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  1. Democrats are going to lose in the midterms anyway. That has nothing to do with their policies, it's just the nature of American politics. In fact, the more progressive the Dems are in their first two years, the more they'll lose in the midterms. And beyond that, how do you expect them to pass progressive policies through a Republican senate?
  2. Just to note that this is the chairwoman for the national party. The entire party has been corrupted with conspiracy mongering, lies, and bull****... RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel did not present concrete examples of alleged voter fraud in her home state of Michigan and elsewhere when pressed by Fox News anchors on Friday, instead urging Americans to “give us time” to produce evidence of irregularities. Asked about President Donald Trump’s remaining path to victory with Democratic nominee Joe Biden now leading Trump in three key uncalled swing states — any of which could put him ov
  3. And as I understand it, that’s the number of military ballots that haven’t come in, not necessarily the number that have been cast. IOW, it’s possible that none of those military ballots arrive because they represent people who ended up not voting.
  4. He was celebrating Trump over the past four years. Serious question — is anybody surprised that Nostradumbazz is flat out lying again about what he’s said in the past? That’s why he goes back on ignore in a few days. But I hope nobody is really surprised given that Nostradumbazz has been lying for years on these boards.
  5. I saw a LOT of Republicans on Facebook posting memes about “Trump wasn’t elected to care about your feelings” or sumsht.
  6. I temporarily took him off ignore and will go back to ignoring him soon, but what would be justice is if those who weren’t ignoring him simply responded to every post he made with “Trump 2020 landslide”.
  7. A reminder that Nostradumbazz here predicted that Republicans would gain seats in the House and Senate in 2018, that covid would be gone by 2016, that Roy Moore would win election in AL, etc. etc. etc. That’s what we call him Nostradumbazz.
  8. They want a lemon party. (Don’t look that up if you don’t know.)
  9. A reminder that Nostradumbazz here claimed that Trump would win in a “landslide”.
  10. No sarcasm here. We need more people like you hanging out here and fewer of the rightwing cultists. I hope you stick around and continue participating. Edit: And if you know a few more people like yourself, bring them along!
  11. Why haven’t you and the politicians been saying that for the past six months as he was undermining the legitimacy of the election and doing shady things like slowing down the mail?
  12. Just a heads up about ex-pat and military votes in Georgia — there are 9,000 that COULD arrive by today, but there is no guarantee that they will. These could be people who simply didn’t vote and without knowing the turnout percent for expats and military mail-in, we don’t know how many are likely to arrive.
  13. Yep. Of course, there’s also the fact that, if Biden pulls it out, the people Trump can threaten to fire realize they won’t have jobs in January anyway and just refuse to do whatever Trump says.
  14. That has me wondering if Trump is giving some kind of illegal order (“seize the ballots”) and Esper is refusing to follow it. Got nothing to base that on, but it would be very Trump.
  15. Yeah, I’m flipping between them and others. Fox News is telling all of its staff that Fox will not refer to Biden as “President-Elect”. So there’s that.
  16. Both networks talking like this is over and they’re just not quite ready to call it.
  17. I’m looking forward to four years of responding to any criticism of Biden by Trump supporters with “this is why Trump lost”.
  18. All of the networks have a decision desk, so it’s easy to confuse them. I had to look it up and I only knew because I’m watching Fox right now.
  19. You hate to see it. “Watching Trump’s lead in states evaporate or disappear because of mail-in votes is some galactic-level karma,” said a frustrated Trump adviser.
  20. No. It won’t be official for over a month. The Electoral College still has to meet and all the states have to certify the results and so forth.
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