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  1. I’ve found SB’s new avatar...
  2. Words of wisdom, from Cold Stone Steve Austin.
  3. Why do you think that Trump campaign pollsters and Fox News are trying to suppress the Trump vote?
  4. He’s dodging.
  5. He thinks that 42% approval rating is highly popular.
  6. Of course liberals should do better at messaging and a far left candidate or a candidate with other problems is going to make it harder for Dems. My point is that Clinton — a hugely unpopular candidate who had to deal with the Comey nonsense and Russian interference against her AND a public who was generally tired of Dems in office after eight years — came within 200,000 votes across three states of winning. And Trump is even less popular now than he was back then. The idea that he’s a lock to win reelection is just wrong, again unless the economy stays the same as it is now.
  7. Polls by Trump’s own campaign and Fox News are trying to discourage Trump supporters from voting. That’s a special kind of special.
  8. I want to know Royce Gravy’s strategy for taking down a giant anteater.
  9. He wasn’t very popular in 2016. That’s kind of the point. Clinton was just as unpopular, and after eight years of Dems in office the public tends to swing to the other party. And add the Russian interference along with the Comey fiasco, and you’ve got a perfect storm that just put Trump over the edge. The 2020 situation is a lot different. There might be interference by foreign countries but the public is going to take accusations about that more seriously now. The likelihood of another Comey type incident is much lower. Now the GOP is in office, and the president isn’t very popular, that tendency of the public to swing to the other party favors the Dems (though not as much as it favored the GOP in 2016). The economy is the one thing working in the GOP’s favor for now...and if the economy stays like it is now through October 2020 then there’s probably no Democrat who can beat Trump. So that’s the thing to watch, IMO. The larger point is that the political environment in 2016 favored Republicans. In 2018, it greatly favored Dems given Trump’s unpopularity. And in 2020, putting aside the economy, it favors Dems again. The economy is the thing that’s going to swing it one way or the other, but the rightwingers are acting like the political environment favors them in 2020 and it simply doesn’t.
  10. Change 200,000 votes across three states and Trump would have lost the electoral college. He lost the popular vote. HUGE ELECTORAL VICTORY!!!!
  11. Liberals don’t need to understand Trump well enough to beat him if Trump is unpopular enough. They can win by simply not being Trump (e.g., 2018 midterms). And all the evidence points to Trump being less popular today than he was when he took office. That doesn’t mean Trump’s going to lose. It means that these blowhard rightwingers shouldn’t be so arrogant in their proclamations. Both sides should be worried about 2020. Only thing that’s going to push the election towards a lopsided Trump win is if the economy stays like it is through October 2020.
  12. Trump barely won in 2016 and all of his numbers — trust, favorability, etc. — are much lower than when he started his presidency. All of the evidence shows that he’s even less popular than when he barely won with the EC while losing the popular vote. The obvious conclusion to Trump supporters? “TRUMP LANDSLIDE 2020, WOOOO”.
  13. Yes, Royce Gravy, please tell us all about the problem with polls, especially how you “unskewed” the polls in 2012 to prove that Mitt Romney would win in a landslide.
  14. Is this the winning we would get tired of? Two administration officials said they believed Mr. Trump had not been briefed in any detail about the steps to place “implants” — software code that can be used for surveillance or attack — inside the Russian grid. Pentagon and intelligence officials described broad hesitation to go into detail with Mr. Trump about operations against Russia for concern over his reaction — and the possibility that he might countermand it or discuss it with foreign officials, as he did in 2017when he mentioned a sensitive operation in Syria to the Russian foreign minister. Because the new law defines the actions in cyberspace as akin to traditional military activity on the ground, in the air or at sea, no such briefing would be necessary, they added.
  15. And also this... ^^^Those are not good numbers for Trump.
  16. WASHINGTON — More Democratic voters believe Congress should begin impeachment hearings on President Donald Trump’s conduct while in office, but the country at large remains divided on the matter, according to a new national NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. Overall, 27 percent of Americans say there’s enough evidence to begin impeachment hearings now — up 10 points from last month. Another 24 percent think Congress should continue investigating to see if there’s enough evidence to hold impeachment hearings in the future, which is down eight points. And 48 percent believe that Congress should not hold impeachment hearings and that Trump should finish out his term as president — unchanged from a month ago. Almost all the growth in support for impeachment has come from Democrats, with 48 percent of them wanting impeachment hearings now, versus 30 percent who said this a month ago. Just 6 percent of Republicans support beginning impeachment hearings now, while a whopping 86 percent say Trump should finish his term as president. Among independents, 22 percent support impeachment hearings now; 34 percent want to continue investigating; and 44 percent oppose impeachment hearings.
  17. It’s not just the lack of games. It’s the expense of each game relative to amount of gameplay. $30-40 for a game that lasts 10 hours or so and isn’t very replayable is insane. After spending $400 on the hardware, you could easy drop another $300-400 on about a dozen games and have them all played out in a few weeks. The hardware part of the quest is amazing. The potential is there and I’m assuming the price on games will drop over time. But at this point, people are paying a huge premium for early adoption of the quest.
  18. No worries. The crazy set up is what drove me away from the psvr. The one big knock on the Quest right now is the price of games, most of which are only a few hours long and limited replayability. There’s talk that there could be around 100 games available for the quest by the end of the year. I’m hoping that pushes the price of games down dramatically and I’m hoping they put up a few more full scale games in the future. Not sure they could ever do a full version of skyrim (limited harddrive space on quest), but something like that but smaller scale would be great.
  19. Royce Gravy listing all the animals he could beat up is just great internet.
  20. Royce Gravy back at it.
  21. When the FEC chair implies that the President broke the law...
  22. Dumb New York politicians like this?
  23. As I pointed out the first time he made that claim, 6’3 and 230 pounds is just ten pounds shy of obesity. That’s why I call him Royce Gravy.
  24. Does any of that include live training against cheetah’s?