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  1. I mean, it's not a hard thing to believe. Bernie supporters were angry about the Nevada caucus -- he got something like 48% of the vote but only 15 delegates (Clinton got 20). If immediately after the caucus -- like that day -- a Nevada Dem official's car got damaged and received threatening phone calls, and other officials experienced harassing and threatening calls, and there were threatening posts on the Nevada Dem Party facebook page...it's pretty obvious what's going on.
  2. As I said, y’all can believe what you want. She also got a call on her personal cell phone with something along the lines of “die b****” and there were posts on the state party facebook page that were threatening also. And they weren’t mad about policy. They were mad about the outcome of the state primary.
  3. Believe what you want. I talked with her about it the day it happened and a few days afterward. I’m usually very hesitant to believe accusations like that, but I’ve known this person for almost a decade and she’s never made things up.
  4. Actually, they didn’t slash (as in stab) her tires. They let the air out of her tires. No idea if she made a police report or not, but one of the calls could easily have been interpreted as a death threat.
  5. The person whose tires were slashed and was harassed was a former student of mine. It probably didn’t make the local papers. Not sure if she even filed a police report.
  6. I’m not talking about rude tweets. Some of his supporters have legitimately harassed people, doxed them, and done things like slashed tires. Nowhere near a large plurality (let alone a majority). But too many of them. I just wish they would all follow Sanders’ lead because he doesn’t support that behavior.
  7. Bernie supporters slashed the tires of a state party official overseeing the caucus simply because they didn't like how the caucus delegates were allocated. They also threatened her online and some posted her address and personal phone number, encouraging others to intimidate her. That was in 2016. It's not just this year. Too many of his supporters act like outright thugs and bullies. I wish all of his supporters would follow Bernie's lead and be gracious even when their side doesn't win.
  8. Yeah, everybody knows that my alts are actually funny and clever. Those two are neither.
  9. The one problem with this analysis is the fact that GOP contests are (mostly) winner take all. Trump could win all the delegates in a state with 35-45% of the vote. Dems are proportional with a 15% threshold, which has kept Bernie from winning an outright majority of the delegates. That’s why the contest looks like it’s heading towards a contested convention. Bernie hasn’t won the majority of delegates in either of the contests so far. He might be able to do it in NV next week. We’ll see. But past Nevada, based on current polling, I don’t see many states where he walks away with the majority of delegates. He barely got a quarter of the vote in NH and slightly more than a third of the delegates. That’s a state he won with 60% of the vote four years ago. Pete’s poll numbers look weak in the upcoming contests. We’ll see if he can get back up to 2nd or 1st place in those states. But wouldn’t it be ironic if at the end of this, after all the gratuitous s***ing on non-Bernie candidates, that Bernie ended up needing Pete’s support to win the nomination or it even ended up being a Pete/Bernie ticket? Maybe Bernie Bro’s should stop viciously attacking candidates whose delegates Bernie might need to win the nomination?
  10. I’m just popping in to say for the record that this is not my alt. One of the few times I can honestly say that.
  11. I read that and don't see him claiming a first place finish. I see Sanders releasing internal polling showing him in first place as Sanders claiming a first place finish. You see tweets claiming with zero evidence or factual basis whatsoever that Pete sabotaged the Iowa caucuses and think, "yeah, that sounds right." Come on, indeed.
  12. You have zero problems accusing Pete of sabotaging the Iowa caucuses, based on absolutely no proof or evidence whatsoever. But then you turn around and claim that it's unreasonable to say that Sanders releasing internal data showing him in first place is Sanders claiming he won. Step back and really think about that for a few minutes.
  13. Pete never said he won or came in first place. Sanders did. "So we don't know all the results, but we know by the time, it's all said and done, Iowa you have shocked the nation. Because by all indications, we are going on to New Hampshire victorious," Buttigieg told the crowd in comments that drew criticism online.
  14. "Sanders just posted internal data showing him in first place before any official results came out...BUT HE DIDN'T DECLARE VICTORY!" Seriously, this is epic levels of dumb.
  15. ??? For asking people to be factually correct and consistent in their criticisms? Yeah, I feel much shame.
  16. So how is what he did different than what Pete did, which is to post internal data showing he overperformed and calling it a "victory"??? JFC, I'm just asking for some consistency here.
  17. Yes...he declared victory before any official results came out...just like Pete. He posted internal data to back up his claim...just like Pete. F*** PETE, RAWR!!!
  18. Can you be any more intellectually dishonest? Me: Sanders released internal data showing he was in first, thus declaring himself the winner. You: Here's a tweet of Sanders posting internal data showing he was in first. Nope, he totally didn't do that thing I just tweeted he did.
  19. PG and BO literally posted tweets about Sanders releasing internal data showing him in 1st place. That was just a page or two ago. Pete said it was a victory. Sanders claims he won first place. Sorry, but you're wrong on the facts here.
  20. If the data being put out by the campaigns is accurate -- that Biden placed 4th or even 5th -- then this was a giant gift to Biden's campaign. It didn't screw everybody. It only screwed the 2-3 candidates who overperformed. Pete is one of them.
  21. False. He released internal data and claimed that he won. Unlike Pete, he claimed he came in first. Pete just said it was a victory, and if Pete came in second then he's absolutely right. But again, don't let facts get in the way of your propaganda Tweet-a-thon.
  22. Nevermind that Sanders, like Pete, also declared victory before any official results were released. But hey, don't let facts stop the pro-Bernie Twitter propaganda fest. Carry on fellas.
  23. And if that's where this "discussion" is at now then I'm out. Y'all have fun.
  24. So Pete came in second place, would have gotten huge media attention and donations and momentum heading into next week, but he intentionally sabotaged the process because somebody was somehow associated with the app because he wanted to mute Bernie's positive coverage. Everything is just so stupid now.