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  1. If it was CB and S at 16 and 47 I would want Henderson and Winfield or Xavier McKinney
  2. I would really want to have Suh, especially considering we need depth at DT
  3. How many people here feel we should see what we can do to get someone like Xavier
  4. One thing that sucks is that I feel that for the last decade we have been looking and needing for that one DE that could be our DE for years to come.
  5. I’m all for that, if we draft a safety and trade Rico for a pic and save some cap space.
  6. I’m curious to know what everyone’s ideas are for what our biggest weaknesses are currently after the Fowler and Gurley pick up and the release of Tru, is everyone comfortable with our current DB’s. Or our current DL. I feel we have so much more to do. I’m still not happy with Carpenter or Brown at LG, do we draft one since either way they will both be gone next year and if we do draft one, what round ? Do we still go DL first round or BPA ..what are everyone’s thoughts
  7. At this point a dream come true for me would be to trade Rico to open up some cap space. Sign Everson and Suh. Then we would have a Top DL with Everson, Suh, Grady, Fowler and Takk, and Senat rotating at safety hope/pray that Neal comes back healthy and plug in Kazee at FS ..our Safety depth will be a huge risk tho. But no risk no reward right
  8. I like Rico but I feel it’s more for his loyalty, I like him but I want a playmaker so if they are shopping him around and can get more DL help, I’m all for it. I would still like to get Suh, just being real. But I’d rather have Everson
  9. One year deal ...what are everyone’s thoughts
  10. I really wanna see what Graham can become
  11. I’d be happy with either one but if I had a choice I’d select Brown....now if this scenario plays out we can see in 5 yrs if we picked the right one
  12. At this point I want us to pick up any DE that has shown he can perform.
  13. I am a firm believer that Ryan will get us our first Lombardi trophy and get in the Hall of Fame with Julio, wouldn’t it be something if they retired together and went into the Hall of fame together
  14. What happened to chuck smith at DL coach