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  1. And all kidding aside, it’s also VERY bad for the country because it breeds suspicion and allows conspiracy theories to grow and spread, along with protests and social unrest.
  2. Not as awkward as it would be if you had voted for Trump. :looking at you @HolyMoses :
  3. I would have respected him more if he ended that statement with, “I know because I’ve tried. ”
  4. It’s lying because it’s promoting that one case as somehow indicative of a broader problem with election fraud. This isn’t “asking questions” and I think you know that. It’s advancing a false narrative. Look, you already fell for the Facebook/Twitter hoaxes about Seth Rich and CP on Hunter’s laptop. You’re getting sucked into yet another false conspiracy theory. If there was widespread evidence of fraud don’t you think Fox News or the Wall Street Journal would be reporting on it? The news portions Fox News is credible and none of their journalists are reporting about any of this stuff yo
  5. Being honest and not snarky here...turn off the Facebook and Twitter stuff and start relying only on credible news outlets. These Facebook/Twitter people are not trying to share information with you. They are intentionally lying to you in order to undermine your confidence in the election. Stop believing them and stick with credible sources.
  6. And more importantly, people on Facebook and Twitter are out intentionally spreading misinformation hoping to fool and sucker people into questioning the legitimacy of the election. That twitter account is intentionally lying to people to spread a false narrative that undermines democracy. People should stop being gullible and falling for hoaxes and lies from Twitter and Facebook people.
  7. Voters don’t care about that process stuff. If they did, the GOP would pay a penalty for the SCOTUS shenanigans. That’s not what gets votes.
  8. I don’t get this view at all. Pelosi literally passed exactly what you are calling for on covid in the House six months ago. She literally has pushed the new voting rights act; not sure if she passed it or not but she supports it. And Biden has been running on that platform, as well as climate change. How can you say they’ve offered nothing?
  9. One thing that I’ve noticed that might give some faint clues into where we’re headed is that the Biden campaign has generally made public comments that ended up being more accurate than polls and other information we had at that time. Remember the campaign manager warning everybody that the race was a lot closer than people thought? We see they were right. Remember when they said that they didn’t think they would win Florida? There are some other situations like that, as well, where their public comments were more cautious and accurate than available information. That’s means we shoul
  10. I think it’s more about independents sitting it out and there being more Reps than Dems in GA.
  11. I tend to think this is right. Only thing that might change this is if Trump wins and Democrats are motivated to turnout to control the Senate. Even then I’m not sure it’s enough for Dems to take those seats.
  12. That is worrisome, but I’m even more worried that they’ll organize and take to the streets before the counts are finished and the outcome is known. If they get there before it’s over then they might try to disrupt the counting. We already saw that in Philly (I think) where they stormed the area where the votes were being counted and tried to disrupt the process.
  13. It’s even better than the headline... President Trump spent the day angrily phoning Republican governors while publicly casting doubt on his own legal strategy that he personally instructed aides to carry out. After Fox News called Arizona for Joe Biden last night, Trump instructed aides to begin filing lawsuits almost immediately. Those aides spent most of Wednesday putting together half-baked legal strategies, partly in order to buy them more time as votes were being counted in critical states like Arizona, one source said. CNN has not projected a winner in Arizona. Trump has
  14. I can’t believe that I’m having to say this again after last night, but PLEASE stop spiking the football before everything is counted!
  15. As I understand this one, it’s about 50 ballots they claim were added to a pile of 50k+ and counted even though they arrived late. Sounds to me like they’re just desperately trying to stop the counting while Trump has a lead.
  16. In other words, nothing you post from rightwing social media accounts is considered legitimate until you can link to a credible news outlet to confirm that what you claim did, in fact, happen. Until then, it’s just more rightwing propaganda to undermine our democratic elections and nobody is going to take you seriously.
  17. You might want to link to a credible source if you expect people to take this stuff seriously. Twitter and Facebook are not credible sources.
  18. “Keep an open mind and look at this rightwing internet conspiracy I found on Facebook!”
  19. Ahem...it’s “Nostradumbazz”. I think the mods should make him change his screenname. Also, to the second paragraph....chill dude.
  20. Since everyone is talking about “respect”, part of what a lot of people are missing is that the base supporters of both parties LIKE it when it their side shows disrespect and insults the other side. That particular relative that I mention on occasion, for example, posted a picture of himself with a “Trump 2020: The Sequel....Make Liberals Cry Again” t-shirt. 50 people “liked” it, the most likes he’s gotten on any of his recent posts. Several people commented approvingly about the picture. This is the same guy who constantly posts Qanon-inspired conspiracy theories and has even
  21. I’ve been trying to get them to understand the political reality for over a year now. I can’t find it now, but one of the polling firms continued doing Trump-Sanders matchup over the summer. The result is that Biden consistently did better than Sanders against Trump, by around 2-3% if I remember correctly. I like Sanders and I support M4A and a lot of those policies. But the general public doesn’t support that agenda yet. Too many progressives (not targeting anyone specifically) have a delusional view that the American public is just like them and will openly embrace a progressive age
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