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  1. She was smart to renegotiate their prenup before she moved into the WH.
  2. Better version is that “Success has a thousand fathers but failure is an orphan.”
  3. Biden’s election has already moved American in a positive direction. We’ve cut the number of presidential failsons in half.
  4. Except Trump has said and done specific things that are authoritarian in nature. He has fired Inspector’s Generals who were investigating him, his family, and cabinet officials for wrong-doing. He fired several attorney’s general after ordering them to shut down an investigation into his campaign. He went to court and had his lawyers argue that Trump is literally above the law and is not subject to any criminal investigation. The judge actually asked if Trump shot somebody on Times Square could the police investigate...his lawyer said “not while he’s in office”. He held up mil
  5. Trump had some definite authoritarian tendencies. But yes, people who called Trump a “literal dictator” are ridiculous. One person said something like that on the boards and got mocked mercilessly for months.
  6. Ahhh, then at least it’s not family. Yeah, the tribalism and echo chambers are bad on both sides. I had a certain relative today come completely unhinged on Facebook over the outcome of the election. Have you watched the Netflix movie “The Social Dilemma”? It’s eye opening. There’s also a PBS Frontline documentary called “The Facebook Dilemma” from 2018 that covers the same stuff. I’ve been coming to the view that social media is legitimately dangerous to society.
  7. Yes, he can. He did it with Joe Arpaio, who was just facing contempt of court and not a criminal prosecution.
  8. Our democracy is gone because...checks notes...we chose our next president through an election.
  9. It’s the polarization man. People are so divided into their tribes and so locked into their echo chambers that any disagreement is viewed as wholesale betrayal. It’s insanity. Sorry that you’re dealing with that in your family.
  10. Yeah, I’m not at all comfortable with these parties and this rally. It’s just unsafe and irresponsible.
  11. If I were writing the skit I’d have him start with the first two lines, then start forgetting them, and get up and walk off like he doesn’t know where he is at.
  12. Probably too late for them to have a Trump piano playing and singing “Hallelujah”, but it’s possible.
  13. And for the record, Marla is absolutely right that the media needs to remind people that covid is a thing and these celebrations are dangerous.
  14. F***, I’d offer Susan Collins and/or any other GOP senators in winnable states a cabinet position just to try flipping the Senate.
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