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  1. I completely agree, don’t get me wrong when I say him at 69 I was like wow, but ultimately we all know what we have in a QB, almost every team wishes they had a QB like Matt. He’s done it for years, first started off with many come from behind wins, then got an MVP, which Brees hasn’t even done yet. He’s been a top QB for years now. This year he gets his Super Bowl Championship and maybe even his Suoerbowl MVP sward. So who cares that a show rates him a 69. He’s a 1&2 with him and Julio in my book. Love this team
  2. Very very friendly team deal. I’m sure we’ve all been big fans of Debo from day one, plus his plays against the Saints but then a team friendly deal. Wow. That’s a really hard thing to do, to turn down millions to help the team. Or at least that’s just my opinion and perspective. RISE UP !
  3. Im regards to Mack I would love to resign him, even though I’ve read Atlanta might not resign him. I’d love for him to stay until he retires as long as he’s playing like he is.
  4. Great deal, like everyone says. So Debo and Julio contracts are next. What do you think they’ll get
  5. Every year I always feel good too, but this year I do hope we do what we are supposed to do and win our first Lombardi with Julio and Ryan
  6. Roddy will forever be one of my favorite Falcons.
  7. Congrats on your newest addition. We have another member to the falcon family that was also born last Tuesday the 11th. Happy late Father’s Day TheFatBoi
  8. I agree at he understands where he is at and what he needs to work on.