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  1. Yeah, absolutely fair criticism of Biden IMO. There are so many practices (like this) that should be illegal, but unfortunately the people who would pass the laws are the ones whose family members benefit from it.
  2. It reminds me of the anti-Sharia Law bills. There wasn’t a single place in America where Sharia law was being practiced, but the bills were popular because Muslims were the boogiemen at that time.
  3. Stacey Abrams on Thursday threw her support behind Sen. Joe Manchin’s proposed revisions to congressional Democrats’ expansive election and ethics reform bill, conferring him the endorsement of one of the nation’s premier voting rights activists. In an interview on CNN, Abrams — a former Democratic nominee for Georgia governor who founded an organization to fight voter suppression — said she “absolutely” could support the changes to the For the People Act that Manchin (D-W.Va.) outlined in a memo circulated among colleagues on Wednesday.
  4. This f’ing guy… House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy criticized President Joe Biden's summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying in a statement on Thursday that Biden "gave Vladimir Putin a pass." "The American people suffered massive disruptions because of Russia-linked cyber-attacks," McCarthy said in a statement released Thursday. "Two Americans, both Marine veterans, are being held as prisoners in Russia. We know Vladimir Putin silences and imprisons his critics." He added: "Knowing these facts, President Biden should have used today's summit to stand up for our
  5. For those who still try to “both sides” the authoritarianism in this country, there’s now statistical evidence showing that Republicans are much more authoritarian (“illiberal”) than Democrats in this country and have been for awhile. For the 538 link: https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/why-the-two-party-system-is-wrecking-american-democracy/ Then the 538 graph using V-Dem measures. The V-Dem institute is an alternative to Freedom House (one of the top measures of democracy used by political scientists), but it’s measures are highly correlated with Freedom House and have the adde
  6. One of the greatest failures of policy in modern history is forcing regular workers at these shops to enforce the mask mandates. It’s so patently obvious that we need clear and unequivocal direction from government about things like masks and social distancing precisely so that employees can tell people “I’m sorry, it’s the law”. But the f’ing politicians are too cowardly to take on the responsibility of the office they hold, so they put people like LaQuitta Willis at risk on a daily basis. It’s absolutely disgusting.
  7. Are they hiring Steve Bannon’s company to build it?
  8. Every graduate of Auburn has a very strong claim for canceling their student debt.
  9. I’m just disappointed he didn’t downvote my post, which would have been hilarious. I teed one up for him and he whiffed.
  10. Right, I tend to agree. My point about what the reporter said is that it’s not because he’s sincere, it’s because he pops off at the mouth a lot and therefore has to apologize more often.
  11. So his doctor can snicker every time he tells him, “say ‘ahhhh’ Capela”.
  12. @NightPain only downvotes people who deserve it. 👍
  13. I tend to agree. I did hear a reporter talk about how Biden has a decades long history of apologizing in situations like this, suggesting his apology was sincere. My thought was that of course he’s going to have a history of apologizing because he’s got a history of popping off at the mouth.
  14. Afterward, the reporter explained on CNN that she was just doing her job in asking the questions but also said that the apology from Biden wasn’t necessary, but they were glad he made a point to apologize anyway. It’s being billed as this huge blowup and it really isn’t. A reporter asked a tough question — and yes, the press is typically more negative because of the adversarial relationship — and Biden lost his cool and spouted off. Not that big a deal in the grand scheme of things.
  15. JFC…51% of Republicans believe that the “audits” like the s*** show in Arizona are going to change the outcome of the presidential election… https://assets.morningconsult.com/wp-uploads/2021/06/16051615/210691_crosstabs_POLITICO_RVs_v1_LM-1.pdf
  16. Biden has definitely crossed the line several times in the past and probably should have gotten his *** kicked a few times for it.
  17. Also, remember that Trump joked about and praised the gubernatorial candidate who literally body-slammed a reporter.
  18. Seriously??? People are comparing this to Trump calling the media “fake news” and “the enemy of the people” and pointing to them at his rallies to supporters could attack them? Maybe I missed it, but what did Biden say that was “violent rhetoric” in that exchange? And what did he say that was comparable to Trump’s attacks on the press?
  19. The process server should just hang out in his garage… The case has been turned over to the Madison County district attorney’s office. DA Rob Broussard said last week that extradition would not be sought of Seklecki, who is based in Atlanta, given the nature of the charge. The warrant could be served, however, if Seklecki returned to Huntsville.
  20. Yeah, the whole Maxine Waters thing is weird to me. She definitely is a s*** show and has engaged in some reckless and dangerous rhetoric, but apparently she’s also the go-to “whataboutism” for GOP partisans and rightwingers these days who want to softpeddle and trivialize violence from the right. I actually had somebody try to argue that MTG’s stuff about executing Pelosi (including liking a Facebook post about “a bullet to her head”) was “no different” or “no worse” than Maxine Waters’ telling protestors that they have to “get more confrontational”. Like, their argument was basically,
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