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  1. Trump is planning on giving himself a red carpet military send off next week, complete with a 21 gun salute.
  2. And basically have no legislation until statehood is accomplished and senators chosen, which will be years. They could tee up a bunch of bills filled with stuff that Manchin wants and watch as Republicans filibuster every one of them. I haven’t looked at the GOP roster lately, but I also wonder if there might not be a Republican or two that would support it.
  3. I’m glad they’re investigating it and I’ll be interested in what they find.
  4. I don’t know, but I don’t like it. Not. One. Bit.
  5. Not everybody can have the deep spiritual connection that you apparently experience when you stick your tongue up a woman’s ***hole.
  6. It’s really not a big deal. I think you’re wrong about the facts and your perspective for the reasons I laid out. But stuff gets heated sometimes and we use heated language. I obviously do it as much as anyone.
  7. I’ll again say that I don’t know why people are surprised by Schumer’s position. He’s never been some “centrist” except in the sense that certain leftists want to paint anybody to the right of Bernie as “centrist”. But that’s always been a bull**** and self-serving perspective. Being in the center of the Democratic Party in Congress just means that he’s a good bit to the left of the general public. So it’s no surprise that he’s going to push larger government spending and larger programs to help people.
  8. I can’t respond to a post that was either edited or deleted (can’t tell at the moment). But what I will say is that I don’t consider Corn Pop to be a “good poster” and neither do several other people. All that dude does is post awful hot take tweets and personal insults. He can’t hold his own in a discussion, which is probably why he disappears and let’s Achilles come riding to his defense making arguments that Corn Pop is apparently incapable of making himself. As far as I know, I also didn’t attack Achilles. He’s the one who “made it personal” by calling me an “idiot” and this (
  9. Yes, but working with Republicans doesn’t mean that McConnell is leading the negotiations. That could just as easily mean working with moderate Republicans to get a larger majority, but not some overwhelmingly bipartisan plan (which would be impossible). McConnell as leader of the GOP would likely have a seat there, but if he starts pushing for unreasonable stuff or trying to block everything then Biden can peel off 2-4 Republicans and call it “bipartisan” in the Senate. I just don’t see them letting McConnell run the negotiations to the point of axing huge portions of their bill.
  10. I’m not sure why people keep referencing McConnell regarding these negotiations. Democrats will have the majority in the Senate, so really the negotiations are going to be with Manchin on the Dem side and Collins, Murkowski, and other moderates on the GOP side. I don’t know why McConnell would have a big role in the negotiations.
  11. It’s cute how you always have to rush to Corn Pop’s defense to make arguments that he didn’t make and, frankly, is incapable of making. “Ignore everything Corn Pop posted and let me tell you what he meant to say, which has no relation to what he actually said in his posts!” Almost like the dude can’t handle himself in a discussion, huh? The “coup” was an attempt to capture Maduro after he had illegally manipulated the election in his favor (banning opposition and changing the date), and all of the pro-democracy international organizations have deemed that election a fraud. Which mean
  12. Talk about strawman, maybe you should read what he actually said and not what you want him to have said. He said that Guaido had waged a “coup” and was pretending like Maduro was democratically elected. His own article...the one HE posted in support of that stupid claim...called Guaido the “last democratically elected institution” in Venezuela. Defend his actual argument if you want, but it’s a pretty absurd one that is, again, debunked by the article he posted himself. I’m not going to discuss an argument he didn’t make.
  13. I’d settle for Corn Pop explaining why he supports the Venezuela dictatorship (Maduro) and why Durbin is bad for wanting to support the pro-democracy opposition (Guaido).
  14. Yeah, I clicked the “show this post” option for this particular discussion because of how completely dishonest you were being with @lostone regarding Venezuela. For the record, I’m going to be gone most of the day today, but I will make an exception to respond to this particular topic since it shows just how much of a bad faith liar you are. How many times have you ran around this forum attacking the US (and particularly Democrats) for supporting dictators and authoritarian regimes in Latin America? And yet here you are supporting the Maduro dictatorship and pretending like
  15. Is it the anti-Trump version of “buy gold now”?
  16. From Corn Pop’s own article... The European Union has dropped its recognition of Juan Guaidó as Venezuela's interim president after he lost his position as head of its parliament. Josep Borrell, the EU's foreign affairs chief, referred to him in his latest statement as one of the "political and civil society actors striving to bring back democracy to Venezuela", after controversial incumbent Nicolás Maduro took control of the Venezuelan National Assembly at last December's disputed elections. But the European Commission explained that it was a decision taken collectively by EU g
  17. Maduro changed the date of the elections and banned opposition parties from running, ensuring that he would “win” the vote. A ton of international organizations (as well as the EU) have said that the elections were a sham, which is why Guaido was declared president by the National Assembly. To call it a “coup” and to suggest that Maduro was fairly elected is intellectually dishonest, to say the least. So ironically, supporting Maduro is supporting an authoritarian regime over the democratic opposition.
  18. He sort of disappeared on his own. I haven’t heard anything about him since he left, so I hope everything is okay and that he’s doing well.
  19. Also, I made one rather light flippant post and now we’re pages into people complaining and arguing about it. But I’m the one supposedly obsessed.
  20. It’s hardly just Corn Pop. It was also PG when he was on the boards. You have Optimus arguing with me right now about this. There were at least 3-4 others back in April and throughout the summer floating the same type of “centrist” narratives about Schumer. It’s not a strawman whatsoever. It’s literally what people were arguing. And now we’re right back to the same debunked narrative.
  21. And I have a huge problem with this precisely because it leads to those false narratives that I keep railing about. You admit that it’s not about Schumer. It’s not based on Schumer’s history in the House/Senate because he has a legislative record that contradicts this narrative. But the other problem is that you don’t hold Bernie to the same standard. Let’s flip this and see how it looks... It’s about politicians in general who promise things knowing full well they have an “out” should those things not happen. M4A is an example. Bernie is calling for it, but if Biden shoots it
  22. Or maybe I just call out bull**** when I see it and apparently people don’t like having it called out when it’s their side. 🤷‍♂️
  23. The narrative that Schumer is some centrist “****Dem” corporatist whore that wasn’t going to include checks, UI, and other help for regular people was always horse****. It was proven false during the first round of stimulus. And it’s still false now. If it’s not obvious, what I’m talking about are the false narratives that people have been spouting on these boards all last year. I’m not talking about legitimate criticisms of Biden or Schumer or anyone else. And what I’m talking about is not a disagreement. It’s factually false. It’s a narrative that’s gotten repeated ad nauseam on t
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