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  1. Huh, I wonder what “beacon” the judge sent with the Manafort sentencing... Ellis, who said he hoped the punishment given Jefferson would serve as a "beacon" to warn other public officials not to succumb to corruption, gave him the longest corruption sentence ever for a member of Congress.
  2. It would be interesting if somebody went back to the judge’s sentences in other cases and compared jail time versus Manafort.
  3. Huh, not sure if this is way out there or not, but... Manafort has been in prison for the past 7-9 months because he was found to have been witness tampering during his trial. The judge today counted that as “time served” in his sentence today. Any chance that time counting as “time served” for this sentence will make Judge Jackson reluctant to also count it as “time served” when he gets sentenced for the witness tampering and perjury (I think)?
  4. You’re the one trolling people with stupid BS.
  5. Can Mueller appeal the sentence by the judge?
  6. Okay, I’m just going to out and say this... F*** off, you dumba** troll.
  7. Also, the judge only gave Manafort a $50,000 fine. He did say he has to pay $6-25 million in restitution. But a $50k fine???
  8. Manafort’s behavior during the trial and his lying during his agreement with prosecutors is the equivalent of p***ing and s***ing all over the judge’s bench. And the judge just responded by saying, “well, it was kind of dusty anyway, so thanks for helping with that.”
  9. To put this in perspective, there are people who serve more time than this for simple possession of marijuana. Stop trolling with this bulls***.
  10. This really makes no sense. “Nevermind the seriousness of his crimes and nevermind that the flagrant nature of his crimes like witness tampering WHILE he facing trial and nevermind that he pretended to cooperate with the prosecutors but was lying the entire time about multiple meetings and other behaviors central to the investigation...this is really bad for Manafort!!!” Sorry, that’s dumb.
  11. Not bad? Put that s*** in purple next time.
  12. Judge only gives Manafort 47 months in prison.
  13. Judge said that the full sentence (19-24 years) would be excessive. Edit: Judge also said that Manafort lived a “blameless” life and was “generous”. Bulls***.
  14. Manafort complains in court that he feels “humiliated and shunned”, and that the last two years have been the worst in his life. Boo f’ing hoo. He lived it up on blood money for decades. He can rot in jail until he dies, and then he can rot in ****.
  15. The point was that the judge has a tendency of popping off from the bench when he shouldn’t.
  16. This is interesting. Paul Manafort never gave meaningful help during his cooperation with the Special Counsel's office, prosecutor Greg Andres said. But Judge TS Ellis noted Manafort spent 50 hours with prosecutors. Andres then explained why prosecutors met with Manafort. "It wasn't information we didn't know," Andres said raising his voice. "The reason he met for 50 hours was because he lied." The prosecutors needed the time to work out those lies. The lawyers have now reached the meat of Manafort's sentencing hearing after working out several legal questions with the judge. Andres is still arguing about the full weight of the sentence Manafort should receive
  17. Remember it’s the same judge who did this... https://www.courthousenews.com/manafort-judge-apologizes-for-outburst-at-prosecution/
  18. I think Mueller might know.
  19. ^^^Says the Mueller investigation is a "witch hunt". Also says that Mueller's investigation was thorough and fair and should be believed.
  20. Is this the winning we were going to get tired of? U.S. posted record-breaking $891.2 billion merchandise trade deficit in 2018, despite Trump’s ‘America First’ policies President Trump’s tariffs and tough policies have failed to shrink a trade gap that he argues represents a massive transfer of wealth from Americans to foreigners. He begins his reelection drive with a core campaign promise unfulfilled — and with a recent flurry of economic research showing that his embrace of tariffs is damaging the U.S. economy.
  21. LMAYO
  22. I bet somebody suggested adding salsa to mayonnaise and calling it “Cinco De Mayo”.
  23. If a patient winks at you, do you wenckebach?
  24. Somebody needs to photoshop that pic of Trump groping the American flag but replacing it with a Russian flag.