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  1. More excuses for Matty, when will they end, he's an excuse for losing to a 3rd stringer, even Freeman wouldve beat a 3rd stringer.
  2. Our GM only wants wide-outs when the D-line still sux (not getting any better w/ JA55) tht would make our D ALOT better, shame this regime peaked last yr, only gets worse here on out boys.
  3. We have no edge. When Tebow is more relevant tht shows ya how small we r in the scheme of todays NFL. no superstars (even tho Turner is), roddy is turning to roddy of the past. + the franchise has tried to cater to the white fans more n more (example is we should be wearing black jserseys, not the red 1s.)
  4. Reality is MAtt can't beat a 3rd string qb. cuz he is one. Lose to Matt leinart is bad but losing to an unknown, no wonder all of my friends are sayin sanchez is better than matt.
  5. has this joke of a franchise ever been able to compete against the upper-tier teams. Nope, n wen we do we win by flukes (last yrs GB game, BAL, Aints game) lets jst face it were not tht good and will always be 2nd fiddle to dem NO boys.
  6. I remember people saying tht wen matt threw tht pick @ the end of the 1/2 against the packers. So I expect the same results IF we make the playoffs. Notice the IF
  7. the fact tht people have to always come up to his defense means it must b, i mean its not like he lost to a 3rd string qb. o wait he did. Brees would nvr do tht
  8. were jst gonna do the samething we alwasy do: lose n b even more irrelevant.
  9. b/c we falcon fans have been used to cellar dwelling out past 66 yrs w/ the off occassion that something good does happen (last yr, SB 33) than something equally bad happens (blow out last yrs playoffs, eugine robinson n of course a blowout i the sb) so the only thing these "homers" can do is be still n silent. fuk tht. this organization deserves to b known 1 is it and will ALWAYS b a second tier organization, i mean **** tim bebow is more relevent than anything we've ever done.
  10. BVG and MM will prolly get the door. If roddy can't catch even an STD he should be trade bait.
  11. its not his fault we lost, its roddys, if any1 should go its him
  12. we have fans, the team tht was sposed to b viewed around half of the country didnt cuz Tim Teblow played. we have no fans, plain n simple
  13. Make sure ur near a hospital when we play cuz u might have a heart attack
  14. types of fans tht are sour that were nvr gonna win a SB after all of the losing seasons. Trading Brett, Vick/Petrino debacle. Losing every playoff game in blowout fashion. the saints having no problem getting 50 yrds down the field in 1 play while it takes us 8 or 9. ur pick.
  15. i thought we were the gr8est show on turf 2.0, roddy, practice wat u preach.
  16. were flukes n never gonna b considered elite, thts y Tebow we'll be shown over us every time.
  17. history says we haven't made the playoffs 2 yrs in a row. wat will change it: r wideouts finally learn to catch balls. Matty finnally learns to throw a deep ball n not have to rely on turner. or will this coaching staff get ther head out of their *****.
  18. we do, i get really tired of this shooting ourselves in the foot loses, ud think this team n coaching staff woulda learned tht after the NO game.
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