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  1. I just renewed today also just hope there is football can't take a lockout
  2. Fitzgerald,C.Johnson its clear Matt wants another receiver
  3. Unless Mort,Shefter,or John Clayton say it I'm not buying it
  4. Thank you Matt Ryan don't understand the hate
  5. I would like to see a more aggressive D and a explosive offense pieces are there I agree
  6. We just played a bad game no excuses at least we now know we have to get more explosive on offense and aggressive on D until that happens we will continue to have teams do this to us we are to predictable
  7. I saw apologies from Roddy,Abe,Spoon,Bierman,and Grimes mainly because of the poor performance and thanks to the fans for the support this year
  8. After watching jenkins and HD last night absolutely YES
  9. Decoud will have 2 picks one returned for a TD
  10. Dunta is solid a was what we needed
  11. I love the flags as far as noise night games are always loud the crowd will do its part trust me
  12. Got a new falcon hoodie and fleece jacket which I will be rocking monday night
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