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  1. I hope there is a whole chapter dedicated to blaming td. Hahah
  2. Did that really say Jeb Bush running for reelection? Are you kidding me..
  3. It's almost histarical at this point haha
  4. Gurlietostlouisie
  5. Hopefully Gase has a horrible interview today.
  6. I will be very happy with Rex or Quinn. I feel both can help bring a ring to atlanta.
  7. I got an 80 pally too! And 3 80 shaman(dont Ask), 1 80 druid, 1 80 DK, and a bunch of 30-70's of diff classes.

  8. lol i love yer avatar pic dude

  9. Yeap, I was at the Sabres game. It does suck they lost and now they're eliminated. I'm a HUGE Sabres fan. :/

  10. lol u were at the sabres game? lucky! to bad they lost :(

  11. i used to play, my toon was a 80 holy paladin ftw !

  12. lol i like your horde symbol