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  1. I don’t see a lack of urgency or a failure to use his power in terms of the checks. Biden can’t just order checks be sent out via EO. And the Senate parliamentarian isn’t expected to rule on the reconciliation process until later today, so they can’t pass anything until that happens. What I see are a bunch of people blaming Biden for a delay he didn’t cause and attacking him for rhetoric that every other politician uses. Seems blown out of proportion especially considering that the delay created by the GOP is causing real economic harm to Americans and that absent the GOP delay, thos
  2. Who is causing the suffering that the delay in checks is creating across the country? Why aren’t you expressing more outrage and anger at them than at Biden?
  3. You’re posting a lot of responses to arguments nobody is making. Just saying.
  4. Sorry, but it’s not liberal media that is attacking Biden for delays in the checks. That’s coming from the left. And a lot of that criticism from the left is not because of actual concern about people not getting checks they need or the suffering the delay is causing. A lot of those people pushing this angle have ulterior motives and more than a few people on these boards have gotten sucked into it.
  5. It just seems weird to me that the argument seems to be, “Biden is garbage because he didn’t explain that it could take a few weeks to get around Republican obstruction and the filibuster! GRRRRRR BIDEN!!! ***Also, the GOP maybe possibly perhaps should consider not blocking the bill...but whatcha gonna do?.“
  6. And it seems that a lot of the social media chatter about this focuses more anger on Biden/Dems saying “immediately” than on the GOP obstruction that is actually causing the delay A lot of the people pushing that anger and rage against Dems while ignoring the GOP role in this have ulterior motives.
  7. Thank you, and that’s such a great point. The reason the checks are delayed isn’t because Biden is breaking his promise. Were it not for GOP obstruction/filibuster, we’d all have checks by now. The delay is 100% caused by the GOP but people are dumping all over Biden as though he never intended to send any checks in the first place. Should Biden have said “immediately”? Of course not. But he and the Dems are moving as fast as they reasonably can and are having to use this reconciliation process because the GOP does not want any checks to go out. That’s why I say people ar
  8. And yet there’s a danger of over-correcting and holding Biden/Dems to an impossible standard, one that we don’t apply to everyone else (e.g., Bernie), and blowing things out of all proportion. Which is what I think is happening with the “immediately” conversation. Your reference to snak and wfw constantly harping on the “you can keep your doctor” quote every single day for years is a really good analogy, in fact.
  9. Do you think the number of times they brought it up and the amount of attention they gave to it was reasonable and proportionate to other things going on at the time?
  10. I was correcting the point you made about Bernie’s promise. Happy to move on if we can admit that Bernie lied when he said that he would legalize marijuana in all 50 states on his first day in office. That wasn’t a comprehensive plan. It was a lie that he knew or should have known he couldn’t make good on it. Biden has his covid relief legislation working its way through Congress right now. That’s his plan — pass the legislation via reconciliation and the checks will automatically get sent like the last two rounds. The hangup is the Senate, which requires this long, drawn out reconci
  11. But it’s not “hypothetical”. Bernie lied about what he would do on his first day in office. That he didn’t win is not relevant. He said he would do something that he knew he couldn’t do. And the obvious point is that all politicians make unrealistic “Day One” promises. It’s wrong, but it’s what they all do, including Bernie. People are blowing this out of proportion considering that all of them do this stuff. What’s weird is people acting like Biden’s “immediately” comment was some kind of unique singular betrayal.
  12. Here is the actual Bernie quote... https://www.forbes.com/sites/tomangell/2020/02/01/bernie-sanders-pledges-legal-marijuana-in-all-50-states-on-day-one-as-president/?sh=74241c4f1c16 “We will end the destructive war on drugs,” the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate said at rally in Cedar Rapids. “On my first day in office through executive order we will legalize marijuana in every state in this country.” He lied.
  13. Are you saying that Biden and the Democrats’ “Day One” rhetoric didn’t get them more votes than a more nuanced “we will have to use reconciliation which takes weeks and it might be March before the checks go out” would have? Saying that it works is not saying that it’s okay. Not sure how much clearer I could have made that across the past 4-5 posts where I said it’s not okay that they do this.
  14. Except he would not have done that because he can’t do that via executive order. The point you keep missing is that Bernie was lying about what he would do and what he could do via EO.
  15. Yeah, think of how much better Bernie’s lie would have been than Biden’s.
  16. Bernie lied about what he would do on the first day and nobody here has criticized him. So I’m not “acting like” anything. Bernie did this same thing and nobody criticized him for it. Tells me people aren’t really angry over campaign rhetoric. Because if it were about politicians lying, they should be just as mad about Bernie’s lies as Biden’s. But they’re not, are they? And that goes to the first part of your post...I’m angry that it’s taking so long to get needed relief to millions of people who desperately need it. The suffering people are going through right now is a reason to
  17. Yeah, then you’re taking this way too personally. And it’s pretty obvious this isn’t about politicians lying about first day promises. It’s about this sense that you are owed something in exchange for voting for Democrats. Which is fine, and the checks will go out in the next few weeks, but I’m just pointing out that you’re not upset at the general idea of politicians exaggerating about what they’ll do or when. It’s something else in this case.
  18. He would be your second cousin, or maybe your brother-in-law depending on where in Georgia you live.
  19. Seriously, how many of y’all were upset with literally every other candidate for president that lied about their “Day One” promises? Why was nobody angry at Bernie for lying about legalizing marijuana in all 50 states on “Day One”? Every candidate made the same kind of BS “Day One” promises, so why is this the first and only Day One promise that y’all complained about over the past year? Maybe politicians doing this isn’t what y’all are actually upset about.
  20. That was before his “on day one” pledge. And even here I don’t think he can deschedule marijuana without an act by Congress. Also from the article... Sanders would then push Congress to pass a bill to “ensure permanent legalization of marijuana.” After it’s legalized at the federal level, states would also still need to legalize within their own borders. ^^^So this was his plan and yet he lied a few months later and promised to legalize in all 50 states “on day one”. It’s actually almost exactly the same thing that Biden did - promise “day one” action on the campaign trail when in
  21. That’s not what he said. And even if you mean descheduling marijuana, that would require an act of Congress. All Sanders could do is tell federal authorities to prioritize other crimes. That doesn’t even apply to the states. So he lied. He’s a “slimy politician” like Biden and the others. It’s wrong, but it’s what everyone does.
  22. Bernie Sanders lied about legalizing marijuana in all 50 states on his first day in office. He’s a “slimy politician” just like the rest of them.
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