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  1. Does getting claimed mean he's on the 53 man roster or not?
  2. Drafted in the 4 or 5th round 3 years ago by the broncos. Made the team and had an injury. Bounced around the NFL since then. Was last at the Jets. Was a good player in college at VT
  3. Fuller has been a staple in the Titans secondary since he came out. I would love to see us pick him up and cut Shillinger. Fuller wouldn't be all that expensive and still has a couple of years left in the tank.
  4. I'm glad Powell made it I think he can be a player for us.
  5. Former Patriots safety James Sanders and the Atlanta Falcons reached agreement tonight on a one-year deal.
  6. Former Patriots starting safety James Sanders, released today by New England, is scheduled to meet Tuesday with the Atlanta Falcons.
  7. I'm a VT fan and Powell was very good for us. He could def make the team as our 4th or 5th DT.
  8. Gartrell Johnson.. I think him and Quizz will get a lot of time and both will shine.
  9. It's really the teams preference. I think we would be drafting him as a Safety. I don't think TD is ready to give up on Owens and franks yet.
  10. As a Virginia Tech guy there is no way we take Kendall hunter over Ryan williams. Also there is no way Steven Friday gets drafted in round 2. He is more of a 5-7FA guy.
  11. It's common sense.. How many girls have asked you " what's a first down"? How do you get one? Compared to the girls that have explained to you what a cover 2, cover 4, etc is?
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