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  1. Yup. $340 for the season. If they offered it on Roku or Xbox I would do it but can't afford the $340 and the price of the PS3.
  2. What other times have we been "burned"? Hartwell was injured his whole time here.
  3. I'm no expert on this but I think there will be a new CBA before football starts. Hopefully these judges force the NFL to open its door for business this week and the owners and the NFL cut their losses and agree on something. We should know much more by the end of the day Thursday.
  4. I understand that and agree with most. Im just wondering where people are getting their idea that he must be a pro bowler this year and future HOF and if not, BUST! I think most 'pundits' like the pick. What I gather is that football people like the pick, while the draft 'gurus' do not bc we have up pics and that is like a mortal sin to them.
  5. Regardless of worrying about rookie contracts. I do not think as a football fan you would want it to continue. (Not saying you're not a football fan) If the judges grant the permanent stay there is no pressure on either side to work on a CBA until the players start missing pay checks.....in AUGUST. If the judges rule that the NFL needs to open its doors for business that atleast puts the pressure on the owners to cut their losses and agree on a new CBA much sooner. Here is a good article on it: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/09000d5d81f9fd85/article/five-needtoknows-about-the-8th-circuits-pend
  6. Agreed. I think he really fits the system and our style of play much better.
  7. Maybe, TD got bored during the lockout and its actually him!!!!!
  8. Way to be condescending. Were all idiots and clearly you just know everything. It's speculation by every single person on here, including yourself.
  9. There was some late speculation that Cincinnati would go with Julio as he is a better fit for their west coast offense. Maybe TD wanted to make sure we got Julio. Who knows, who cares. (Other than UGA fans) IMO we got the guy that fit what we needed best.
  10. Teams may have an idea of what they want but you never know what you will get. Every team values a player differently. Also you keep comparing trading draft picks to trading for a rookie. With draft picks they have the trade value chart as there basis for the value of a pick. We gave up slightly more than we should have according to that but Cleveland would have drafted Julio there if we didn't and they knew we wanted their man so they could afford to ask us. There is absolutely no formula that says that Julio should be HOF or the trade is a bust. That is ridiculous. Its the HOF for a reason
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