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  1. I don't care how "elite" of an offense you have... History has shown that you win with defense in the playoffs. An elite offense with a garbage defense is disaster when playing good to elite teams.
  2. Since Week 17 of last year, the defense has given up 20+ points in 10 straight games (not including preseason of course). That will NOT get it done in the playoffs, if we make it at this point. Un-freaking-real.
  3. Defense has given up at least 20 points in every game since Week 16 of LAST SEASON. That is 8 games (including playoffs). Enough said.
  4. Pretty much. There were definitely adjustments made in 2nd half. Whether that was mainly due to coaching or the players stepping up is up to the viewer.
  5. Holmes did a lot better in the 2nd half, especially not giving up pressures. I did see him starting to have problems with the speedier LBs during the 4th quarter (#50 - Garrett McIntyre comes into mind). Uhh yeah, never said that, so don't use my name in a made-up quote
  6. It got a lot better in the 2nd half, which is the opposite of how it seems to have been during the past 4 games. Great analysis, I'll take another look. Thanks.
  7. 2nd Half is now up. The protection got EXTREMELY better in the second. The use of the no-huddle (as you would expect) kept the line stout. Reynolds was a lot better in the 2nd half along with Holmes, Trueblood was less stellar in the 2nd half, while Konz had troubles.
  8. I understand your point of noting the good blocks, I might make notes on the second go around. The plays where I did not make any O-Line notes is where the protection throughout was very good. The standouts from the 1st half were Blalock and Trueblood by far. Ryan was getting the ball out as quickly as possible, as he always does. The Jets I believe only once rushed more than 4, which says a lot. Onto the 2nd half...
  9. So, I got the chance to sit down and analyze the game myself to see exactly how the blocking fared against the Jets. Usually when I am out watching the game, I don't have the opportunity to analyze each bit of detail (thank god for SNF and MNF). Here are my notes for the offense, play by play. If anyone has different notes, chime in: All plays of interest are in bold. When looking at plays, here are the #s for the Jets players: 96 - Muhammad Wilkerson 98 - Quinton Coples 91 - Sheldon Richardson 95 - Antwan Barnes 56 - DeMario Davis 52 - David Harris 37 - Jaiquawn Jarrett 94 - Damon Harrison
  10. Wait, a NE team who is 3-0 and about to get Gronk and possibly Amendola back next week are easy. LOL. Oh yeah, the Patriots defense is only giving up 11.3 points/game this year on defense.
  11. ...To have the other team either tie the game or take the lead, including the playoffs: 2008 Week 6: 19-10 in 4th quarter against Bears; Bears led 20-19 (Falcons Won 22-20) Week 11: 17-13 in 4th quarter against Broncos; Broncos won 24-20 Week 14: 25-22 in 4th quarter against Saints; Saints won 29-25 Week 16: 24-17 in 4th quarter against Rams, tied at 24 (Falcons Won 31-27) 2009 Week 6: 14-7 in 4th quarter against Bears; tied at 14 (Falcons Won 21-14) Week 7: 10-4 in 4th quarter against Bucs; tied at 10 (Falcons Won 20-10) 2010 Week 3: 24-21 in 4th quarter against Saints; tied at 24 (Falcons Wo
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