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  1. I’m really not sure what you’re getting at here. Infrastructure is being negotiated, but all signs are that Schumer is going to move forward with their original timeline of working on it in July. All of this is lead up and early talk, just like the lead up to the stimulus. Wait and see how it turns out instead of deciding now that they’re not going to do anything on that. The ACA subsidies will go up after the election and they can use the election as pressure to extend it and other popular provisions in the stimulus like the child allowance. And no clue what you’re talkin
  2. What “legacy” do you think, other than a good economy, is going to help them?
  3. “I would describe a lot of people on the right as being socialist. I would consider Steve Bannon to be socialist. I would consider the 2016 iteration of Donald Trump the candidate to be a socialist, based on what he was saying. I would consider Tucker Carlson to be a socialist.” —- Glenn Greenwald
  4. Nah, he’s just there to s*** on the Squad and Democrats. That’s his entire schtick.
  5. Yeah, but WHICH ****ty celebrity will it be? The suspense is killing me!
  6. I think being a rank hypocrite is part of the job description these days.
  7. It’s not funny, but it’s definitely funny… Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, who is under fire for likening vaccine requirements to the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany, once harshly condemned comparisons of migrant detention camps to the Holocaust as an "embarrassment to our country" that "should be shamed by everyone." The comments, made in a since-deleted Facebook live from summer 2019 that was saved by CNN's KFile, were in response to remarks made by Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York in which she compared migrant detention facilities to conce
  8. Yeah, I have no use for Sinema whatsoever. Her little curtsey sad face thumbs down vote stuff is inexcusable. I could be wrong about Manchin, but again it's just this sense that he's got a breaking point and we could be getting close to it. I think it's smart for Biden and Dems to put up stuff like the Jan 6 commission and infrastructure to highlight how unreasonable the GOP is being with the filibuster -- how bipartisanship is impossible with them right now -- as a way to pressure Manchin BEFORE bringing up more controversial stuff like student loans and so forth. Like, "Look Jo
  9. Some solid political science analysis... The news that Venezuela has started defaulting on its debts raises an important question: Can the current regime survive the likely economic fallout? Over the past few years, Venezuela has effectively become an authoritarian country. During his term in office, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has cracked down on dissidents by force and run roughshod over the country’s democratic institutions. Maduro has handpicked cronies to head a constituent assembly to rewrite the country’s constitution, disabled the opposition-controlled parliament, and made
  10. Sinema is a wild card, but my sense is that Manchin can be moved on the filibuster if Republicans get so ridiculous (in his view, not ours) that there's no question they're bad faith actors. And I think things like their behavior on the commission and the infrastructure bill could push him over the top. He has to win his state, of course, but in terms of his reputation within the Senate the GOP is putting him in a very, very bad spot. I'm not sure exactly what it's going to take, but again I just have this sense that he's got a breaking point and might be getting close to it in terms of eli
  11. This seems like a very, very bad trend… Is it fair for a judge to increase a defendant’s prison time on the basis of an algorithmic score that predicts the likelihood that he will commit future crimes? Many states now say yes, even when the algorithms they use for this purpose have a high error rate, a secret design, and a demonstrable racial bias. The former federal judge Katherine Forrest, in her short but incisive When Machines Can Be Judge, Jury, and Executioner, says this is both unfair and irrational. One might think that the very notion of a defendant having his prison time de
  12. The Squad is a fraud…has a nice ring to it.
  13. AOC knows her place (her “role”; her “function”)…such a good little puppet she is, according to Glenn Greenwald.
  14. AOC is a cheerleader for Biden and Pelosi, according to Glenn Greenwald.
  15. Maybe Glenn Greenwald has a point after all…
  16. Should I tell them about the time that I got you to eat pickled pigs ear at a Chinese restaurant? Not sure they’d appreciate the irony of that one.
  17. Wonder how much he makes pushing his s*** on Tucker Carlson these days.
  18. The thing about the lab leak theory is that it was always a possibility but just not the most likely explanation. The WHO even used a phrase something along the lines of “least probable” or “least likely” regarding the origins in a lab. But Trump, Qanon, and various right-wingers were saying that it absolutely, 100% unquestionable was a weapon developed by China. That is a conspiracy theory with no basis in fact. How does the media report that? Most news outlets cast the conspiracy as “unsupported” or “without evidence”. That’s the most accurate way to describe it. But they had to
  19. Yeah, but did you have to attack Gritz like that? (Also, I was joking because obviously you were talking about MTG in the response.)
  20. Hey hey hey, I know this issue is close to you and your family, but that’s no way to talk to Gritz!
  21. MTG also called for the public execution of Nancy Pelosi.
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