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  1. Grimes Achilles injury = TATF "Cut him, he relies on his athleticism and he's old" (Returns to pro bowl form) Peters Achilles injury = TATF " Cut him, he's a big guy and we're stacked at DT anyway, he doesn't fit 3/4. (Balls out) Biermann Achilles injury = TATF " He'll be fine once he gets his confidence back, he's versatile!!" (Still sucks)
  2. So was Mass, Maponga Ishmael and Shembo. Kroy....not so much.
  3. Carimi platooned for a series or two at RT but Holmes started, played well and finished.
  4. All of this defense...and Kroy was INVISIBLE unless you count the first three and out for TB where Rainey dropped an easy pass.
  5. i expect a very close game, one where we might even need Bryant to win it for us. I expect our run defense to be horrendous, and our running game to be nearly as bad. I think Ryan goes off +300 yds and Julio goes +100 and a TD
  6. I might be the most adamant Holmes supporter on the boards. Even had the "Official Lamar Holmes Support Thread" that magically got deleted (irritating)...but I have to say he got beat thoroughly today. It was VERY BAD. I think he can bounce back, but this was B.A.D. Bad...
  7. Id like to hear Smith's answer as to why SJax starts. This is how you get disinterested players. If fans can see the staff isn't starting the best players, I'm sure it's frustrating for them.
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