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  1. New York Times needle seems to think Trump will win Florida by 3%. If that happens, Trump likely wins reelection.
  2. The Miami-Dade is supposedly primarily early in-person votes. It doesn’t include mail-in ballots or votes today.
  3. Cobb County 63-35 for Biden right now with 27% reporting. Probably early vote that’s heavily Dem.
  4. Yeah, that’s dumb. Truth is that by all accounts Florida will be very close. Just wait for a majority of votes counted.
  5. Hillborough County, FL 2020: Biden 55.3. Trump 43.7 2016: Clinton 51.5. Trump 44.7 That’s with about 81% votes reporting. Again, this COULD be a Dem skew on early votes. But if those numbers stand then it’s good news for Biden. Not sure if it’s enough, but we’ll see.
  6. Not sure how much to make of this, but looking at Pinellas county, FL, with about 79% of votes counted... 2020: Biden 53.6 Trump 45.4 2016: Trump 48.5 Clinton 47.6
  7. Redistricting isn’t relevant for the Senate, but the House depends on who controls the state legislature.
  8. By the way, I’ll calculate what the exit polls say about GA when they are available, but I’ll say again that I think they are mostly worthless this year.
  9. I can’t believe watching y’all a**holes spend six freakin’ months loudly proclaiming how Biden was going to 28-3 this thing and how he was certain to lose turn around just an hour before polls close and start talking about how he’s going to win Texas. I hate y’all.
  10. I hate to be Debbie Downer AGAIN, but I think some of y’all are acting way too over-confident right now about Biden’s state-to-state victories.
  11. I am completely ignoring the exit polls this year. Like, I seriously don’t trust them whatsoever.
  12. Everybody, seriously, stop trying to jinx it. The counting starts in less than an hour.
  13. Counter-point... The Biden campaign believes it will have a sense of the direction things are going — but are pessimistic on Florida. “It is a tough lift for us, but people are still voting there,” a campaign official said.
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