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  1. That's what I am guessing. Cap hit must be low this year.
  2. 3 years, $12.75M
  3. ugh... Was really hoping we would finally prioritize this position instead of yet another stop-gap.
  4. 3-man battle at RG now. We have depth, but we don't have an above average starter unfortunately.
  5. Thanks brother, not bad. This muddles the guard picture for sure. Makes me think we won't draft a starter because we now have four average/mediocre guards.
  6. Anyone have a PFF grade for last season?
  7. 3-year deal per Schefter. 3 years, $12.75M per McClure. Was decent in Minnesota a while back, not sure how he was in SF most recently - he was the starting RG for a good portion of the season.
  8. He’s so young still. I’d love him here.
  9. Agreed, but draft needs piling up if we don't make any significant moves here. DT, OG, TE, WR, FB, CB depth, S depth, LB depth, etc. Can only hope to get 3 starters out of the draft - if you're lucky.
  10. No chance for us at all, plus we really don't have a spot for him anyway.
  11. I wonder what Mathieu's market value is.
  12. I wouldn't mind bringing in Maclin for a visit.
  13. I've been a Whitehead fan. He's slim, and I would much prefer a two-down thumper like Bowman because I feel like we have coverage ability under control right now. I think this team struggles against north-south, power-running teams.