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  1. I was not responding to the topic I was responding to your quote. Sorry if I hurt your feelings.
  2. That wasn't irrelevant. Most of the hero stories are lies to make a certain race feel good better about their self. Its more like a hint that you couldn't catch. Don't get me wrong I love this land but I hate the fact that our ancestors took it from someone and has not addressed it to this day.
  3. Lie number one Christopher Columbus founded America. Do you want more?
  4. No my view is looking at facts. People scream about patriot this patriot that when they don't even know who were here first. You can't even tell me. Its not just about the lies its about the cover up. History repeats when you don't know it and America doesn't know it's history Because it's politically correct to cover it up name="gazoo" post="9384698" timestamp="1432581676"] Your view is like looking at the Falcons 2008 draft, singling our Wilroy Fontentet as the example of what the entire draft was, and telling everyone the 2008 draft sucked and everyone else is wrong about it becuase Wilroy
  5. I state facts. That's not being ignorant. You know it's true, that's why it offened you.
  6. No post routes! Im pulling for Kemal he balled last year. Him and more would put receivers on the swivel lol
  7. Not to mention the pats 2nd rounder was with them drafting at the bottom.... That's more like a 3rd
  8. Who can you see getting cut around the league that we should take a look at?
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