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  1. Are you kidding? The Republican Party has helped organize the TEA Party demonstrations and even bought signs for the protesters to hold! That's established fact. The "House Call" a few months ago was directly organized by Michelle Malkin. The problem you have with your argument is that the Tea Party organization consists of a conglomeration of groups that have strong ties (and in some cases led by) white supremacist groups and dangerous militants. One of the groups that is part of the Tea Party organization is Oath Keepers. You should look up what the leader of Oath Keepers has been doin
  2. So ultimately, this all comes down to you being upset that the two major parties are not adopting your fringe, extremist views and over-inflated rhetoric about "marxist" and "stalinism". Have you ever considered that the reason may be that the majority of Americans don't share your fringe view and don't want to see people screaming "communism" at anyone who disagrees? In other words, have you ever considered that the problem could be you? Edit: I would have thought the 2008 election results would have shown you what the American public thinks of the "communist" and red scare nonsense.
  3. This has been a concerted effort to attract the idiot fringe to the party since the 2008 election. You saw it with the "pals around with terrorists" nonsense that came from the Republican Party's presidential candidates and the other attempts to demonize Obama as some foreign outsider. Then it turned to the "birther movement". Republican elected officials gave a wink and a nod to the birther idiocy. When asked directly if Obama was a citizen, several top Republicans responded that it's "a legitimate question". They knew it was idiotic, but they wanted the birther support so they gave thes
  4. It doesn't matter if he was yelling it at Stupack or not. The point is that the rhetoric has gotten so overheated that it's become a dangerous political environment. And GOP lawmakers WERE encouraging the group holding signs threatening physical violence, including those yelling racist and homophobic slurs. They invited these people to Congress knowing who and what they are. It's disingenuous to invite them and then say they don't represent your views.
  5. I agree with the underlying logic that health care could save a few seats for the Democrats. The problem is with the media and politicos. The Democrats passed health care reform that wasn't popular. They lose a lot of seats. So clearly it's a repudiation of their agenda. Oh, and here's a reprint of the David Frum column: http://www.frumforum.com/waterloo WATERLOO Conservatives and Republicans today suffered their most crushing legislative defeat since the 1960s. It’s hard to exaggerate the magnitude of the disaster. Conservatives may cheer themselves that they’ll compensate for today’s e
  6. And that's the disturbing thing for me, that elected officials are embracing, encouraging, and engaging in this idiocy themselves.
  7. For their faults, the GOP leaders have never endorsed this level of criminal idiocy. Having said that, I do fear that with the GOP leaders whipping up the heated rhetoric and throwing around phrases like "tyranny" and "totalitarianism" and yelling things like "baby killer!" and talking about "socialist takeover of America", that they are opening the door for someone who is unstable to take their rhetoric seriously. You've got GOP officials at the state level talking about secession. You've got tea party activists who are holding signs like we saw in another thread being cheered on by Republ
  8. Republican lawmakers stir up the 'tea party' crowd By Dana Milbank Monday, March 22, 2010; A01 The Democrats were blamed for many horrible things -- tyranny! socialism! corruption! -- as they marched toward Sunday night's passage of health-care legislation, but nobody ever accused them of making health reform look easy. It all began 14 long months ago, when Ted Kennedy was still alive and everybody, Republicans and Democrats alike, seemed to agree that the nation's health-care system needed change. Then came the town hall meetings, the death panels, the granny killing, the images of Nazi conce
  9. The Commerce Clause in the Constitution was used to justify the partial birth abortion ban. Are you telling me that aborted babies affects interstate commerce but babies dying from lack of health care doesn't? Sorry, you may not like how the Commerce Clause has been twisted, but that ship sailed decades ago.
  10. Government forces individuals to buy car insurance. How is this different? Partial birth abortion is not part of the authority that states have granted to the federal government, and yet Congress passed a partial birth abortion ban. Of course, Congress DOES have the power to regulate interstate commerce, and health care affects interstate commerce. A lot of things get put under the umbrella of the Commerce Clause. Like it or not, that's established Constitutional law. I don't see any successful argument that allows states to opt out of this.
  11. Yeah, I figured all this talk about repeal was a bunch of hot air.
  12. Premiums more than doubled over the past 10 years. If they increase more than that over the next 10 years then you will have a point. If they don't increase by that much then this lowered costs.
  13. It's called federalism. Georgia cannot opt out of health care laws any more than it can choose to opt out of the federal tax code. Such a law by GA legislature would be unconstitutional.
  14. Except that you are again overlooking a point that Achilles keeps making: they are gaining millions of healthy customers in the process, offsetting the losses posed by those with preexisting conditions.
  15. Great questions and I don't know the answer to the specifics or timelines. However, because the individual mandate covers healthy people as well as sick people, the net for insurance companies is a profit or, at most, a very small loss. A lot of the people who are currently uninsured are young and healthy. Some of them are very sick. You take both and you've reduced the problem of taking people with preexisting conditions.
  16. Of course there is. It is coming whatever Democrats did on health care. The question is whether this helps them or not. The Republicans are quickly painting themselves into a position where they are telling the public that they are taking away health care from millions of people. That's not popular regardless of the political environment. Democrats might lose the house, but Republicans will only have a very small majority. And it's no longer a better than average bet that Dems lose the House. The Democratic losses are based on factors beyond health care. Failure on health care had the
  17. We'll see. Democrats were almost a lock to lose control in the House if this thing failed. The probability of them losing the House is still sizable, but much lower now. You do realize that a repeal would require the President's signature, right? Oh, you don't realize that because you aren't able to process information about even the simplest aspects of American government. :blink:
  18. And it's my personal opinion that people who whine about "marxism" and make comparisons to the Soviet Union are idiotic mouth-breathers who are spoonfed their stupid opinions from other idiots like Glenn Beck who make money manipulating the weak-minded know-nothings for his political purposes. Sorry if I offended you, of course. You shouldn't take any of that personally. Is that better?
  19. The rightwingers have lost their collective minds. It's going to be funny to watch how far over the cliff they lurch during the next year or so. Go ahead and campaign on repealing the bill. Tell those cancer patients who finally get insurance and treatment for their illnesses that you're taking away their life-saving medicine. See how that flies!
  20. Yep, it's a shame that people act like spoiled children who throw tantrums and cry about "socialism" and call people "morons" just because they don't get every single policy they want. It's a shame, indeed.
  21. Mismatches create spectacular knockouts or submissions. Close matches are boring. That's the money game.
  22. Let me say first that I love the UFC. I've been watching the UFC since the first or second PPV, as in the Royce Gracie days. One of the things that annoys me is the mismatches that they create to make certain fighters look like they're on the "comeback". It's the same "babyface" against the "heel" nonsense that makes the WWE unenjoyable. That and the rules. I hated the rules they created to get commissioned or accredited or whatever they needed to get. The rules and weight classes and time limits suck. Not at all what the UFC was supposed to be.
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