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  1. We also need a plan of action in case this happens again. Instead of a new Trump thread, we’ll all just migrate over to the Official Gaming Thread. No one’s using the thread now anyway.
  2. That’s okay. We also blame you.
  3. I blame YOU!
  4. You should consult with @Garrow69 about this. I’m sure he can help you out.
  5. Also, the AT&T Mr. Mercedes is very well done, I thought. Season 3 isn’t available on Amazon (you have to purchase the first 2 seasons if you don’t have AT&T), so I can’t comment on that. But the Mr. Mercedes series absolutely 100% nailed Holly Gibney’s character.
  6. It’s a little different, but not much. A lot of people consider it one of his worst books, but I enjoyed it. If you haven’t read the Mr. Mercedes trilogy, I’d suggest starting there. Those three books are prequels to The Outsider.
  7. Watching the latest episode and I still think it’s a really good show, but holy **** they completely ****ed up the Holly Gibney character. The only resemblance to her character in the show is they share the same name. Everything else is different on every conceivable level. It’s almost like they tried to steal the Michonne character from TWD and plop her in the middle of a Stephen King story. Just doesn’t work. My point earlier about too much foreshadowing still applies. I think this episode or the next episode is when they should have introduced the hooded character. It would have been a much more powerful reveal, I think.
  8. Yeah, I was very excited about this show but i’m getting a little skeptical about how they are presenting the story to readers. For myself, the murder mystery is well enough to keep people interested through 3-4 episodes. No reason to reveal some of this stuff until later. And I’m especially disappointed in how they did Holly Gibney. She’s one of my all-time favorite Stephen King characters and maybe I’m kind of biased, but she comes across as some kind of Caricature of Sherlock Holmes who is almost one-dimensional — highly intelligent and solves mysteries, but not much beyond that. She does gain a lot of self confidence between Mr. Mercedes and The Outsider, but not like how they’re portraying her. Again, maybe it’s because I thought the Mr. Mercedes TV show did such a great job with her character. Who knows?
  9. Haven’t seen the latest episode, but I’m very disappointed in how they handled Holly Gibney. Considering how the Mr. Mercedes series nailed her character, it’s weird that they took her character in such a different direction from the books. (And I’m talking about her personality in the show, not race.).
  10. I liked the book, but some view it as among King’s worst novels. It’s actually a sequel to the Bill Hodges trilogy (“Mr. Mercedes”). It’s among the truest adaptations of a King novel so far and the cinematography is fantastic, I thought. Funny thing is that I saw throwbacks to some of the classic Stephen King movies like Cujo or Salem’s Lot. I can’t put my finger on it, but it’s the dreary and dark setting that seemed common in those classic (sucky) movies and something about how the scenes are shot. It’s almost like how JJ Abrams intentionally recreated some of the cinematic effects from the original Star Wars series in The Force Awakens. I do think they might be foreshadowing a bit too much at times. What I loved about the book was the whole two places at one time mystery. But then, I loved Mr. Mercedes and the entire Bill Hodges trilogy, so the detective mystery part is what actually appealed to me. That might be different for other people.
  11. Remember when this thread youst to be a thing?
  12. Pssst...urban dictionary isn’t a real dictionary.
  13. Youst can say that again.
  14. I don’t like your youst inflection.
  15. Looks like those are the major announcements today. I will say that the handtracking on the Quest is pretty astounding. It's able to digitally model hand gestures in real time and translate those gestures into the VR environment. And it does that on a Snapdragon cell phone processor. That's why I'm so stoked about the next generation Quest -- if they slap a laptop class processor in that thing it could destroy both consoles and PC based VR headsets.
  16. Now Oculus is announcing AR glasses that are "a few years out". It's based on something called "live maps", but no idea what it's about.
  17. It also sounds like they are going all-in on wireless VR (e.g., Quest). They spent a lot of time bad mouthing all the wires and physical objects required for VR before the quest, even their own Rift S. And with optical hand tracking (no controllers), that sounds like the last major leap forward in terms of VR experience. I can't wait to see the hardware updates to the Quest next year and whether they can eliminate the screeen door effect on the next generation Quest.
  18. I'm really liking what I see from the Oculus keynote today. They are going to allow people to connect the Quest to PC so all the Rift games work on it. And they announced that next year they're doing hand tracking software update to current Quests that don't require controllers. That's going to be a game changer, I think. The only hardware for newer games are going to be the headset. Your hands will interact in the VR experience. I've been saying for awhile that the PC connector (USB C) made sense. Didn't think they were far enough along to track hands without controllers, though. I also think they should focus on tracking feet. That would also be huge, but no mention of it so far.
  19. Is the Tiny Tina storyline as good as Borderlands 2?
  20. Well played, sir. Well played.
  21. The ad hominem fallacy is the worst one, you disgusting piece of s***.
  22. What assumptions other people make about the polls is their fault, not the fault of polls. None of the polling firms represented their polls as the electoral college, let alone the actual winner of the election. That you or others made that assumption means y'all don't understand what polls are for and what they are not for. And your faulty assumptions do not make the polls "all wrong". It makes you wrong. The polls were very accurate in 2016, much more accurate than they were in 2012. That's just a simple verifiable fact.
  23. You might try reading and comprehending before responding next time. I’ll say this one more time... The polls estimate the popular vote. The polls had Clinton winning the popular vote by 3%. Clinton actually won the popular vote by 2%. How is that “all wrong”? None of the polls “predicted” the electoral college. None.