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  1. He is "Robin" to Seahawks 'Batman". i think he looked better than he is because of the talent that was around him. We do not have the pass rush here that he had in Seattle. Good player but not great (here at least).
  2. probably 70 / 30 or 80 / 20 It was loud both ways. Anytime Aints would do something the aints fans were crazy loud and anytime the Falcons would do something the place erupted.
  3. Ball being punched out from Colstons grasp
  4. I have to say that yesterday the game atmosphere was like that of a college game. In my section everyone was on their feet the entire game and the noise was LOUD! For those of you who were not there......After the game ended the whole place broke out into a 10 minute long chant of WHO DAT....WE DAT! It was the best Falcons game that i have attended in years.
  5. I have been going through the same exact thing over past year. I went to multiple doctors and like you one told me that i needed surgery. I don't know how close you are to Chattanooga but....the best doctor is doctor Hodges at Chatt sports medicine. He reviewed my case and did new MRI and said that he wanted to try something else before going the surgery route. We did an out patient procedure. They put me under, did nerve block on 2 nerves running down my leg and did an injection in between my disc. 4 months later and i have had 0 pain in my leg and minimal back pain. he said that it could las
  6. Just taking into account our first 3 picks in the draft, our FA pickups prior to the draft and the health of Roddy / Juilio I can easily see us having the biggest turn around in the NFL.
  7. As a UGA fan i heard his name ALOT during the UGA/GA Tech game. He was pretty good in that game. Other than that I dont know much about him.
  8. The Tre Mason example is not a good one. Tre played behind the BEST run blocking line in the NCAA. I like the pick. Freeman will be fine.
  9. Agree! Rewind a few years back when we could open up holes for Turner and give Matt time to drop back, read the field and make a throw (without someone in his face) and our offense was great! Now...we spend the next few picks on D and then grab a RB 5th / 6th
  10. I think we would have teams fighting to trade up to 6 if this were to happen. Would be great for Falcons either way.....Trade for more picks or take the top WR in the draft.
  11. Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk reports that the Raiders "are believed to prefer" Texas A&M wide receiver Mike Evans over Clemson's Watkins. Both players could still be on the board when Oakland picks at No. 5. I know everyone is blowing smoke up everyone's arse right now but......If Watkins was somehow sitting on the board at pick 6 do you (Falcons) take him?
  12. in that case i would rather sit tight at 6 and take Matthews while holding on to our 1st rd pick next year.
  13. If he "falls" past 1 another team will trade to 2 to get him
  14. Roddy is a Falcon for life (i hope)! he was banged up lat year but....think about the 2 - 3 years before last. He is a beast. Even though he is getting older....teamed across from Julio Roddy will be a stud for years to come.
  15. So that they have to most feared pass rush in the NFL?
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