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  1. Facebook’s role in the Rohingnyan genocide is legit one of the most disturbing things I’ve read about.
  2. You realize he’s pulling all this bull**** AFTER he stopped being a mod, right? You can’t trust him because he’s no longer employed by and no longer receives a paycheck from the Atlanta Falcons.
  3. Bro, I hear you. It would have been glorious if we all could have gotten on the same page. It’s still hilarious, though.
  4. I believe you are referring to “Dissociative Identity Disorder”, or what is commonly, but incorrectly, referred to as “Multiple Personality Disorder”. This is a distinct and separate phenomenon from Schizophrenia, which is a very broad range of disorders that rarely includes visual and/or auditory hallucinations.
  5. Also, two of these sentences are completely 100% true and another half of a sentence is completely 100% true. Y’all can figure out which ones those are.
  6. @marla_mulder, I was asked by @HolyMoses to confirm that he did donate to that charity as promised. He did this by sending me a picture of him holding his phone showing the donation verification page. It was in fact to that charity and it was in fact him. He did not, however, realize that he had zoomed out so much and the picture included him Jeffrey Toobin’ it. I haven’t told him this part yet, but let’s just say that I’ll end up getting WAY more than $25 from him in the near future. He asked me to confirm his story because he thought it would be less weird than him sending t
  7. My working theory is that they mailed themselves an empty box and didn’t seal it so they could do this.
  8. It’s definitely Qanon inspired. I think that’s probably on purpose, frankly.
  9. And with that, I’m done. We’re heading for a catastrophe with covid and the economy is on the brink. This latest desperate attempt to smear Biden using internet conspiracy theories isn’t going to matter.
  10. Fox News won’t touch this. Neither will any credible news outlet left or right. You’re chasing internet conspiracies (again!) and not stopping for one minute to ask why none of the credible news outlets will report on it and why Trump’s own federal law enforcement officials are passing on it.
  11. According to who, exactly? Who is providing this information? You just said that you don’t trust Trump’s hand-picked FBI director nor his hand-picked Attorney General nor Fox News nor even OANN...but you trust some Twitter account posting blurry photos and, oh yeah, all of the people who spread the Seth Rich nonsense that even Fox News had to retract. Think about that.
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