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  1. It's called memory loss JBO taking the guy that almost carried the team to the title in 2016 saying we can live without him is like wow just wow..
  2. Don't you know for the last 2 weeks you aren't allowed to post a positive thread about that money hungry diva hood ornament who isn't important and apparently some think the Falcons offense will work fine without him. purple.
  3. That's a fair call. You know how this goes man Sarks been measured against the 7th greatest offense of all time to play in the league and here in why there so much kick back.
  4. I can't state this any clearer if the above 2 posters haven't made it clear he's VERY ............... VERY important the amount of things he does to help others get off is very understated on this board.The blocking the drawing coverage.
  5. Hope him wearing Peria Jerrys old number he doesn't inherit his injury Juju.
  6. I'm not comparing the sport I'm comparing the effect taking someone that key out of a line up.Its very clear if you took Julio out of this offense the team would be hugely affected there's no debating that much like if you took Durant or LBJ out off there teams you get the same above mentioned.
  7. I actually see Senat playing alot of 3T against the run tying up 2 blockers while Grady attacks the C Much like Poe did in those gifs.
  8. Nah I think Poe was always a rental and they obviously had a decision to make on either side Levitre or Poe they weighed up that option and cap cost and made the decision. No doubt it's many they are going to have too make roster wise.Really I'm not to worried about it as you mentioned if you look at 3-4 DQ TD drafts they've been pretty decent with regards to talent so that makes me a bit more comfortable. If it had have been MS TD combo I think we'd be in trouble.
  9. Why is it so hard to except that Poe was a rental why is it that you've spun that narrative. Who would you rather have Poe or Jarrett because we were never going to tie up cash in both of them.
  10. Yes we do but how many of those guys command double and triple coverage that allows the other talent to succeed.We only got one guy like that.Julio Jones is the Falcons version of LBJ or Kevin Durant you take the mentioned out of those teams they'd struggle to win to just like we would.
  11. So you've brought up the worst I see. Obviously you missed the whole closing of the dome game and that SB we should have won. Julio was a huge part of that and played hurt. 2011 Julio was still a rookie and the forwarding years he's got better and better how's the team looked since 2015 or is everyone forgetting that. How many Falcon players can you remember in the last decade being hailed as the best in there position. Ill wait popular position how's the Falcons looked since DQ and co have run it while we are at it 3 out of the 4 drafts look pretty good too me yet your ready to escort Julio the best WRer in the league to the state line cmon man.
  12. Who have we struggled to maintain? You mix and match the talent with the incoming that's what we've been doing now and for the most part in this scheme of DQs the rookies pretty much get to play. We won't struggle to at all the guys we keep will be the guys chosen we go foward with as long as we keep plugging in young talent around the chosen we will keep rolling.
  13. I get upset watching that. What happend after that catch the person/s should be put up on charges for theft. That catch should have gone down in the annals of SB history instead it's thrown into the trash can with the what ifs drives me nuts too this day every time I see it.
  14. The contract is of much debate I understand that. I just feel we need to get something done whatever that maybe so everyone saves face and we can move on from this.