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  1. Almost time for some REAL football!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. vacation time!!! i plan to relax and not read any news, get on internet....just sip a few corona's and chill on the beach! hopefully the lockout is OVER when i return!

    1. Statick


      In a week, I'm going to the Smokey Mountains and do some whitewater rafting.

    2. falconmaniac


      Did you go rafting?

      What river? Im getting a trip up for the Ocoee

  3. Finally FRIDAY! It's Friday Friday Friday

  4. Falcon fans are FOR LIFE!

  5. Why Thanks Tandy! I think I'm nice looking!

    And....Revenge is a beautiful thing....not just the poster but the Revenge we are going to give the Pack on Oct 9th!

  6. Revenge is a beautiful thing! Not just the fellow falcon fan but the beatdown we are gonna give the Pack on Oct 9th!

  7. IT IS TOO HOT!!!!!!!!!

  8. You a fisherman too?

    I bass fish EVERY DAY!

    5 acre lake right out back! Caught 2 5 lb bass last night.

  9. I will check out a Rays game for sure! They are playing Boston and the Yanks while i will be in town!

    I love seafood! Usually the little hole in the wall places are the best. Do you have any suggestions?

    Also, I love fishing! Bass fishing is my favorite. Do you know anywhere I can go to catch some large mouth bass?

  10. has not set their status

  11. can you send me link to watch game?