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  1. I also think that there are probably plenty enough laws to cover what happened yesterday. We should consider a domestic terrorism law since one doesn’t really exist. But beyond that, not sure what new laws are necessary to hold the people accountable for their role in yesterday’s insurrection.
  2. DC officials on CNN right now talking about how they are reviewing videos and other evidence in anticipation of making more arrests for the insurrection yesterday. They also suggest that the FBI is doing the same. So just because there were only about 60-80 arrests yesterday, it doesn’t sound like it’s going to stop there. DC Mayor dodged a question about Capitol police, but suggested an investigation into their behavior as well.
  3. Hence my comment about it coming months or years too late. Frankly, they should have cracked down on this **** after the Rohingyan massacre. Not sure if I mentioned this or not, but I’ve been going through FB looking at Qanon networks. Basically, got some family and friends of family who are plugged into those networks, so I go to Qanon posts and then look at the pages of people who liked or commented on them. Anyway, over the past three days, I’ve reported at least a dozen people for threatening violence against Democrats and “RINO’s”. In many cases, they were threatening to
  4. Zuckerberg following a long line of tepid responses that come months or years too late... Trump banned from Facebook indefinitely, CEO Mark Zuckerberg says The move follows temporary bans of Trump’s accounts by both Twitter and Facebook. “We believe the risks of allowing the President to continue to use our service during this period are simply too great,” he wrote. "Therefore, we are extending the block we have placed on his Facebook and Instagram accounts indefinitely and for at least the next two weeks until the peaceful transition of power is complete.
  5. Honestly, this sounds like a heck of a resume for AG... Garland is an insider’s insider when it comes to understanding how the Department of Justice works — and what its proper function should be. Since 1978, when he clerked for Justice William Brennan at the Supreme Court, he has spent his entire career within the gravitational field of the building known as “main Justice,” located at 950 Pennsylvania Avenue. He was a special assistant to President Jimmy Carter’s attorney general Benjamin Civiletti; a federal prosecutor in Washington, D.C.; a deputy assistant attorney general; and princi
  6. Just to set the record straight, I’ve been talking about authoritarianism in America for years, and often got attacked for it. I also got attacked for standing AGAINST the military coup in Egypt when it was happening and for arguing that democracy, however imperfect, should have prevailed in Egypt. “Why doesn’t he talk about these coups in Latin America that happened years ago” is a pretty dumb take. It’s the same reason that I don’t talk much about the Bay of Pigs. Because they were 60-70 years ago and not very relevant today.
  7. Congress does not invoke the 25th amendment.
  8. We are experiencing an authoritarian power grab...and actual attempt to overturn a democratic election and install the GOP as an authoritarian regime. No amount of false equivalencies or soft-peddling or “oh garsh it’s not going to be successful” will change that simple fact. And every single Republican that engaged in it or kept silent about it is complicit. This should be unforgivable. Unfortunately, some people value things like abortion policy and guns and judicial nominees more than our Constitution.
  9. Do they not realize there are steps just a few feet away?
  10. They’re a little quick on the trigger. One little deadly insurrection on Capitol Hill that seditiously tries to block the basic process of democracy and they block him.
  11. No sympathy for any of these ****heads. A current Trump White House aide tells CNN that many of his colleagues worked remotely on Wednesday ahead of anticipated protests and road closures in Washington, and like former colleagues, is casting blame on President Trump. “Never did we think this would happen," the aide said, adding that it is "indefensible." "The blame lies squarely with the President,” the aide said. The aide said he does not plan to go back to work tomorrow and hasn’t decided whether to resign or stick out the next two weeks until President-elect Joe Bide
  12. Congress to start counting Electoral college votes in a few minutes. Open question is whether Republicans continue to spread conspiracy theories and object to ballots.
  13. From NYTimes: An explosive device was found at the headquarters of the Republican National Committee in Washington and the nearby headquarters of the Democratic National Committee was evacuated after the discovery of a suspicious package on Wednesday, according to three people briefed on the discoveries. The device that was found at the R.N.C. was a pipe bomb that was successfully destroyed by a bomb squad, according to an official for the R.N.C. The package at the D.N.C. has yet to be identified, according to a top Democrat briefed on the matter who was not authorized to speak
  14. Biden calling it “borderline sedition” and “insurrection” is exactly right.
  15. Okay, I’m going to give it a few days to verify some of these videos. But if this is as bad as it looks, there are a **** ton of people (including cops) who need to go to jail. There have to be consequences for this.
  16. Let me tell you how Democrats being condescending forced me to vote for Trump.
  17. The entire f’ing White House is complicit at this point. If they don’t invoke the 25th Amendment and get this **** under control then they’re just as responsible as Trump.
  18. Literally told them to go to the Capitol building and not accept the results.
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