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  1. why are you always unhappy? life isnt so bad.

  2. Tasteless. False impersonation is one thing. But to step it up like that? Fast becoming a hallmark of the decorum around here. Completely uncalled for.
  3. Yes you are. Name one of the last 10 Super Bowl champions that made a trade like this the year before.
  4. Now that rule is a joke. It became obvious last year that some quarterbacks benefit from that rule much more than others.
  5. Come on dude. We make fools of ourselves on draft night by trading away picks like a drunken sailor and we essentially blame it on rule changes by the league? "Oh... We had to do it because rule changes make it an offensive league now." Open your eyes my man.
  6. Oh I get it... This is how we rationalize the draft day Tomfoolery.
  7. I thought he did a pretty good job. I had not noticed some of the things he pointed out.
  8. Now Twoism... You know this is not true. Let's not let truthiness become an issue.
  9. +7 Hey... Is this the guy that does play by play for fox? He's pretty good.
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