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  1. Your perception is far off. When I defend Democrats, it’s against unreasonable (or outright false) attacks on them. There’s a lot of that on these boards so I can understand the misperception. But this post brings up another issue. Whenever I “defend Democrats” by pointing out the political reality they face, certain posters (mostly leftists) complain that “good things aren’t possible” or post the “We’re Sorry” meme. So many of the people on these boards that I argue with don’t want people to be realistic and honest. They want pie in the sky rhetoric. But when they get that rh
  2. They’re going about as fast as can be expected given the realities of congressional procedure. But some of the commentary on Twitter and the boards (again, not necessarily you but definitely others) are acting like that’s not the case, acting like Dems aren’t going to send any relief whatsoever. Yeah, it’s a legitimate criticism that it’s taking longer than what the campaign rhetoric suggested. Never said otherwise. But again, in the grand scheme of things, spending all this time and energy on this compared to other things seems blown out of proportion. And the things that peo
  3. Dude, you’re the one who responded as though I don’t know anyone who is struggling, let alone am willing to help them...including a “**** off”. I’m pointing out that you’re not unique in that position and you’re not the only one in this discussion who understands how people are suffering. And this post makes yet another false assumption about me in terms of criticism of Democrats. So that’s two for two.
  4. For some reason people are misinterpreting my post saying this is getting more attention and time and energy than it deserves as saying “nobody should express any criticism whatsoever of any kind ever”.
  5. And I’ve helped out friends who are struggling as well, in addition to donating to local food banks. You’re not unique in understanding how people are struggling in this country. And I still think in the grand scheme of things it’s getting more time and energy than it deserves relatively speaking.
  6. The amount of time and attention it’s getting is disproportionate to the seriousness of the issue. As I asked, is this really worth the time and effort and griping it’s gotten so far?
  7. I’m talking about all the time and energy being spent on it. With everything else going on so far this year, it seems ticky tack to keep harping on this day after day (not you, others on these boards and on Twitter). Honestly, if this is the worst thing people can find to complain about Biden then he’s doing a pretty good job so far.
  8. “Mexico didn’t pay for the wall” is not the same as “reconciliation takes a few weeks”. This stuff just seems ticky tack af.
  9. In the grand scheme of things, is “he promised on day one but it might be a bit over a month because Congress has to use reconciliation which takes a few weeks to get started” really worth this much time and effort and griping?
  10. It would definitely be a Honda. The Bible says that the disciples were all in one Accord.
  11. @The Great American, I just want to know what kind of car Jesus would drive.
  12. I’m not talking about the ideology of Jesus. I’m just saying that a lot of evangelicals talk about how they want government policy to reflect their Christian values, but that rarely seems to translate into helping the poor through health care, education, welfare, child assistance, etc.
  13. There are lots of political leaders who support helping the poor through government policies such as health care, welfare, child assistance, and so forth. Do you support those policies?
  14. Shouldn’t government policy reflect your Christian values (e.g., charity and helping the poor)?
  15. Yeesh, I just got around to reading the entire article.... https://www.theroot.com/letter-from-deceased-black-cop-implicates-fbi-and-nypd-1846325175
  16. A little more than one month since President Joe Biden entered office, his cornerstone legislative priority -- a $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package -- is on the path to passage by the deadline his administration set, largely mirroring the key elements he originally proposed. While Biden's hope for GOP support on Capitol Hill has all but disappeared in the last several weeks, his enthusiasm for the proposal -- and his view that despite its high price tag it will only serve to bolster Democrats as they remain unified -- has hardly waned. Asked what he learned from his efforts to
  17. I have noticed a ton of overlap in the content put out by Left Twitter and Trumpers.
  18. Zero, huh? A Pennsylvania police officer is facing criminal charges after posting a video of himself fighting with other officers during the US Capitol insurrection. Federal prosecutors said video footage shows Joseph Fischer, 55, running at a police line outside the Capitol and yelling, "Charge!" A patrolman with the North Cornwall Township Police Department, Fisher allegedly yelled "motherf---ers" as he clashed with officers on January 6. During the scuffle, Fischer allegedly tried to help an officer who fell down, and said, "I am a cop, I am a cop," according to police body c
  19. I’m sure there has been some given his age. All I’ve ever said about the subject is that the false narrative put out by Left Twitter and Donald Trump/GOP that he was some kind of drooling invalid being hidden in his basement was always wrong. The edited videos of him stumbling played into that false narrative. There’s going to be some decline at that age AND he also is still obviously dealing with a speech impediment.
  20. The remarkable thing is how hard he’s obviously trying to sound exactly like Donald Trump when he talks.
  21. It’s almost like some of y’all think Bernie Sanders won the Democratic nomination and became president. (Hint: He didn’t.)
  22. ^^^Says the guy who constantly whines about strawman fallacies
  23. Yes, because clearly we should all be angry at Biden for breaking a promise he never made.
  24. I completely disagree about the blame on this. In particular, I don’t think that Biden has any obligation to make good on promises that Schumer, Bernie, AOC, and others have made without his input. Same for others in the Democratic Party who never ran on nor promised $50k in forgiveness. But I understand your perspective and, again, I respect the consistency even though I disagree. As for the policy itself, my only concern about forgiving loan debt is that there’s a plan to address the underlying problem so we’re not back in this same situation every couple of years. That’s why I li
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