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  1. We’re a much more diverse group than people realize. For example, JDave is Jamaican, lostone is Samoan, and I’m Korean. Mr. Hoopah, on the other hand, is the whitest person you’ll ever meet. That dude is “put mayo on BBQ” white.
  2. You’re right that I’ll never understand. Maybe I’m wrong about this. I just view it as inappropriate on a news outlet.
  3. I understand the emotions. But he’s on a major cable news channel as a commentator. It’s unprofessional.
  4. FFS, Van Jones literally bawling on air. “It’s easier to be a parent this morning.” Oh f*** off and be a d*** professional.
  5. Hilariously, Fox is holding off. Probably waiting for the press conference.
  6. I would point out that a few people have said the same thing in this very thread. Might want to start local.
  7. It’s also funny because everyone in the Trump WH has openly laughed about their flagrant violations of the Hatch Act, basically saying “yeah who cares, let me know when the police arrive”. But now they’re all suddenly concerned about it. It’s funny because it suggests they know Trump is going to lose and now they might actually face some consequences.
  8. CNN reporting that government lawyers are advising paid WH spokespeople not to comment publicly on the election because they’re afraid it will violate the Hatch Act.
  9. Um...wut? The campaign also tapped David Bossie, a Trump adviser who is not a lawyer, to lead the team’s legal effort to contest the results in several key states. Bossie did not respond to requests for comment. With recriminations and finger-pointing already beginning, however, some advisers griped that the president’s team — and Kushner in particular — should have had more of a legal strategy prepared.
  10. If I thought they’d force me to drink that swill instead of my single-origin Gayo Highland Sumatran coffee then I would have voted straight ticket Republican.
  11. Something else that just crossed my mind is that covid is spiking again and GA's numbers are ticking upward. Obviously, I hope things don't get really bad but it looks like that's where things are heading nationwide. No way there's a statewide lockdown, but if things get bad enough then you could see a lot of those independent voters continue to vote Democratic this year, especially if it causes families to not be able to travel and visit during the holidays.
  12. That's also a sound strategy, I think. Also, as much as I absolutely despise her, Susan Collins could turn into a bit of an ally for Dems in the Senate. I don't know what other senator's future plans are, but some of the ones retiring or up for reelection in swing states in 2022 might also be convinced to vote on some bills that McConnell opposes. I'm not entirely hopefully, it's just that I see an opportunity for Biden to pass some bills with moderate GOP support.
  13. That's not a bad strategy at all. I would note, however, that Nancy Pelosi has done just that with covid relief, so why do you think they won't keep doing the same strategy if Biden wins? The debt stuff is going to be a problem because they can't just pass a budget and go public on the GOP Senate without having a major shutdown and/or debt default. We saw the GOP strategy during the Obama years. They're going to try to limit spending to slow the economic recovery and blame that on Dems so they can win more seats in the midterms.
  14. Yeah, those could be done with EO's and I fully support that. Student loan cancellation might face a court challenge, but suspending payments is definitely constitutional (Trump did it).
  15. Election fraud, you say? A group of Republicans in Wisconsin has desperately sought volunteers to call supporters of President Donald Trump in Pennsylvania and urge them to mail in absentee ballots by Friday — even as the president himself rails against late votes and the ongoing vote count. Only votes cast or postmarked by Nov. 3 are legal according to Pennsylvania and federal election laws. Trump himself has described any effort to vote after Tuesday as clear election fraud. ... "This seems deeply stupid as it seems to be a solicitation to commit voter fraud," said Ric
  16. Control for partisan lean of the district and see what it looks like.
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