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  1. Some people like to pretend like the voter suppression bills in Georgia and elsewhere have some legitimate purpose or reasoning behind it. But Republicans themselves have openly explained what it’s all about so many times that by now it’s just willful ignorance for someone to pretend like it’s anything other than manipulating elections to their advantage under the guise of an outright lie… Former Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer says he attended various meetings, beginning in 2009, at which party staffers and consultants pushed for reductions in early voting days and hours.
  2. But seriously, the 80 vials thing isn’t nearly as horrific as it sounds, from what I’m reading. Sounds like those vials were from the embassy itself and not part of the larger vaccine donations the US will be making in the future. Making a press release via Tweet out of it was monumentally stupid, though.
  3. That’s true of Manchin, but I think Sinema is seriously hurting her chances of surviving a primary right now.
  4. That’s what I’m worried about…by the time they realize how naive they’re acting it’ll be too late.
  5. It’s actually more than two who are blocking filibuster reform. Feinstein (depending on the day) is another and there are another 1-2, I believe. Manchin gets most of the press and Sinema gets the second most press. But they’re not the only ones. It’s not anywhere near the majority, but it’s more than just two. In terms of blame for not getting things done, you’re right. That’s the political reality of the situation. And it sucks. That’s why if I were the other Dems every single day I’d throw those quotes and the GOP behavior in their faces: “Hey Joe, you got those 10 Republ
  6. Senior Trump administration officials decided in the spring of 2020 to strongly imply that Covid-19 came from a Chinese lab, even though intelligence officials investigating the pandemic’s origins did not have conclusive evidence supporting that hypothesis…. But some officials at the White House, the National Security Council and the State Department urged the U.S. to go further. They wanted to blame China for covering up the pandemic’s origins and to allege that it came from a research facility in Wuhan that specialized in the study of dangerous bat pathogens — a move they described as g
  7. A few of the Dems like Manchin and Sinema, absolutely. I think most of the Democrats understand it very well, though. It’s just that they can’t eliminate the filibuster or do other procedural reforms until they get the few naive holdouts on board.
  8. A member of Senate Republican leadership is vowing to make President Joe Biden a “one-half-term president” by toppling Democrats’ congressional majorities in the 2022 midterms. …. “Mitch McConnell’s come under a lot of criticism for saying at one point he wanted to make sure that Barack Obama was a one-term president. I want to make Joe Biden a one-half-term president,” Barrasso said, according to video that was posted Tuesday by the organization. “And I want to do that by making sure they no longer have the House, Senate and White House.”
  9. Um, yeah it sounds like an urban dictionary and it’s kind of funny, but I just looked up the military meaning of the term and…yikes.
  10. Right, it’s just disappointing that Stewart decided to jump onto this without having all of the facts. I know he’s a comedian, but he’s usually much better than this. I mentioned some weeks ago about the problem with the “lab leak” stuff being that those who promoted it early — Trump and others — were absolutely spreading a conspiracy theory that had no basis in fact. But the fact that it’s possible that it came from a lab, even if unlikely based on what we know right now, makes it hard to address the conspiracy theories about the origins. Because “unlikely” doesn’t mean “100% absolute
  11. The idea that Trump was plotting to overturn the election was so beyond stupid that it wasn’t even worthy of a discussion… President Donald Trump’s staff began sending emails to Jeffrey Rosen, the No. 2 at the Justice Department, asking him to embrace Trump’s claims of voter fraud in the 2020 election at least 10 days before Rosen assumed the role of acting attorney general, according to new emails disclosed by the House Committee on Oversight and Reform in advance of a hearing to probe the causes of the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol. On the same day as the electoral college met to
  12. F***, Jon Stewart is now pushing the “covid started in a Wuhan lab” stuff.
  13. Oh great… The FBI has warned that followers of the QAnon conspiracy theory could again engage in violence against political opponents out of frustration that the theory's predictions have not come true. Believers in the conspiracy theory - which casts former President Donald Trump as a savior figure and elite Democrats as a cabal of Satanist pedophiles and cannibals - played a prominent role in the deadly Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol. In a June 4 bulletin distributed to members of Congress and seen by Reuters, the FBI said its experts believe that some believers in predictions
  14. You got honey****ed again. Just admit it and move on. JFC, this is lame.
  15. You’re making a way bigger deal out of this than it should be. But “who cares if something I posted as fact isn’t actually true” is a ridiculous position to take. Or perhaps we should just assume everything you post from Twitter is fake since you obviously don’t care about being factually accurate.
  16. That’s not the same as obvious satire or comedy and you know it. If you knew it was fake, you could have simply indicated that in the post. And, IMO, the only actual humor in the post is if it were true. Because as an attempt at comedy or satire, it’s just kind of lame, to be honest. Or a simple, “welp, I got honey d***ed by Twitter yet again” would have also been fine.
  17. Seriously? You don’t care that something you posted is factually false?
  18. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/fake-tickets-2nd-trump-inauguration/
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