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  1. They can’t replace the sorting machines that they dismantled and took away as parts.
  2. Yeah, I have zero use for Dianne Feinstein. Normally I would applaud the two sides being cordial and friendly despite their differences except for the fact that the entire hearing is predicated on bald-faced lies by Republicans about SCOTUS nominees during an election year. She doesn’t have to yell and scream and act stupid, but she should be spending her time highlighting that the entire premise of the hearing is a sham and based on a lie instead of praising one of the worst bad-faith liars in the Senate.
  3. Just a reminder that Dems should be confident but don’t buy into the huge national leads in recent polls... ^^^Joe Biden’s campaign manager
  4. Sorry, but if Twitter and Facebook had done nothing people would have been complaining about how they’re “complicit” with Trump. I think the media coverage has been very responsible thus far with the story.
  5. Rightwing media is all over it, of course. I’m talking about the NYTimes, WashPost, CNN, etc.
  6. Also, for all the ****-talking on the boards against the media and speculation about how they would blare some false email story or Hunter Biden story all over the front pages, turns out the media has been pretty responsible overall in coverage of the NYPost story.
  7. That’s five minutes longer than I’ll be watching. And I study American politics for a living.
  8. Sure, and I’m not disagreeing with any of that. My point goes a little deeper, though. You got contacted about voting. Once you vote, they take you off their list and no longer contact you. That frees them up to go contact other voters. Dems are banking huge votes early and are spending the rest of their time and money targeting voters who don’t often vote, but would vote Biden/Dems if they did. Meanwhile, Rep voters are waiting to vote later or even on Election Day. That forces the GOP to keep contacting their base voters, making their turnout more expensive and less efficien
  9. I’ve been talking to a former student who is working field operations for Biden and Dems and she told me something very interesting — because so many Dems are voting early, they are working down to low-propensity voters that they normally wouldn’t even contact. These are voters that they think would vote Biden and Dem, but usually don’t show up. To get them to turnout, the parties need to invest a lot of time and money contacting them. So in a normal election, they’re not worth that expense when there are higher-propensity voters to contact. But now that so many Dem’s have voted
  10. If my math is correct, around 19% of Texas voters have already voted. https://electproject.github.io/Early-Vote-2020G/TX.html
  11. @Mr. Hoopah!, not to mention that three GOP Senators, including Ron Johnson, wrote a letter asking Biden to get the prosecutor fired.
  12. The very fact that things are close in GA is a disaster for Trump because he has to spend cash and time defending the state at a time when his money is drying up and time is quickly running out. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/will-georgia-turn-blue/ For reference, about 13% of GA voters have already voted in the election and that number grows by the day.
  13. On the afternoon of Feb. 24, President Trump declared on Twitterthat the coronavirus was “very much under control” in the United States, one of numerous rosy statements that he and his advisers made at the time about the worsening epidemic. He even added an observation for investors: “Stock market starting to look very good to me!” But hours earlier, senior members of the president’s economic team, privately addressing board members of the conservative Hoover Institution, were less confident. Tomas J. Philipson, a senior economic adviser to the president, told the group he could not yet e
  14. Harrison has all the money he needs. He raised something like $57 million last month alone.
  15. People who didn't catch that reference are not my friends and can eat ****.
  16. Orangutans are apes, not monkeys. Also, "orangutan" are the Indonesian words "orang" meaning people/human and "hutan" meaning forest, so they are literally "the forest people".
  17. Of all the things to be angry about, one of the better newspaper reporters retweeting a story and expressing skepticism about it seems pretty low on the list. NBC scheduling a Trump town hall at the same time as the debate was supposed to be is a much bigger deal.
  18. She was questioning the story and subsequent tweets make it clear she’s skeptical...
  19. So I just got the Oculus Quest 2 and I have to say that it’s a major improvement. There is still a small “screen door” effect, but it’s very small compared to the original Quest. The only way that I notice it now is if I concentrate on areas with a lot of white. The overwhelming majority of the time I don’t notice it at all, which was not the case with the original. So that part is a huge improvement alone. But the headset itself is noticeably smaller and lighter. Holding the new and the old version side by side, you can’t really see much of a difference in size or weight. But when it’s
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