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  1. Wow, I didn’t know in addition to all the wires and set up that you had to unplug it when you want to play a regular game. That’s kind of the last strike for me on the PSVR. Plus, with a next gen console likely coming out next year, why drop that money on something that’s going to be obsolute? The nice thing about the Quest is that it’s all self contained, so it’s much easier to travel with. Not sure how much I would use it when traveling, but some of the places I go it would be a fantastic conversation starter.
  2. Hey, so I’m reading a ton about this new Oculus Quest VR headset that came out last week. I was thinking about the PSVR since I have a PS4, but after reading some reviews I kind of passed on it. And I don’t have a gaming computer — nor am I going to buy one — so the other Oculus headsets were never a consideration. Anyone do VR or know anything about the Oculus Quest? I’m kind of seriously considering buying one.
  3. I make a nerdy 80’s sci-fi reference wrapped into a Supreme Court justice reference combined with a President of the United States reference, and you let some dumbazz pointless exchange with WTF take over this thread. F*** you.
  4. Where is Sarah Day O’Connor to save us from the Trump-inator?
  5. The end of humanity. The end of civilization. It all started when one man from Georgia, a brilliant man with one fatal flaw — his head was too far up his own *** — made the most tragic mistake in human history. He voted for the Trump-inator.
  6. Also, i’m not trying to ruin this for anyone or change people’s minds. I’m glad y’all enjoyed the ending. I’m just saying what my personal reaction to it was. And during the scene with Bran becoming king, I was just sitting there shaking my head and almost chuckling at what I saw was clownishness and silliness of the situation. And then the “Song of Ice and Fire” book lost it for me. That is literally the entire story...the epic saga of families inflicting unimaginable cruelty on each other and struggling for power because of greed or a sense of justice or other reasons. And that story gets turned into a punchline that isn’t even funny? Why not have Sam write the book in consultation with Bran as a memorium to the people who suffered and died in the wars, and a recording of history for future generations to learn from so that the past mistakes can be avoided? That would be more meaningful and would validate the entire story. But nope, ha ha ha Tyrion wasn’t mentioned. Let’s all have a chuckle. It just landed flat with me.
  7. And that’s my point...all of that makes sense, but it was done in a few minutes on air. They rushed through one of the most important, if not the most important, plot lines so they could focus on minor characters and emotional scenes. They made choices about how to allocate time in the series and they gave short shrift to the most important parts. It’s like the Adventures of Arya and the Hound from a few seasons ago. Great acting and great scenes, but it did nothing to advance the main plot. And then they just “resolved” that main plot...including completely changing the world of Westeros...in a few minutes.
  8. For me, it’s not about a different ending. It’s that the explanation/set up of the ending was so abrubt and seemingly random that it wasn’t believable. Jon got sent to the wall against his will. Maybe it’s what he wanted, but it wasn’t his choice. And the reason it wasn’t his choice? To appease a small army of Unsullied. Contrast that with Tyrion, who just stepped into the Hand of the King. It’s inconsistent. I could see a way that it could happen credibly, but it wasn’t handled that way. It’s just...”oh hey, Bran’s the king and we have to listen to him...except when it comes to his step-brother, can’t have that.” As I’ve said before, I blame the showrunners for rushing out of the series to do other things and I blame Martin for letting the story get away from him and out of control in the books. For the showrunners, I don’t know why we had some 8-10 minutes of Tyrion grieving for Cersei/Jaime and like 3-4 minutes of completely remaking the world by electing Bran as king. The scene with Tyrion was moving and great. But between the two scenes, the question of governing Westeros is the more important plot line...I would argue it is THE plot line. The show is called “A Game of Thrones”, not “Watching Siblings Grieve”. The show did a great job of wrapping up character arcs for all the minor characters — the Hound, the Mountain, Brienne, the Red Woman, etc. And the single major, central plot line, including all of the major characters, seemed like an after thought.
  9. It seems like Snatter wanted a Disney-style ending. Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire was supposed to be the anti-Disney.
  10. Luke Skywalker: What does it say about me? C3P0: You’re not in it, hahahaha. Isn’t that a funny joke?
  11. I don’t think that “hey guyz, this isn’t the end of the story...think of all the things that come next for these characters” is a great way to summarize the literal end of the story.
  12. Your ideas show the sophistication in plot development that I would expect from an episode of H.R. Pufnstuf.
  13. You think there’s going to be another book?
  14. I think you just nailed why I hated the ending so much. For the first several seasons and books, each character had their own internal logic and motivation. Their actions were based on that. The story was tight...each character ended as a logical consequence of their character. Then it just became some kind of weird bullet point outline of a plot. He did this. She did that. He did this other thing. What made the opening of the show great was the clockwork theme...everything happened exactly as it should happen based on each character’s personality. Then the whole thing went off the rails with people acting out of character. The suprises and plot twists became arbitrary. Arya riding off on a pale horse, a clear reference to the Bible and the four horsemen...then she’s totes just sitting there nodding “yup” and then off to the west. No reason. No logic. Just pointless.
  15. And this isn’t a criticism of this episode, but of the last two seasons generally...Varys and Littlefinger were two of the most interesting and intriguing characters in the story. What was the point of their character arcs now?
  16. And apparently Rob Arryn is suddenly a mature young man who listens to the little man he wanted to through out the moon door just a few years ago. I keep going back to that word...pointless.
  17. Again, there were all kinds of foreshadowing on things that now appear to be completely pointless. For example...
  18. The point of ending a story isn’t to wonder what a dozen of the main characters are going to do next. The point an ending is to bring closure. Otherwise, a story is pointless. And this episode made the entire story pointless.
  19. You literally just said a few posts ago how the people wouldn’t accept another Targaryan. Now you’re saying they don’t care who rules. Sounds like trolling to me.
  20. “C’mon broseph, the smallfolk would never accept a Targaryan. But clearly they will rally behind the crippled Miss Cleo cousin of the traitor who killed the ruling queen because all the other traitors who helped kill the ruling queen said he’s totes chill.”
  21. Yeah, exactly my thoughts when Tyrion was talking. Bring Jon Snow out as the rightful heir...then he rejects the throne and offers to take the black. Makes way more sense than Jon involuntarily being sent north to save his own life and the Unsullied (who were freed by Dany and suffered horribly to see her on the throne) just go, “k. Thx. Bye. Peace out, peeps.” Dumb and pointless.
  22. Go back and read that post again. That’s a pretty serious self-own.
  23. What made the early episodes (and books) so great were that major character lines were prophesies. ”When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.” Cersei won and Ned Stark died. All of those prophesies and foreshadowing...oh hey just ignore all that and we’ll do this other random thing that changes the entire world in like three minutes...then get a sad violin scene of character’s faces for 10 minutes. Peace out. Pointless.
  24. Yeah, but you also think Rachel Maddow is a journalist. Your judgment isn’t all that great, just saying.