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  1. When you realize that Michael Thomas is the highest paid receiver in NFL History LOL
  2. Interesting quote from Quinn today. At least for now, no more kicking off for Bosh. Tweeted by Vaughn. He’ll have to lay some wood on his punts now.
  3. 2 years, $10.5 million - per Schefter.
  4. TD is the freaking man. Wow.
  5. I like Knox too. Bills had my favorite draft. Broncos close second.
  6. If we use this guy only in certain situations (which is what it’ll likely be) we better have play fakes built off of it, because teams will catch on to us using him in 3rd and short situations and in the red zone.
  7. Any idea how much cap we have after this move?
  8. Don't see how Ortiz makes it through camp. He's below average and he hardly plays in this offense anyway. Stocker can take his snaps.
  9. Very unhappy that we didn't snag Cashman to the LB corps in the 5th.
  10. https://www.thefalcoholic.com/2019/4/27/18520710/2019-nfl-draft-falcons-udfa-tracker
  11. I am guessing Ortiz will be released.
  12. We have nothing tomorrow to help the defense. That’s terrifying.
  13. We gave up so much. I’m not mad about the player or position, but we don’t pick tomorrow now. Stupid.
  14. Thanks for the read!