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  1. I’ve driven the Macon-Savannah route several times and it’s definitely boring. But nothing compares to the midwestern states. The entire southern part of Illinois is just a bunch of nothing. The worst drive by far is driving across the entire state of Nebraska (or Kansas). West Texas is kind of the same. Never been through Oklahoma, but I have to image it’s the same. I thought driving through the Mojave desert would be boring, but **** if that’s not actually an interesting drive.
  2. I don’t think Bernie came out in favor of $2,000 checks until after Trump. During the negotiations, he was pushing for $1,200 checks. (So was Biden, who said that if the bill didn’t include them then he would have them as part of another stimulus bill after he took office.) https://www.cnbc.com/2020/12/11/bernie-sanders-josh-hawley-push-for-second-1200-stimulus-checks.html Bernie did push $2,000 checks back in the Spring. But the $2,000 number was purely the result of Trump’s shenanigans, I’m almost positive.
  3. He is definitely out there. I actually loved reading his book, which was kind of hilarious in its own bizarre way. His “conversation” with Jesus was comedic gold.
  4. President-elect Joe Biden, who has promised to deliver more economic relief to Americans in the early days of his administration, has endorsed sending $2,000 stimulus checks to qualifying individuals and households. The president-elect said he supported $2,000 instead of $600 payments following a speech he gave Monday about the national security and foreign policy challenges his administration will face. As he walked off the stage, Biden was asked by a reporter if he supported the larger check amount and replied "yes." Biden had applauded Congress after lawmakers finally reached bipa
  5. Sure. But they have been promoting checks since at least November. And they’ve been running ads regarding the checks for weeks now. Whether they should be running more or less is debatable. But the simple fact is that they did not wait until the day before the election to start talking about this.
  6. Why don’t we wait until the election is over before criticizing the Democratic messaging? Remember all the people on these boards *****ing and moaning about how Biden was just sitting in his basement and he wasn’t campaigning right and he didn’t have this message and he should be doing this other thing? Seems like a pretty good strategy in the end. I’m not saying that Dems are doing a great job in GA. I’m saying that after an entire f’ing summer of hearing people nitpick every single thing Biden did and declaring loudly how he was going to lose (“28-3 this thing”), you’d think people m
  7. He did...from December 16th... David and Kelly should be in Washington delivering $1,200 checks for every single Georgian, and $500 for every child in this state, because people are hurting and we need help now,” Ossoff said at a rally on Tuesday that also featured Biden. “We're fed up with @KLoeffler's failure. I will vote for direct stimulus checks to Georgians,” Warnock tweeted on Saturday. Biden during Tuesday’s event brought up direct payments when seeking to contrast the Democratic and Republican candidates in Georgia on coronavirus relief, arguing that a relief package pa
  8. Also, I own a hardback copy of this book and keep it on my methodology shelf just to see if anybody notices. Some day when I’m visiting Atlanta again I’m going to get him to autograph it.
  9. But they started weeks ago, not the day before the election.
  10. This guy is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Emory, which is one of the best schools in the country, and he’s published some very respected books and articles in his field. http://courtneybrown.com/Courtney_Brown_Brief_Bio.html ^^^He actually believe that he can project his mind through space and time and claims that he’s had conversations with Martians, Ghandi, and even Jesus Christ. His book details those conversations.
  11. Yep, the destruction of property is a misdemeanor, but there was talk of charging it as a hate crime. The two counts of high-cap magazines are felonies, though. I was just pointing out that they arrested him based on a warrant from the last “rally” they had.
  12. WhY... https://www.cnbc.com/2020/12/23/democrats-use-trump-2000-stimulus-checks-georgia-senate-race.html dID... https://www.foxnews.com/politics/warnock-georgians-cant-trust-loeffler-coronavirus-stimulus-checks tHeY... https://warnockforgeorgia.com/reverend-warnock-on-2000-direct-payments-instead-of-standing-in-the-way-loeffler-should-be-taking-up-this-fight-in-the-senate/ WaiT https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/will-the-debate-over-2000-stimulus-checks-help-democrats-in-georgia/ uNtiL https://www.newsweek.com/2000-stimulus-check-becomes-georgia-d
  13. Apparently he had a warrant for burning the BLM sign they stole from a black church.
  14. Just go around, while it’s happening in front of everybody’s faces, smugly telling everybody that it’s “beyond stupid” to even suggest that it’s happening and condescendingly declare that you’re not going to even entertain a discussion about it.
  15. Yeah, me too... Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said Monday that it was unlikely his office would open an investigation into his weekend phone call with President Donald Trump, but suggested a criminal probe could still be launched by an Atlanta-area district attorney. Because Trump personally spoke with Raffensperger on Saturday and recently had a conversation with the chief investigator in the secretary of state’s office,Raffensperger told ABC’s “Good Morning America” in an interview that “there may be a conflict of interest" that would inhibit any potential investiga
  16. I don’t understand the push for leniency for Assange. I get it for Snowden and Reality Winner. But Assange is genuinely a bad actor even setting aside the 2016 email stuff. He published blueprints for nuclear weapons, the undisclosed location where the veep goes during a national attack, and other VERY dangerous national secrets. I don’t understand why people are like, “oh no big deal let’s pardon him”.
  17. A lot of people in this country are supporting open authoritarianism because of abortion and guns. There should be some things that transcend policy. But unfortunately, there’s not for a lot of people
  18. Germany: This is Ryan Germany. No, Dominion has not moved any machinery out of Fulton County. Trump: But have they moved the inner parts of the machines and replaced them with other parts? Germany: No. Trump: Are you sure, Ryan? Germany: I’m sure. I’m sure, Mr. President. Trump: What about, what about the ballots. The shredding of the ballots. Have they been shredding ballots? Germany: The only investigation that we have into that — they have not been shredding any ballots. There was an issue in Cobb County where they were doing norma
  19. And the Dolphins were (are?) a playoff contender. I’m starting to think the Bills could go deep in the playoffs this year. No idea who they’re going to face in the first rounds, though.
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