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  1. The ad hominem fallacy is the worst one, you disgusting piece of s***.
  2. What assumptions other people make about the polls is their fault, not the fault of polls. None of the polling firms represented their polls as the electoral college, let alone the actual winner of the election. That you or others made that assumption means y'all don't understand what polls are for and what they are not for. And your faulty assumptions do not make the polls "all wrong". It makes you wrong. The polls were very accurate in 2016, much more accurate than they were in 2012. That's just a simple verifiable fact.
  3. You might try reading and comprehending before responding next time. I’ll say this one more time... The polls estimate the popular vote. The polls had Clinton winning the popular vote by 3%. Clinton actually won the popular vote by 2%. How is that “all wrong”? None of the polls “predicted” the electoral college. None.
  4. No, they didn't. Polls only estimate (not "predict") the percent who will vote for a candidate. The polls never predict the electoral college votes. And again, those polls showed her winning the popular vote by 3%. She actually won by 2%. How is that "all wrong"?
  5. The polls showed Clinton winning the popular vote by 3%. She actually won the popular vote by 2%. How were they “all wrong”?
  6. Nostradumbazz predicted in the last general election that Republicans would GAIN seats in the House and they would win 4-6 seats in the Senate.
  7. Perjury and obstruction of justice are deeply related, and a lot of Trump’s people went to jail for perjury about Russian contacts.
  8. So the rules of this debate seems to be that Kamala Harris always gets a minute for the last word.
  9. I also want to contrast the Democratic debate on health care from the 2016 GOP debate. Last night and tonight I’ve heard very substantive disagreements that involved realistic proposals (whether you support them or not) and discussions about the costs and benefits of each. Compare that with Trump’s “there are lines around states, these lines, these borders...we’re going to get rid of the lines, the lines gone, gone, no more lines around states for insurance.”
  10. I’m voting for Booker because he said “****hole” at a presidential debate. That alone earns my vote.
  11. Biden got off pretty light considering how he teed that one up.
  12. Think what you want, Biden is having a good moment now. Harris up for response...
  13. I was trying to figure that out myself. Also, Harris’ microphone is funky sounding.
  14. Delaney just repeating his same talking points. He’s doing the Marco Rubio debate tactic.
  15. She was, but she was never “Bernie or Bust”. Also, I think Warren could be the dark horse this year.
  16. Yeah, but she was promoting her agenda and ideas. I’m getting tired of the stupid “you said this, who are you referring to” questions in this debate anyway.
  17. Teeing up a shot by Warren against Bernie on guns. We’ll see if she takes it.
  18. Beta O’Rourke sounds like a high school debate club student.
  19. Also, that’s the first strong moment from Williamson that I’ve seen.
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