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  1. There are going to be all kinds of lawsuits about this stuff.
  2. It probably had more to do with the spike in oil prices.
  3. He’s also targeting people who stay at home but post criticism online.
  4. Perhaps we could compare the situation now to where Trump said we’d be back in February? Feb. 26: “And again, when you have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero, that’s a pretty good job we’ve done.” I’d say we’re a far cry from zero.
  5. Researchers have been warning since at least February, if not earlier, that people infected with the novel coronavirus could spread the illness to others even if they weren’t showing symptoms; but Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp says he only learned of this phenomenon in the “last 24 hours.” ... Explaining his rationale for the enhanced restrictions, Kemp said he’d just learned that asymptomatic coronavirus patients can spread the illness. “I’m following the data,” the governor said. “Finding out that this virus is now transmitting before people see signs ... what we’ve been telling people from directives from the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] for weeks now that if you start feeling bad, stay home ― [but] those individuals could have been infecting people before they ever felt bad, but we didn’t know that until the last 24 hours.”
  6. I am now convinced that he was talking like Hulk to throw people off. He even threw in a “brother” during the clues segment. Of course, after the “swish” basketball clue I thought it could be Shaq, so there’s that.
  7. I’m trying to do my part.
  8. You go all Leonardo and I’ll do the Michelangelo thing.
  9. Imagine telling an auto mechanic “I’m not some dupe you can charge $1500 for a transmission that isn’t broken and then break the alternator so I’ll have to come back next week and pay you more”. Or telling a lawyer, “I’m not some client you can charge $200 an hour during your lunch break while your intern does all the work and you show up in court drunk”. You’d get a “f*** off” in a heart beat for that.
  10. Thanks for understanding where I’m coming from. I don’t even think that my profession is something to lord over people because I think that what I do is far, far less important than other jobs people on here are doing. And I very rarely lecture in class and the notion that the way I treat students is to talk down to them (lecturing them) while holding myself on some pedestal is completely contrary to my teaching philosophy.
  11. I was nice in the first two posts. He didn’t get the message about people’s jobs being off limits. Hopefully he got the message this time.
  12. I’m not convinced that the slurring thing is even real, at least not to the extent that it’s made out to be. I’ve watched the full version of some of those videos and they either sound manipulated (slowed down) or it’s like 20 seconds out of a much longer clip where he doesn’t “slur” his words the rest of the time. His voice has changed in recent years. That part is clear to me. However, it sounds more like the hearing loss that a colleague of mine went through a few years ago than slurring. There’s something going on with his voice but I’m not convinced that it’s “dementia” or whatever people are trying to make it out to be. I watched my grandmother, who had somewhat advanced Alzheimer’s, for over a year. I don’t see the whole “dementia” thing. And as you know, I’m not a fan of Biden as the nominee.
  13. Oh, I’m so very sorry. Obviously my multi-paragraph post explaining this wasn’t clear enough. And obviously my shortened textual summary wasn’t clear enough. So I’ll try this one more time in an even more succinct way...
  14. Yeah, sorry that thoughtful posts that take time to explain complex ideas aren’t your thing. I see now why you’re such a defender of left twitter bulls***. ”Incomplete”? As I explained, those who haven’t filed 2019 taxes can use another form from 2019 instead of 2018 taxes. If somebody had “one good year in 2018 and lost their jobs since”, they can have their 2019 income used and get the check whether they filed taxes or not. The tweet is utter horse s***. As for what you said about how I do my job, it is literally the most insulting accusation you could make. But hey, since you don’t like long posts (ironic since you just made a three paragraph one yourself), I’ll respond as succinctly as I can... F*** you, jacka**. (Sorry that wasn’t in the form of a tweet.)
  15. Actually, I’m going to come back to this for a moment. I think that it’s extremely presumptuous on your part to assume this is how I handle students, classes, or any part of my job. The boards have long had an unwritten rule about attacking people’s occupations or their competence at their jobs because of differences of opinions...and that’s exactly what you just did whether you realize it or not. You have no idea how I do my job. You have no idea what the relationship is between me and the people in my classes. You have no idea what my teaching philosophy is or how that looks in the classroom. Yet you presume, based on some posts on a football message board, that I treat students as inferior or somehow put myself on some kind of pedestal. The way you just described the relationship with students is deeply offensive to me and contrary to everything I believe about the college experience. I have routinely shown respect and deference to the expertise and knowledge of people on these boards and I don’t make assumptions about their competence. I would ask the same respect from others.
  16. Very sorry to hear that. Wishing her the best!
  17. 2016 was years ago. I haven’t seen you call out a single falsehood recently and certainly not in this present conversation. But for some reason you seem eager to attack me for simply pointing out falsehoods. You talk about BO, for example. He just posted this... ^^^That is false. It’s not some difference of opinion. It’s not some difference of perspective. It’s flat out false. I can link to four different websites explaining that it’s based on 2019 taxes and they only use 2018 taxes if you haven’t filed this year and that you can use an alternative social security filing by your employer for 2019 if you want. You said nothing about it, though. About the “can you see the difference”, yeah that probably was condescending. So was this: The problem is that you think you’re the sole arbiter of truth and credibility on this board. You were portraying my complaint about PG’s tweet as some kind of difference of opinion. I repeatedly pointed out that it wasn’t. What he posted was flat out false, and the narrative he and others have been pushing is likewise false. I was trying to make that point clearly and added some sarcasm to it. Regarding this: As for the difference in condescending and smug. In that recent post you made, the series of questions you posed to me followed by "do you see the difference" is condescending as ****, like I'm one of your ******* undergrads who needs you, the Very Smart Man, to illustrate how to think critically. Like, I need you to hold my hand as you open my eyes to how this whole time I haven't been able to see why you are clearly right and they are clearly wrong. I ******* hate getting into ****-measuring contests about education and the like, but I've done well for myself professionally in a rigorous field and have taught at the graduate school level. I don't need a primer from you. I disagree with you on many points, and it's not because I'm not capable of seeing fact from fiction. ^^^I don’t know why you brought this up but you could not be farther from the truth about how I view you or others on these boards. I have never thrown my occupation or my education level around. I don’t think that I’ve brought it up in years, actually, and back then it was only within a specific context. Nor can I figure out what I’ve said or done on the boards to make you think that I view any of y’all as intellectually or professionally inferior. You don’t need to justify or defend your occupation or your education to me because I’ve never viewed you or anyone else as inferior in terms of education, profession, income, or so forth. Again, I’m not sure what I said or did to give that misperception, but I apologize for coming across that way. To the rest, and to Achille’s post, I’ll write back later when I’ve got some more time.
  18. Also, maybe somebody can explain the difference between smug and condescending. I don’t see much of a difference.
  19. I never said he was a bad faith poster. I said that he has been sucked so far into left twitter echo chambers that he no longer has a filter with the information he posts. I said that he blindly posts things without bothering to fact check them and repeats so many false narratives because of that. He legitimately believes the stuff he’s posting. The problem is that a lot of what he posts from twitter is factually false. And he talks s***, make no mistake. I don’t mind that, personally. Just funny that Monarch was complaining about me being condescending given what’s been posted on the boards this last year or so.
  20. Ahhh...”see, they’re on my ‘side’ so it’s okay...but you shouldn’t do it.” They’re not condescending? GTFO. That tells me how warped your perception of this is. Also tells me how warped your perception is that you don’t see those things as falsehoods. The NYT/WaPo op-ed was not about the op-ed itself. It was about a tweet that attacked the newspaper itself and acted like it was a news story. The tweet they posted never even acknowledged it was an op-ed. Also, funny enough, after having called the NYTimes hot garbage and telling everyone how we shouldn’t trust them, one of those same people has posted NYTimes articles multiple times. I don’t jump in to disagree with legitimate criticisms. I do try to correct falsehoods. But again, I have NEVER seen you call out a single falsehood from anybody on the left. Ever. Maybe you should be a little more even-handed before you start preaching at other people. Also, BO/PG not condescending?
  21. Sorry, who else on the boards continuously posts BS falsehoods like BO/PG have? WFW? Got him on ignore. So name the people I should be calling out for this behavior. Also, funny how you accuse me of applying “a standard only in one direction” when I have never — EVER — seen you call out PG/BO or anyone on the left for posting falsehoods. Also, you’re defending two of the most condescending, arrogant s***-talkers on these boards. But you complain about me being condescending towards them. One direction, indeed!
  22. Nope. Pelosi/Schumer did not solely support tax credits and business loans in the last stimulus. That is objectively false. You can look at their public comments at the time to see it was false. You can look at the stimulus bill itself to see that it was false. That’s not *MY* truth. That’s objective fact. Here are two statements: ”I want to the Democratic Party to be more leftwing.” “Pelosi/Schumer are corporatists who only want tax credits and business loans in the stimulus.” The first statement is a legitimate perspective that reasonable people can discuss. The second statement is a falsehood. See the difference?
  23. Trump’s approval is actually around 45% and his increase has tapered off in recent days. But I tend to agree with your view that it’s a mild rally around the flag effect that could disappear quickly over the next month as the economic numbers start coming out.
  24. Indeed, why would you engage people in an actual discussion when you can spam the boards with twitter bulls*** and personal insults. Oh yeah, and the only response you have to ANYONE are tweets and personal insults. I’ve never seen you engage in an actual discussion with anyone on the boards where you didn’t get the h*** kicked out of you...and then fall back on personal insults and tweets.
  25. Yeah, how dare we point out when people post falsehoods.