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  1. You are right. What is perceived. Why do people think Shockley was a "running QB"? Why is that, because last time I check his passing stats at Georgia (2005) they were better than Matthew Stafford's. Not saying that he is better than Stafford. Just comparing him to a "passing QB". It really doesn't matter though. This thread is about finding a capable backup to Ryan. Just threw Dixon's name out there.
  2. How can you be a "veteran falcon" and not know Bryan Randall? How long have you watched this team?
  3. Did anyone say Dennis Dixon would come in and take Ryan's job? words . Maybe I should have said "push Ryan in camp" instead of "compete". I'm sorry for my choice of words if I offended anyone.
  4. what are you flying off the handle for? A simple observation was made and targeted at one particular response to the original post. As soon as I mentioned Dennis Dixon, some numb skull had to bring up DJ Shockley. Actually made light of the whole thing by mentioning Gilbert Renfroe. You probably don't even know who he is and his relation to Falcon football history. In any event, I don't want Dennis Dixon here because he's black. I mentioned him because he is a good, young free agent qb that could help us this team.
  5. While many of you are panning Dennis Dixon, didnt he lead the Steelers to a victory over us in the 2010 season opener? We were a 13-3 team that year too. Just sayin'!
  6. It's funny how when you mention picking up a black QB on this board, dicussion quickly deteriorates into jabs about DJ Shockley and/or YKW. Don't limit it to those two. Why not mention Gilbert Renfroe and Bryan Randall too?
  7. How much is Redman making anyway? Could he be another casualty a la Ovie?
  8. JPW and Redman have been injury free pretty much their whole careers. And they suck!!!
  9. Like some one mentioned in a previous post, we need someone that can come in and win games if Ryan gets hurt (God forbid). Also, it wouldn't be a bad thing to give Ryan a little competition in camp. You don't have to compete to hard when you know you have Redman and JPW behind you.
  10. So Cruz, Harvin, Nicks, Wallace, and Nelson are better than Roddy. Nelson did have an outstanding year however. Not ready to put him ahead of Roddy though. Heck I don't even put him ahead of Gre Jennings, who by the way did not make the list.
  11. All this other stuff about dropped passes is asinine. Now watch the NFL Top 100 list. He'll probably be top 30.
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