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  1. Dammit...I was hoping to be the Weird Al Yankovich of children's books. I even had my first work outlined and titled... ..."I Will Not Eat Green Eggs and P*ssy." I thought it would make me famous.
  2. Hopefully this little diddy clears it all up... Try incest. It's the best. Put your sister to the test. Go tell mother to grab brother... ...and let father do the rest. ^^^Game of Thrones in a nutshell.
  3. That was not ever part of Arya's training and background in the show. If they had given glimpses of that then I wouldn't have a problem with it. The "magic" part, if that's what it is in the show, came out of nowhere.
  4. Pretty much. They also could have had Faux Frey appearing a little ill and trouble speaking (a cough here or there). Having the original actor do the voice made it too perfect for me. Still a great scene, just undermined a little with the things you mentioned.
  5. She had his actual face and skin for the disguise. There's nothing to indicate that she knows how to transplant his vocal chords.
  6. And that's a fair point, which is why I said earlier that I don't want to make too much of this. I view it as a relatively minor mistake made by the show. I'm more responding to the argument that basically goes: "there are no internal rules, ANYTHING is possible in a world of magic, and you don't get to criticize because you're not Martin and besides ANYTHING is possible and there are no internal rules."
  7. Until (or if) the Winds of Winter are released, we don't know what Martin thinks about this. But he absolutely operates within the internal rules of the world he created, as proven by the fact that Ned Stark can't be brought back to life now. If anything were possible, then that would be a possibility. And it's not. Because there are internal rules that should be followed to make the actions of the character more believable. You're basically saying, "anything the show runners do is okay and acceptable because you're not the author". So basically any criticism of the program can be di
  8. Maybe, or maybe not. And one of the red priests explicitly told her it couldn't be done. That's the point...George R.R. Martin operates within the internal rules of the world he created. Anything is not possible.
  9. Arya isn't a magician. And why couldn't Ned Stark be brought back to life like Jon Snow. Anything is possible...right?
  10. Yes, and Arya also can do alternative voices. But from a young female servant to Walder Frey is a gigantic leap. That's all I'm saying.
  11. Again, would you have a problem if Theon Greyjoy suddenly started flying and shooting fireballs out of his hands while Jamie Lannister started shooting lasers from his eyes? What if Sansa Stark built a laser pistol and started shooting all of the armies? The point is that wouldn't be consistent with the internal rules of that world. It's a medieval world, so of course they don't have laser pistols. That would violate those internal rules. There's nothing in Arya's background that suggests she could have pulled off a Walder Frey impression. It's just not believable.
  12. Okay, so you wouldn't have a problem if suddenly everybody developed magic and Cersei force-choked the dragons to death while Theon Greyjoy learned how to fly like a superhero and shot flames from his hands? I mean, c'mon. There are obviously internal rules to a world like this that need to be followed. Arya doing a dead-perfect immitation of Frey wasn't believable. I'm not trying to make a bigger deal out of it than what it is, but I think it was a mistake to make the immitation that perfect. I thought the scene where Arya pretended to be one of Frey's servants was brilliant an
  13. But there are internal rules that need to be followed. The Faceless Men are not magicians. Why not just have Jamie Lannister morph into Arya and use a force choke to bring a giant column down on Cersei? Great stories operate within the confines of their internal rules. "Anything" is not possible in a well-thought out piece of fiction.
  14. I thought the exact same thing about Arya. It wasn't the appearance change that bothered me, it was the VOICE. Much more believable if she had disquised that with some kind of coughing or had someone else read for her (him). Have the voice be just off enough to make it realistic instead of using the original actor's voice. By the time I figured out what was going on, I was like "c'mon man!" There's a difference between being disguised as a young girl with a similar voice and being disguised as an old man with a very, very different type of voice. That was the part of the episode th
  15. Nolove4dacrook's freestyle diss raps against members on the boards was the best thing ever. Also, Obama4Prez and the Dorito gang was terrific.
  16. I miss this Chuck Crawford fellow. I wish he would post more often.
  17. Nothing suspicious about this at all. FFS.
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