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  1. Ha I remember watching this game. I was in Denmark at the Marines house football party. I worked for the U.S Embassy there and the then U.S. Ambassadore was a HUGE Vikings fan and him being from Minnesota and me being a huge Falcon fan. I was hearing so much crap from him and everyone there throwing it in my face(I was one of maybe 2 Falcon fans). When the falcons won I was screaming like in the Heineken walk in fridge closet commercial LOL and running crazy through the house and getting up in his face LOL ( not a good idea considering I worked for him LOL). Lets just say I took a few days off
  2. CHOKE! wow I guess you didn't see the last Baltimore game. They pretty much told Flacco to just hand the ball off and don't throw unless we tell you to period. Ryan takes control of a game and does it VERY well. That is what the Falcons need, a leader. Not a robot that does what it's told. I mean 4/34 yrds and 1 INT and a passer rating of.... wait for it....2.8 at the half. yeah choke. He won because Baltimore "D" is **** good and their running backs are really good. CHOKE LOL
  3. uh. I will say no no no no **** NO !!!!! Hey, did I mention I'd say NO!
  4. That's is awesome, I only wish I could have been there to get the real feel of the game and the history being made. Great pics.
  5. sorry for the multi posts, computer was acting up
  6. Even though I didn't get to see the game due to location I am still very happy that the Falcons finally did it. There is only that next step..... FORWARD! I see a couple of back to back postseason runs ahead or am I being to optomistic? I don't think so.
  7. yeah, that 1000th reception by TG would have just made this game and having back to back seasons for the very first time in franchise history even sweeter. Sorry TG, next season then . Thank you Falcons
  8. BUMPITY BUMPITY BUMP BUMP. Take this monkey off our backs!!!!
  9. BUMPITY BUMPITY BUMP BUMP. Take this monkey off our backs!!!!
  10. BUMPITY BUMPITY BUMP BUMP. Take this monkey off our backs!!!!
  11. That's funny.....all the experts I have heard have said Ryan did good for what he had this season considering the injuries and HORENDOUS SCHEDULE!!!
  12. Do I believe Ref's have favorites.. YES! Do I believe Ref's have teams they dislike ..YES! But you gotta play through, even if it means tackling through a ref to get your guy!!!
  13. Hello Falcon Nation, Let me first introduce myself then on to some of my history then my take of the season. I have been a long time fan of the Falcons and don't bandwagon jump. I live in Northern California and pretty much watch any football game that is on especially the rare and few Falcon games they show here. Everyone in my neighborhood knows I am a Falcon fan from all my yelling at the T.V. screen whether it's a game I'm watching or the score updates My favorite Falcons of all time is Scott Case and Jesse Tuggle ( I'm a defense guy). I myself have played this foosball. I was a SS at 2
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