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  1. Most recent forecasts show: 30f with 15mph wind10% chance of precipitation and a realfeel of about 19f.
  2. I did that when I was there a few months ago. There were so many people there doing it haha
  3. I'm from NY so I'm gonna head down, who else is going?? I have never been to a game in Philly and can't imagine the warmest of welcomes
  4. Yeah it has the feel of a loss. But we'll see
  5. Back in 2009 Josh McDaniel's thought it would be a great idea to leave his job as a play caller and become a head coach - long story short it wasn't a good idea. Actually it wouldn't even be a long story because he only lasted a season and a half as a head coach. Fast forward to 2017. Kyle Shanahan is kinda doing the same thing in terms of failing as a head coach. He's winless through 7 games and ranks 25th in offensive points. While our Falcons have plummeted from the top offense in football to ranked 16th in points this season. So could this happen again? Could Shanahan be fired at the end of the season and come back to what hes good at with the Falcons?
  6. I dropped 5gs to go to that game. I will never get over that scripted joke of a game
  7. God bless some of you franchise long fans. I was born in 93 and have been a fan my whole life, and already feel like I've been through to much. I swear that 07 season took a few years off my life.
  8. I'm from buffalo and can't wait to be at a sports bar there when our falcons rip their D a new one. Taylor is a joke of a Qb and their D is overrated. I expect a 25+ point win Sunday.
  9. We have 3 reviewers in the top 20 of receiving yards: Julio, Hooper, and Sanu!
  10. In the NFC South. Our Falcons, the Panthers and Bucs (haha **** the aints lol) Granted the bucs only played one game so far but still an interesting fact! edit: missed the lions but we all know they are losing next week !
  11. HOW'S NO ONE TALKING ABOUT TURBO ON THAT PLAY?? Dude hustled down the field to block for Hooper and led him to the end zone. Love to see that team work ****
  12. The irony of your statement is the "I'd pay money." These players are payed millions of dollars to keep their mouth shut and go along with the NFLs agenda. Is it still entertaining? Absolutely. But is it genuine? Not at all.
  13. I was at the super bowl and can say without a doubt the players were in on it too. The reality is the NFL is a business and this game like many others was scripted to make the NFL the most revenue. Its a money centered world and the NFL is just trying to maximize profit.
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