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  1. What’s the end game here? Is he trying to get the FBI and/or CIA to arrest the Biden’s or something? I don’t get why it matters because they would have been replaced by Biden anyway.
  2. Not just reality, but also support for democratic institutions. With some notable exceptions, the GOP is going full authoritarian writ large. At this point it’s openly attacking the legitimacy of democratic elections across the board. It is literally undermining our system of government.
  3. No, what I said was that what you’re describing by Biden isn’t a Logan Act violation whereas what Flynn did could have been. I never said I thought Flynn should be prosecuted for it. Him lying to the FBI was the serious part of that incident.
  4. As others have pointed out nobody here was up in arms about Logan Act stuff. But what you described is directing foreign policy before Trump was president. What Biden is doing is talking about what he’ll do after he becomes president. Again, a tremendous reach.
  5. Talking about what you’ll do after you become president is not a violation of the Logan Act. You’re stretching here.
  6. No offense, but until you post that you want to "anger bang" Obama's then-underage daughters then you're out of your league in the a**hole contest down here.
  7. Also, the report is that they are talking about what they'll do on january 20th, when Biden is officially president. The report is not that they're directing current foreign policy and undermining actions that Trump is taking right now, which is what Flynn did. Biden and his team are also not lying about it to the FBI.
  8. Yeah, you definitely should watch it. It explains a ton about the stuff we see, especially from that "particular relative" I mention sometimes around here. The first part starts slow, but picks up around the 30 or 40 minute mark. The second part is terrifying. Facebook's role in the Rohingnyan genocide in Myanmar is legit one of the most disturbing things I've seen.
  9. Yep, that's why I was happy to see him show up and glad that he's sticking around. We need more people like him.
  10. Oh hey, speaking of Facebook... That "particular relative" I mention sometimes completely lost his **** on Facebook after Biden was declared the winner. He went to my Facebook and posted this unhinged personal attack that brought up stuff from my childhood (like a speech impediment I used to have). I ended up blocking him. So he goes over to JDaveG's Facebook and starts talking **** to a bunch of conservative pastors and clergy using terms like "liberal-minded sheep". He got so aggressive and obnoxious that a Lutheran pastor called him an "insufferable a**" ...on Sunday
  11. You should watch this 2-part documentary because it gives even more and better reasons to get completely off social media. https://www.pbs.org/video/the-facebook-dilemma-part-one-s43cuc/
  12. Yeah dude. Read the Mueller report. It's spells it out pretty clearly, including all of the contacts Trump campaign officials had with Russian intelligence officials. The only people who deny Russian interference are Trump and his ilk, and we've already established that they lie. One of Roger Stone's associates admitted in court that he lied about Seth Rich in order to provide cover for Russia as the source of the email leaks.
  13. They DID investigate voter fraud in 2016. Trump created a commission run by conservative Republicans. They shut down because they found no evidence of voter fraud.
  14. That depends on what you're talking about. There was Russian interference and the extensive evidence for that has been laid out. If you're talking about some Dems saying Trump was compromised and illegally conspiring with Russia, that's fine. But there is vast evidence that Russia was interfering in our investigations and Trump himself acknowledged that when he asked Russia to find Hillary's emails.
  15. The problem with this is that the allegations are not based on any evidence. Why investigate every lie and conspiracy theory put out by Trump? If I went around screaming that Trump was guilty of murdering Herman Cain by having him poisoned, would your position be "we should have an investigation into that"? Or would you laugh it off as ridiculous and wonder why we should bother with investigating something that clearly has no basis in facts or evidence?
  16. You’re right, my apologies. You got the “50 witnesses” from the much more credible source of :checks notes: Rudy Giuliani... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8926777/Rudy-Giuliani-claims-50-witnesses-voter-fraud.html
  17. Remember when Trump said he won the 2016 popular vote but there was rampant fraud? Remember when Trump set up a commission of conservative Republicans to find the evidence of fraud? Remember when they shut down the commission because there was no evidence of fraud? You keep getting suckered by him and it’s hard to watch.
  18. Exactly. But Trump trots out yet another conspiracy. “Oh hey, look at this I’m just asking questions let’s wait for the evidence and speculate as though it’s all true until Trump tells us something else to obsess over.” It’s pathetic.
  19. How many times are you going to get suckered by this stuff before you start realizing that Trump and his team are congenital liars and that their claims are not to be believed? “Oh, let’s wait and see all the evidence” might have applied to the first dozen or so lies Trump told. By now? It’s just pure naivety.
  20. Massively stupid because they should appoint Senators in winnable states to flip the Senate.
  21. A “skee wee” is an Urban Dictionary term and you’re trying to Lemon Party us, aren’t you?
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