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  1. If only we had a team as Dorothy would say.
  2. Dude you're CRAZY!! I've been waiting since 1966. At least you can have bragging rights that CAR QB is from the ATL. LOL Just saying. Take your SB anyway you can get it. I don't see anyone beating the panthers. They have only loss 1 game this season and that was a pre-season game to NE by 1 point. Brady's weapons are gone. CAR gets their SB this year. That would leave ATL the only team in the NFC South without one. Sad indeed. Wow.
  3. HELLO!!! They call it situation awareness. Get what you can get when you can get it. Winston and Mariota could teach him a thing or 2 about the hunger and will to win.
  4. It's an allergic reaction to scoring in the red zone!
  5. Go buy another jersey. Steelers QB doesnt call himself anything.
  6. This is why this team will always be luke warm. I don't own a jersey. Keep on supporting mediocrity. This team is literally shooting "BLANKS" Pun intended.
  7. I wish that I was compensated on my potential. When is Arthur Blanks going to pay his so called money players on the full body of work that they actually do. SEA barely wanted to pay Russell Wilson and he lead his team to 2 Super Bowls winning one. Ryan has been exposed as a lemon with a silly nick name. The most successful QBs in the league don't have a stupid nickname. They simply win and earn their money. Wilson, Brady, Manning. Blanks should ask for his money back. Just saying
  8. Exactly!!! You hit the nail on the head. The rest of these idiots are making excuses for a seasoned vet QB that is making over $120 million dollars. Really?
  9. Maybe we can draft a backup. The Clemson QB would work
  10. I really feel bad for Arthur Blanks. He has dumped more money into this failed experiment than Rankin Smith and their family for the entire time that they owned the team. The Smith family used the team as a tax write off
  11. One thing that I know for sure is that we are not going to be division champs! Go Falcons! Rise up!
  12. Torrey Smith just scored a 71 yard walk off TD to beat CHI at home. Hmmmmmm!
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