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  1. Doesn’t change the optics.
  2. Doesn’t change the optics.
  3. Yeah, he made a snarky “I take your question”. He wasn’t agreeing with it, he was trying (poorly) to say he disagreed.
  4. Yeah, I agree. Both sides have their headlines each telling a very different story. And Mueller is coming across as incompetent and not confident at all. If he’s going to sit there while Republicans attack him (and slander the people who worked for him) then he deserves what he gets. He should have defended his employees while obviously recognizing the wrong doing by the two love birds.
  5. He doesn’t have to say anything new. But this “did you say blah blah blah on page blah blah” is stupid.
  6. Okay, I’m about 30 minutes behind watching on DVR. But this is god awful. You know how bad it is when Cohen is the effective one.
  7. By the way, I realized a few weeks ago the other reason why I didn’t go for the PSVR — it only has 3 degrees of freedom while the Oculus Quest has 6 degrees of freedom, meaning you don’t have to play standing still or sitting in a chair. You can walk around.
  8. Not sure how many people game on iPads, but it’s typically not been a big thing for me except when I’m traveling. But for those of you who do some gaming on iPads, I’ve been testing out the iOS 13 beta for the past week or so. Specifically, the new version allows use of a PS4 or Xbox one controller on the iPad. The setup is super easy and in the beta using it is seamless across apps. At least for the apps that support them. I’m hoping that support eventually comes to Elder Scrolls: Blades (I’m also beta testing it for the past few months) because that would be fantastic. But for the games where it’s supported, it’s really nice and simple to use. Will update if anyone is interested.
  9. Remember when WTF compared himself to Kreskin, who was kicked off the Art Bell show for being a fraud and a sham? Nostradumbazz indeed.
  10. Yes, people should stop making Nazi comparisons when they are obviously not appropriate.
  11. G Elliott Morris is no joke when it comes to forecasting. I follow him like I follow Nate Silver...which is to say “religiously”.
  12. Remember when Nostradumbazz said that Trump would drop out after the first primary debates?
  13. It’s not just the lack of games. It’s the expense of each game relative to amount of gameplay. $30-40 for a game that lasts 10 hours or so and isn’t very replayable is insane. After spending $400 on the hardware, you could easy drop another $300-400 on about a dozen games and have them all played out in a few weeks. The hardware part of the quest is amazing. The potential is there and I’m assuming the price on games will drop over time. But at this point, people are paying a huge premium for early adoption of the quest.
  14. No worries. The crazy set up is what drove me away from the psvr. The one big knock on the Quest right now is the price of games, most of which are only a few hours long and limited replayability. There’s talk that there could be around 100 games available for the quest by the end of the year. I’m hoping that pushes the price of games down dramatically and I’m hoping they put up a few more full scale games in the future. Not sure they could ever do a full version of skyrim (limited harddrive space on quest), but something like that but smaller scale would be great.
  15. Or won’t I?
  16. Okay, that first attempt was weak sauce. Let me try again... You know the difference between a porcupine and a BMW? On the BMW, the pricks are inside. [Feels like Chris Farley trying to tell the “good look at a steak” joke.
  17. Yeah, I was surprised at how good it looks. I thought the Spiderman game was great. Video games are really zeroing in on getting the physics and gameplay right on superheroes. The trailer looked like they got some of that right also. I usually hate video games based on popular movies or TV shows. But this one has my interest.
  18. It’s pretty obvious that Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6 are going to be next gen. And next gen consoles are coming next year. So they’re probably teeing up Starfield for E3 2020 and Elder Scrolls 6 for E3 2021. No reason to announce anything now when the game is one and a half years away. I agree that the Bethesda presser wasn’t very informative, but that’s because the stuff most of us care about is still a long ways off. As for Playstation, not sure why they would need to do a big reveal about PS5. Yeah, they should probably reiterate that they’re working on it, but it’s obvious to me that both PS5 and Xbox Scarlett are coming out holiday season 2020. So just wait until E3 2020 to do their big reveal.
  19. But he can’t finish the gotdam Winds of Winter.
  20. You know the difference between a porcupine and a BMW driver, right? On the porcupine, the pricks are on the outside.
  21. Okay, so I’ve been playing with this Oculus Quest all afternoon and evening. This thing is no joke in terms of VR. This might be one of the biggest technological breakthroughs of this generation. First, the bad. There is a noticeable “screen door effect”. I’ve read some things online about how this is not technically a screen door effect. Whatever. The fact is that I noticed it when playing certain games and almost all videos. Basically, this “effect” is where everything looks like there is a screen door in front of it. Imagine taking the screen out of a screen door and putting it over your phone and watching a video. That’s basically what it looks like in the headset. So videos — Netflix, YouTube, etc. — are much worse on Quest than on TV’s, especially 4k. Until they fix the “screen door effect”, VR will never replace the TV or tablet. Second, the good. In SOME apps and SOME videos, the screen door effect is so well disguised that it’s almost imperceptible. In “Creed”, looking at the gloves or the shorts, you don’t notice it at all. Looking in the crowd, however, and you see it everywhere. So it CAN be minimized or fixed...it just requires the right graphics and context. Third, the great. The tracking of hands via controllers and of body in space is incredible. The graphics will catch up, maybe next year or the year after, to address the screen door effect. But what makes the entire experience magical is the hardware and tracking. I was playing the Star Wars game in the Jedi Training center. Those stupid little floating orbs that shoot lasers at you...well you have to fight six or more at the same time. So some of them are behind you shooting at you. I spun 180 degrees and not a glitch..no pause for loading...nothing. I spun around and there it was. The immersiveness of the experience is hard to describe when it all works. Unfortunately for me, it all “worked” at the worst possible time...in the form of VR sickness while playing the roller coaster game. I did not get through half of the first beginner’s coaster before I had to pause the game because I was about to puke my guts out. VR sickness is a real thing. So that’s initial experience with this thing.
  22. What actually happened is that he pulled out a gun, shot himself in the foot, and the perps couldn’t get away before the cops came because they were laughing too hard. He just remembers it a little differently.
  23. You are talking to a guy who once declared that he wanted to anger bang President Obama’s then-underage daughters. That’s where he’s coming from.