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  1. People who don’t recognize the kindness of this gesture will think something entirely differently about this post.
  2. Not sure who you’re talking about, but the Dems overall seem to be in very good shape this election. I also wonder if all the people (not you) who have been talking about how Dems need to engage in self reflection and focus on winning back certain voters will spend the next four years saying the same about the GOP if Dems win as big a victory as it looks like they will.
  3. Oh, about those 9 ballots that were found discarded... The Trump campaign and the Pennsylvania GOP in a lawsuit argued that “naked ballots” should not be counted. They won that lawsuit. These nine ballots appear to be “naked ballots,” and that appears to be the reason they were thrown out.
  4. I’m not entirely sure she’ll sail through. She’s going to get a straight up question about Roe v. Wade and she better have a really good response. Same for the ACA. I think Lagoa would have been a safer choice.
  5. Sounds like Trump is going to choose Amy Coney Barrett to replace RBG.
  6. JFC, that’s horrible man. Very sorry that you’re going through this and best wishes for your mother and you!
  7. It hasn't "spiraled downward". It's only down slightly from a few weeks ago and we're still losing about 700-800 people every day from it. That's equivalent to a 9/11 every 4-5 days.
  8. The same votes that would be disenfranchised in the presidential election are also votes in the House and Senate. If the nightmare scenario comes true then I expect widespread protests and civil unrest. ****, I actually expect that regardless of the outcome.
  9. Thanks man, but I think that I’m going to wait until Horizon Forbidden West comes out. None of the current games for PS5 are high on my list and I still have a couple of big PS4 games to finish. Plus, I preordered the new Oculus Quest 2.
  10. Bold move Cotton... On Thursday, President Donald Trump tore into Chris Wallace by preemptively claiming the Fox News anchor won’t be fair to him next week when he moderates the first 2020 debate between Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. Brian Kilmeade spoke to Trump on his radio show and he asked what role the president thinks Wallace will serve as he presides over the debate. Trump answered by bragging about his TV ratings, claimed Wallace likes him because of the ratings he brings during their interviews, and then he said “I would be willing to bet he won’t ask Biden toug
  11. Death cult... Gov. Ron DeSantis suggested on Thursday that Florida could create a “bill of rights” to protect college students who face expulsion for attending parties under the strict Covid-19 guidelines schools are attempting to enforce. Calling the policies “incredibly draconian” at a public health event, the Republican governor said the state is exploring its options for students without going into much detail. The idea comes as school leaders in Florida and beyond threaten stiff penalties for breaking social distancing rules in an effort to keep coronavirus transmission low and
  12. I would strongly recommend A Head Full of Ghosts if you haven't read it already and like Stephen King's work.
  13. Finishing up Salem’s Lot and then going back to reread this one:
  14. Don’t mess with the Green Buffets. Edit: Waddling soldiers, in the street. Fearless men want "all you can eat". "America First", they all will bray. The large men of the Green Buffet. Fake badges and patches, upon their chest. MAGA chuds in LARPer dress. One hundred men will dine today. And all 100 eat at the Green Buffet.
  15. This should be the bigger concern heading into the SCOTUS hearings... https://www.politico.com/news/2020/09/23/dianne-feinstein-supreme-court-battle-420357
  16. Ever notice that whenever Trump talks about a specific woman, he does a hand gesture like he’s outlining her breasts?
  17. Unless that’s a quote from “The Winds of Winter”, that Sonuvab*tch needs to change the floppy disk in his s***y 286 computer and crank out the rest of the mutha effing story.
  18. Seems swampy to me... Even as his reelection operation lost a once-dominating fundraising advantage to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, new filings with the Federal Election Commission show that Trump’s campaign and the Republican National Committee spent another $203,000 at his hotel a few blocks from the White House and another $37,542 to rent space at his Trump Tower in Manhattan ― although the campaign is based at a high-rise in Arlington, Virginia. Total reported payments in August from the campaign and the RNC to the president’s own businesses amounted to $251,409. Si
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