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  1. Of course he doesn’t. But his advisors SHOULD know that and shouldn’t have let those numbers get out.
  2. Apparently this is what has them talking... https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-clinton-informant-exclusive/exclusive-secret-witness-in-senate-clinton-probe-is-ex-lobbyist-for-russian-firm-idUSKBN1DG1SB
  3. So wait, Hannity talked about Monday as well. Is Hannity taking cues from James Brower? Or is Brower following Hannity?
  4. I think it’s fair for her to explain this. And it probably should have been part of her original statement about what happened. You’re right that it’s dangerous territory and I believe she should get the benefit of the doubt. This is probably a good time to make this point, and to be clear I am NOT saying this applies to the Franken situation... ...simple probability says that there will be at some point a false accusation in the future. The danger with false accusations is that they make it easier for sexual predators to dismiss true accusations. It hurts victims of sexual abuse who want to come forward and I hope that when it happens, no matter whose side, everybody recognizes that a false accusation doesn’t nullify all of the other women who come forward to tell their stories.
  5. And yet Trump Jr., Manafort, and others had that meeting with Russians promising dirt. Also, Clovis told Papadopoulos to meet with the Russians contacting him (separate group of Russians) in London to talk about the dirt. But yeah, totes no collusion there.
  6. Was that before she saw the picture? If so, it’s a bunch of nothing. Edit: I mean this pic of her smiling with Franken is a bunch of nothing (if it’s before she saw the pic) and isn’t a reason to doubt her story.
  7. I think what he means is that as more evidence comes out, we see that Trump’s campaign was tight with Russia.
  8. Papadopoulos. Obstruction of justice and perjury. Obstruction charges dropped in exchange for cooperation.
  9. This tweet and the quote in my signature are two classic examples of what’s wrong with the GOP.
  10. This is happening so that rich people can get a tax deduction on their luxury jets... The diagnosis was dire: Roland Williams, a St. Louis boy with a megawatt smile and a penchant for painting, had an extremely rare form of lung cancer, oncologists told his mother in May 2016. "They didn't think he would make it to see his 10th birthday," Myra Gregory said. "But thankfully the insurance was covering everything at that time, so we were happy to make it to see number 10 and 11." Roland is covered under the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), a federal health insurance program that provides inexpensive coverage to nearly 9 million children in low-income families. [...] But now Roland—who this week spent time getting ready for Christmas by painting ornaments in between hospital visits—is facing another blow: His health insurance may run out.
  11. Oh look, another one... John Bush, now a lifetime-appointee appellate judge, blogged for years under the pseudonym “G. Morris.” Under that name, he spread Birtherism and reposted threats to shoot Obama supporters. Then he lied about doing so to the Senate. Then the Senate confirmed him anyway, on a party-line vote, with not a single Republican breaking ranks. He’ll likely still be on the bench in 2050. The Senate is also poised to confirm Damien Schiff, another right-wing blogger who has opined on his blog that the entire New Deal and Great Society programs (including Social Security and Medicare) are unconstitutional, has called Justice Anthony Kennedy a “judicial prostitute,” and said that environmentalists “push an agenda that has more to do with stifling productive human activity than fostering ecological balance
  12. I’m guessing it will be more accusations of sexual misconduct. If it’s anything at all.
  13. Did he lie to the police? If so, that could be serious.
  14. Probably why the tax bill only has about 25% approval. Like s*** on a cold biscuit.
  15. Urban Dictionary must have an entry for that.
  16. This can only mean that Hillary is getting indicted next week. TICK....TOCK....
  17. Oh crap, he dropped Code 3! Scramble everyone! This is NOT a drill! This is NOT a drill!!!
  18. He’s gone... Homeland Security's head of community outreach resigns over past controversial comments on black community, Islam
  19. I hope more of these stories come out... https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/clinton-sanders-campaign-sexual-harassment_us_5a0dfdf2e4b045cf43705417?ncid=inblnkushpmg00000009
  20. About that tax plan... American voters disapprove 52 - 25 percent of the Republican tax plan. Republican voters approve 60 - 15 percent, with 26 percent undecided. All other party, gender, education, age and racial groups disapprove. ^^^Like s*** on a cold biscuit.
  21. Or a human being.
  22. Yeah, he needs to shut up about Franken and Roy Moore about the Alabama Senate race.
  23. He needs to chill out and don’t Roy what people say.