lay.Some was on our OC and head coach aswell no one gets a pass here.
  6. I think that's a big thing with coaches familiarity in the working environment hence why alot of position coaches follow certain guys.
  7. Correct. Off season before we know it FA and the draft just round the corner.
  8. Yep he's done a pretty decent job over his career with that throw.I remember the NFCCG in 2012 he put a fade in the corner from a bit further out mind you and Julio toe tapped it.Also another that stands out in my mind against Tampa where he beat Hargreaves,Also when he beat BW Webb against the Saints a year back. Frustrating really I agree with you.
  9. Lol I think there bringing in a familiar face that fits already got Ulbrich from UCLA why not add another Bruin to the mix.
  10. #9 in fumbles and led the league with 30 drops you want to talk about rhythm killer I give you the 2017 Atlanta Falcons.
  11. I'm with Vandy on this one we went to our 2 best to win the game and legitimately had 2 bites at the cherry to get it done and came up short. Someone in this thread or another one suggested we should have gone to the f/back on a slant as an option lol again I fell on the floor laughing. I have zero issues with that play because of who we were going to I could care less if it was forced he was covered whatever that's what Julio is payed to do make plays under pressure like he did half a dozen plays earlier 4th and 6 season on the line Ryan to Jones. The last series the only thing I didn't like was the personnel groupings in the game and the call not to run on the edge which we had killed them all night with that shot my issue with Sark.
  12. AJC

    Absolutely zero mention about leading the league in drops and fumbles yeah ok man it's a good way to look at things by not taking important facts like the mentioned into consideration. Also zero mention of the change in identity going to a more run first instead of pass first team but ok.
  13. So offensive rhythm lol how bout fumbles and drops by RBs and WRers does that cause disruption in rhythm too or as again stated is that all on the OC.
  14. How bout if the players keep dropping passes and RBs keep fumbling the ball? When do individuals stand up and help the OC out by executing instead of screwing the pooch. See to me we talk about inept we talk rhythm but because the narrative has been set on Sark he's the guy that's the problem. I bet if you go through the film in review this year player mistakes in alot of cases is what killed us the most.But know because a wide open Julio Jones drops the ball in the end zone against Carolina as an example that's on Sark good god please.
  15. Not saying it wasn't at times but let's be honest instead of throwing it on one guy the players don't get a pass here poor execution drops and fumbles were a huge part of why this offense looked like it did. Anyone who thinks otherwise is in a dream world.You talk about an offense not being in rhythm well you add in above and it's one of thee main reasons why we looked like we did.