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  1. Narrative you mean not jumping to conclusions this early in the pre season you mean that narrative.
  2. Yep last year wasn’t good but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say we’ll be better this year.With it being very early in the pre season I’m not going to jump to any conclusions. With that age also comes experience this also helps in the getting hit stakes.
  3. It’s not even just that you and a lot of others dismissed what he did in the last 3 games of last year which probably secured his spot now.Good to see you mentioned that bit lol. What he’s getting paid is only one part of it but keep talking eye roll all you like. Perspective what your getting some now I’m mentioning it too you.
  4. I’m not speaking like that at all. Its called perspective.Looking at a situation for what it is.Not just jumping to some stupid conclusion not taking in all the facts. Try it sometime see how it works for you.
  5. Ryan getting killed lol. Using that old chestnut. Remember Jeremy Trueblood well Ryan’s played with guys worse than Ty and is still standing.How bout Sackmaker how bout him,had his blindside for 6 years Ryan’s still here. So I suggest you save that old chestnut Ryan’s going to get killed for another decade because Ryan’s still here. As for the money your crying like a baby and you don’t even no what he’s getting paid or how it’s structured typical weak dodo your sprouting.
  6. What else do you suggest. Hes proven depth and has proven if needs be he can hold down and start at RT. What is it your looking for an All Pro ?What? Fact of the matter is the Draft is very hard to find these guys and to find what it sounds like you want costs alot of cash.Which unfortunately we probably have ticketed for someone else. The board doesn’t have or want to hitch our wagons to what your describing alot just understand this is the position we are in we have a guy who can do a job and have payed him to come in do it. Really it’s that simple.
  7. I’ll take either Ford or Taylor.
  8. Don’t put me in that y’all group I’ve said no such thing. This year DQ has taken charge of the defense I’m not expecting a sit-back and let an offense dictate to us this year.I expect it to be the other way round. Oline let’s wait and see what transpires.But I expect better and since for the first time in years they say there focused in on it as above I’m dying to see what they come up with. Some acting like Poole is a bad move just aren’t focused in on this off season.Money is tight so in the end he’s collatteral damage and why pay a guy that you can replace without too many issues.
  9. What would you rather have an improved fronts both sides of the ball or worry about letting a guy like Poole hit FA. For some reason alot always look for something. But for me this isn’t a move to get overly uptight about.As mentioned guys like Poole can be found.The man himself was a UDFA why can’t we find another guy like that there or late in the draft.Weve done this before found UDFA players have become starters.Brent Grimes Ryan Schraeder and the mentioned over the years.
  10. Quentin Nelson wow 1st year in and he’s thee guy. A year late and they got 2 other guys rated that highly the Colts.Just resigned Glowinski long term Slauson also lucky ********.
  11. Because it absolutely destroys a lot of people’s agendas and pretty much cans how and what they have have been watching.For the most part the only thing most see are the highlight plays and the mistakes and overview and gather there opinions off of that.
  12. Interior and Edge ouch. Its getting me thinking where we draft first after seeing these grades. Oline 8.2 we’ll that’ll throw a few cat amongst the pigeons here. Cant say I agree with that grade personally but it is what it is.
  13. Sorry man I can’t get with Lindstrom in the first round and to be honest non of those Gs are 1st round material.There isn’t a Quentin Nelson anywhere this year. This if anyone of Taylor Ford or J.Williams are there @ 14 the Falcons in my eyes will be hard pressed not to pick one of them.
  14. See alot of what ifs there if Poole doesn’t get signed by another team there is a he comes back. I wouldn’t sweat a decision like this it’s just the reality of who and what we have to get resigned.Poole is just collateral damage is all it is what it is. If they see Schaub and Beasley as more important to the team so be it. Personally I don’t really see either guy getting signed for what is being suggested.