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  1. I was told that message doesn't matter and that "defund the police" is a winnable slogan in places like Georgia.
  2. You're right and I got the person mixed up because the person has the same last name as one of our family members. The person that I was referring to does not have Q slogan in the Facebook profile but has been posting a lot of Qanon stuff (particularly by Michael Flynn) on Facebook the past month. Sorry for the confusion.
  3. Just for clarity, I wasn't saying you knew this person in real life and apparently you don't. This person also doesn't seem to be on your friends list anymore. The point is that there are a lot more people out there who are getting sucked into this stuff you realize. I've spent the past month or so going down the rabbit hole and exploring Qanon networks on Facebook.
  4. You have one person as a Facebook friend who has "WWG1WGA" in their profile picture. I'm not sure whether you know this person in real life or just got connected via Facebook recommendation, but this person is full blown Qanon and uses the language openly.
  5. Like, that "certain relative" that I talked about recently...he never used any of the Qanon language but every time he mentions Democrats it's always "pedophiles" and "evil" and about how they're all going to jail soon. He's full blown Q but doesn't use the language on Facebook.
  6. The ideas are more widespread than you want to recognize. They don't have to post "WWG1WGA" or that stuff to internalize the pedophile and deep state ideas. And it spreads through people who don't even know what Qanon is and don't recognize the propaganda when we see it. We both know somebody who accidentally posted a Qanon meme on Facebook...I'm hoping that person didn't recognize it as Qanon, at any rate.
  7. I've seen several people on Facebook who don't say "Q" or use the language, but get them talking about politics and suddenly they're talking about "pedophiles" and "deep state".
  8. Um, there have been several arrests of right wingers in those protests starting the violence and arsons. That's been documented. But even without that, the overwhelming majority of the protests were peaceful and the entire leadership of the Democratic Party publicly condemned the violence. Again, the false equivalencies have to stop and no amount of "well the media does their work so leaders can condemn it while secretly supporting it" sophistry is going to make those two things equivalent.
  9. First, studies have shown that 95% or so of the protests around the country were peaceful. Second, almost to a person the leadership of the Democratic Party, including Biden and Harris on multiple occasions, denounced the violent protests. We have to stop these false equivalencies.
  10. No, it doesn’t. Flip the situation. Suppose that a Democratic House candidate openly supported ISIS and called for the beheading of Trump and Republican leaders. Suppose that person won office and was going to Congress. Suppose that Joe Biden openly supported that person during the campaign and that Schumer/Pelosi and the vast majority of Democratic leaders welcomed that person and supported that person as a Democrat. Would you say, “no big deal...don’t worry because most voters in that district don’t support ISIS”? I sure as f*** wouldn’t be comforted by that.
  11. “The majority of people don’t buy into her promotion of a terroristic death cult” is not comforting.
  12. Sorry, but like I said earlier we have to stop soft-peddling this stuff and take it very seriously. I had a discussion with somebody recently about Marjorie Tailor Greene. He was saying stuff like, “well she doesn’t really believe that Qanon stuff, she’s just getting attention and she’s just latching on to the latest fad and blah blah blah.” Maybe, but you know who does believe it? The voters that she’s telling it to. She’s spreading a conspiracy theory that the FBI calls a domestic terrorism threat. It doesn’t matter whether she believes it or not. What’s she’s doing is extaord
  13. That’s the thing, I just don’t know how this particular part plays out. So you could very well be right. If the House can do that just for a single state then you’re right that Biden wins. It would be a horrific precedent and open authoritarianism, but wouldn’t change the outcome. But if the House has to do that for all states if they do it for one state then Trump would be favored to win in the house because each state only gets one vote. IOW, even though Dems have a majority of seats, the tilt of the states favors the Republicans because the GA House members don’t vote individually, but
  14. Nah man, you’re good. That’s why we have discussions, to learn from each other. The people who get attacked around here are those who continuously and intentionally post false information, especially those who come in slinging a bunch of conspiracy stuff from discredited sources. Somebody gets a fact wrong? No problem.
  15. The House can decide which delegation, but I don’t know if the House has to do that with all delegations (in which case, Trump probably wins) or just that particular one.
  16. The GOP voted over 50 times to repeal the ACA and right now the Supreme Court is hearing a case by Trump — supported by both Loeffler and Purdue — to rule it unconstitutional. Repealing the ACA has been a cornerstone of the GOP platform for over a decade. Edit: Sorry, Loeffler is refusing to answer whether she supports the lawsuit. Perdue, however, voted to repeal the ACA.
  17. I disagree with both of you. HolyMoses is not good people. Duckettpleaze is okay, though.
  18. Like, my mother was shocked that one of her normally non-political friends was on Facebook sharing a link containing instructions on how to prepare for civil war. Edit: Just for clarity, this person has posted a lot about politics in the past so I got that part wrong. But this person wasn’t some whackjob posting conspiracy stuff until about a month ago.
  19. I get the point but there is imminent danger to our democratic institutions from “humoring” him. This is dangerous and people (not talking about you) need to stop soft-peddling this openly authoritarian talk. I’ve seen otherwise very normal and stable people on Facebook openly talking about civil war and spreading information about how to prepare for a civil war. It’s f’ing dangerous and people need to start treating it as such.
  20. There’s a more nefarious aspect to this that people should pay close attention to — the Secretary of State is the one who certifies the election results which then triggers the Electoral College delegation. If the SoS refuses to certify the results then the legislature can then pick a pro-Trump delegation for the Electoral College. That would be an outright attempt to nullify a democratic election (e.g., authoritarianism).
  21. At some point we have to recognize that the Republican Party is openly advocating for authoritarianism.
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