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  1. yeah i though lofton was gonna make it... he is atackling machine and a leader.... Also shocked with tony G, i thought he would go in there to
  2. Why do you distrust our CB's, they do the best with what they got and bringing in 3-4 CB's is not worth it, why would we do that, you talking as if we got no CB's and we do
  3. same with CB's, they take time to develop, fit with the scheme, and learn good techniques and becomes better and more promesing.... I mean i dont see why we need a CB... we got them, the only problem is that they are not tall
  4. I think Norwood is a good back, and we should resign him, and we should not waste picks on HB's... Since it takes time for them to develop and become a good back... I mean if we get lucky and find a really good RB, fast and agile, we might take him. But Norwood is a pretty good back, despite injury, he is a back for SPECIAL ocassions, and he is useful, But as i said before, the simepleness our offense had this season makes it hard to use our Players at there at most potential
  5. i think CB's are not such the big need we have, i mean a few of our CB's are Rookies and have not been long in the NFL... But the fact that our CB's are not lacking expirience, they are not tall... Thats the problem... When a tall receiver comes, we get beat very often Our CB's are fast and agile, but if there not tall enough, it is hard to block the air attack. Which is why i dont think we need to draft a CB... We have houston in IR and williams aswell, and we have been doing well with Owens and Jackson and Grimes.... I mean if the falcons GM wants to get a tall CB, go ahead but it aint worth
  6. nice stats.... most of them are good... but our lack of pressure to the QB is depressing... lets hope that when peia jerry comes on fieldwe do better
  7. I totally agree with you, Ryan would mature and i would say that it would make our offense harder to define.... I mean ryan leads the offense and with the simple offense we are having... I think some expansion to the PB would work too... make our offense better and less predictable
  8. our offense lacked creativity and was not using our main players at it most potential... Our Offensive Coordinator should stay, but he should add some trickery... We should use our targets to complement each other... Like run with turner and that would make Defenses Blitz to stop turner and leave Gonzalez and White on 1 on 1 and as great targets...
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