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  1. Sanders is trash and his campaign is trash. He’s losing to Joe Biden...badly. He couldn’t beat Hillary Clinton. He’s a perennial loser who thinks screaming at cameras like an old man sending soup back at the diner is a winning strategy. Just pure garbage and it’s obvious people don’t want his garbage policies.
  2. Sanders is running an absolutely stupid campaign. He can’t even break above 20% and continues losing against Joe freakin Biden. That’s the person who is going to beat Trump in 2020?
  3. Sanders lost to Hillary Clinton, one of the worst candidates in modern history. What makes you think he can beat Trump if she can’t? Especially running on Medicare for All, which is a terrible policy. Bernie sucks. Get used to it.
  4. I mean, at least four very obvious instances of obstruction of justice hasn’t done it. That’s enough for me.
  5. Sanders couldn’t beat Clinton. He definitely can’t be Trump. Persuasive, right?
  6. Bernie Sanders can never beat Donald Trump. PG, I’m sure that’s convincing.
  7. Oh cool, so that’s how this works. Medicare for All sucks and is stupid and will never pass. I’m sure you take my opinion very seriously.
  8. There are definitely impeachable offenses in the Mueller report. Several of them. With regards to the Ukraine conversation, we don’t know if he committed bribery or some other crime yet. We have to wait until all the evidence comes out.
  9. “I might be too uninformed to articulate a strategy but I’m going to s*** on them from a position of ignorance anyway.” Literally what you just said. Your fallback is always the “she called him a criminal” thing. But that’s not what your post was about. Just own up to it — you are trying to poison the well against non-leftist Dems. I don’t see you making half a dozen posts a day about Nadler, Cohen, or Maxine Waters and the stupid crap they’re pulling on the committee. Oh right, I suppose Maxine Waters is a “radical centrist” now. If you’re too ignorant about basic congressional procedure to say how you would do things differently then perhaps you shouldn’t be so obnoxiously loud at criticizing people who DO know enough about it to know why your ideas are horse s***. Just a thought.
  10. What I will also say is that this is yet another opportunity for the House to censure Trump, and it should absolutely do that. Even without knowing whether Trump made threats or promises, there’s enough information to warrant censure — a sitting president pressing a foreign country to investigate his political opponents is unacceptable behavior for the President of the United States. That’s something they could do next week, but I don’t hear any of the Dems (including Sanders or the Squad) calling for that.
  11. No, you s*** on any Dem that isn’t Bernie Sanders or the Squad in an effort to continuously poison the well. Your tactics are patently obvious. You’re not even being subtle anymore. And every time this subject comes up I ask you the same thing — what is the next step after they open an impeachment inquiry? You and others consistently say, “well I don’t know.” So YOU have no strategy or plan other than to s*** on Dems to poison the well. That’s not “realistic”. And the crap you’ve proposed isn’t feasible or realistic. It’s, again, s***ing on Dems like Pelosi for no reason other than to s*** on her. But hey, let’s play this round yet again. What is YOUR plan? Put up or shut up time. Stop b****ing and p***ing and moaning. Tell us your strategy for removing Trump from office.
  12. Stupid radical centrist... Sen. Bernie Sanders: Don't jump the gun on Trump's impeachment In a Sunday morning interview on NBC’s Meet the Press, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders advised that an impeachment of President Donald Trump should be done with caution and with the right steps.
  13. She’s claiming that impeachment is not feasible at this moment in time. And so far she’s right. S***ing on her for not rushing to impeachment when we don’t even have the full story here is just you s***ing on Dems for the sake of poisoning the well. It’s transparent what you’re doing. And it’s deeply unhelpful.
  14. Yeah, let’s instead rush out front of a story we don’t have all the facts about and start impeachment. That’ll go well.
  15. Unless I’m missing something, Trump asking a foreign leader to investigate his political rivals isn’t illegal nor really impeachable. The obstruction of justice outlined in the Mueller report was FAR more d***ing than the Ukraine story UNLESS Trump made a promise in exchange for that or he threatened them with something if they didn’t do it. And right now, neither of those latter things have been established.
  16. NYTimes reporting that Trump didn’t talk about the aid to Ukraine in the call. Mr. Trump did not discuss the aid in the July 25 call with President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine, and Kiev did not learn of the suspension until August, according to people familiar with the call. The Wall Street Journal first reported details of it.
  17. I won’t to know if what he said was a threat or a promise. That we don’t know the answer tells me this leak is coming from Trump’s people. They’re slowing leaking stuff on Friday hoping the story is “old news” by the time we get that answer.
  18. I think Trump’s people leaked this for that very reason.
  19. Also, it’s time for the House to subpoena the transcript of that conversation.
  20. So did he make promises to the Ukraine president? That’s the key part of all this. If he’s pressing him to investigate that’s sleazy and un-American but probably legal.
  21. About the Trump Ukraine thing, IF he made a promise of some kind of official US policy in exchange for dirt on Biden, or even opening an investigation into Biden, I’m pretty sure that would fall under the category of bribery. And Trump’s strategy right now is pretty clear — Deny the story until Friday, let out a little bit of the details (the convo was about Biden), and ride out the weekend. And if the allegation actually involves bribery, it could trigger another special counsel investigation, ASSUMING that Barr wouldn’t outright block it. (And given Barr‘s past behavior, I’m not sure that’s a safe assumption. The idea that this is what brings down Trump is stupid. But I think the implications could be a lot more serious than people think. Edit: A lot also depends on what Trump supposedly promised Ukraine in exchange for investigating Biden.
  22. Um, I thought Bolton was gone.
  23. Is the Tiny Tina storyline as good as Borderlands 2?
  24. You’re kind of proving my point.
  25. “Y’know, I hear San Francisco is a nice progressive city to live in.” PG: Meh, 99% of the people there are radical centrists.