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  1. “I mean, sure, what Jeffrey Epstein did with those children was inappropriate, but now let’s talk for six hours about how disgusting Bill Clinton was to do that in the Oval Office.”
  2. Also, “Hillary is dishonest” and “Obama is unpresidential” and “Bill is a bad husband” seem like really lame complaints given that he supports Trump.
  3. Also, think about the “leftists always cry racism” argument for a second. Trump: Characterizes people from Mexico as rapists and murderers. Dems: Trump is using racially charged rhetoric. He sounds like a racist. Supporters: Nuh uh, leftists always cry racism! Trump: An American judge is unfit to preside over Trump University case because he’s a “Mexican judge”. Dems: That’s absolutely a racist statement. He sounds like a racist. Supporters: Nuh uh, leftists always cry racism! Trump: Four American citizens, including three born in the US, should “go back where they came from”. Dems: That is absolutely a racist statement. We think he’s a racist. Supporters: Yeah, that was definitely racist. But it’s leftists fault because they always cry racism! ^^^Uh...consider for a minute that you just admitted that Dems were right all along about Trump being racist and that you were wrong about him.
  4. I've never bought the argument that overt racism helps Trump's reelection. He's hoping to overperform in just enough white rural areas to squeak out another win, hoping that overperforming will offset the losses among Republican and Independents, especially women. There are very few people who voted for Clinton who are now looking around going, "y'know, that Trump guy shares my values. And there are tons of people who voted for Trump who have been so turned off by the racism and pettiness and unpresidential behavior that they won't vote for him again. And remember that he can only afford to lose about 80,000 votes across three states in order to win reelection. Do you think that his behavior has increased the number of voters in MI, WI, and PA who plan to vote for him in 2020, especially since Clinton isn't going to be the candidate? I don't buy it. Sounds to me like people trying to soft-peddle actual racism from the President of the United States by pretending it's all some kind of secret political judo 4D chess. The only thing Trump has going for him now is the economy. That's it. On virtually every other front -- favorability, trustworthiness, leadership, specific policies -- his numbers are underwater. And all he's done so far is distract the public away from his one strength and keep reminding Republican women and Independents why they don't like him (including many who voted for him).
  5. Didn't address a single point and reverted to mindless talking points. Typical. Trump said that a judge who was born in America, is an American citizen, was not fit to preside over the Trump University case because he was, quoting Trump, "a Mexican judge". This isn't the first overtly racist thing Trump has said.
  6. Read my earlier post about why it's obviously racist. He's calling them out as not legitimately American BECAUSE they are black and brown. He's had disputes with people in the past. Not a single time has he ever told a white person to "go back where they came from". Because that phrase is virtually never used against white people. It's always used against minorities -- regardless of their actual citizenship -- because the assumption (made by Trump) is that people of color don't belong here, that they are intrinsically not American and not "one of us".
  7. Just want to put this out there so it's absolutely 100% clear what you're saying. You acknowledge he's spouting racist rhetoric. You won't denounce it or speak out against it. And instead you cast it as "yeah, look at Trump winning with racism!"
  8. Someone who knows how to deal with other people by spouting racist rhetoric from the highest office in the land. Winning!
  9. Right, Trump’s base doesn’t care if he’s a racist or spouts racist rhetoric. Because a lot of them are deplorable.
  10. It’s simple to understand why “go back where you came from” is racist. Shouldn’t have to be explained, but here we are... That phrase is exclusively thrown at people of color. It has virtually never been used against a white person. And when it is thrown at people of color, it is regardless of whether they are citizens or not. That falsely assumes that anyone of color is from “somewhere else”, that they are “not American” or “not us”. It assumes that people of color don’t “belong here” and should “go back where they came from”, even if they were born in America and their families have lived in America for centuries. It is obviously racist. There’s not anything to discuss or debate about it. And before someone tries the “hyuck hyuck libs always cry racism” with me...I grew up around some hard core racists, some of them in my family. I heard people in my family use that phrase against people of color, often accompanied by the n-word or “wet back” or some other disgusting slur. Not even ten years ago, at a family get together, a 13 or 14 year old girl pointed to a black family swimming in the lake and said “look at those dumb n****ers swimming in that lake.” I know what true racism looks like because I’ve lived around it for most of my life. Telling people of color to “go back where they came from” is absolutely, undeniably racist.
  11. Y’all have to realize that Trump could call them “n*****s” and people like Doozer, WFW, and SB would argue that it wasn’t racist, that he was “really” talking about Nigeria. It’s just how they think about politics, which is a big game of their team vs. the other team.
  12. Is this the winning we were going to get tired of? Chinese foreign direct investment in the United States fell to $5.4 billion in 2018 from a peak of $46.5 billion in 2016, a drop of 88 percent, according to data from Rhodium Group, an economic research firm. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/21/us/politics/china-investment-trade-war.html?action=click&module=Top Stories&pgtype=Homepage
  13. Trump has told thousands of documented lies...he has cried wolf literally thousands of times...and yet you still believe what he says.
  14. Here’s the thing...I don’t see the fascist ideology in Trump. I think authoritarianism is far more accurate because Trump DOES act like he can do anything he wants regardless of the laws or Congress. He absolutely talks about the media and political opponents in exactly the same terms as dictators around the world. In fact, some of those dictators have adopted Trump’s “fake news” attacks on their own media. But I don’t see where Trump advocates where citizens are part of an organic state and where citizens’ lives are in service to that centralized government. That’s the part of fascism that I don’t see in Trump at all.
  15. Don’t laugh. There are people who think that’s a winning strategy.
  16. 13 are in seats that are either tossup or Republican leaning. Another 6 are in seats that have a Dem lean less than 10 points. Yeah, run a bunch of Progressives in those seats and see what happens.
  17. This might be the scandal that finally gets @JDaveG regularly posting again.
  18. Before the “send her back” story gets lost in the news shuffle, imagine this scenario... An large office with numerous employees working together. A US citizen born in America whose parents are from Ethiopia, makes a snarky comment. A white coworker tells her, “go back to Africa” or “go back where you came from.” The company would fire the guy on the spot. Because it’s racist and if they didn’t take immediate action they could get sued for civil rights violations. Trump said something that would literally get anyone else fired on the spot in the private sector because it’s so obviously and indisputably racist.
  19. F***ing Dems announcing their strategy for the Mueller testimony, including the specific instances they’re going to focus on in their questions. Just STFU, prepare for the testimony, and let the hearing play out. Don’t announce the strategy and questions the week beforehand.
  20. She didn’t support them, she asked for rehabilitation and leniency. None of the men engaged in a terrorist act. They were caught buying fake passports and otherwise trying to join ISIS. Yes, they are dangerous individuals, but they were facing 30-40 years in prison. That seems excessive given the circumstances. Also, we should WANT to try to rehabilitate people recruited by ISIS. Otherwise, those same people are going to start recruiting in prison for ISIS and other terrorist groups. Not sure what your problem is with this.
  21. Omar is not telling Jews to “go back to Israel”. Omar is not stereotyping Jews and calling them dangerous and anti-American. Omar has not called for the death penalty for five innocent Jewish men. Omar is not leading “send them back” chants about Jewish members of Congress. Trump’s done all of those things against black and brown people. Seems that Trump is more dangerous to minorities than Omar.
  22. Months before the 2003 U.S. invasion, Trump told shock-jock Howard Stern that he supported the invasion. “Yeah, I guess so,” Trump responded, when asked in September 2002 whether he supported invading Iraq. “I wish the first time it was done correctly.” ^^^Look at him being against the Iraq War.
  23. Sorry, I was just joking around and that post came across the wrong way.
  24. So just going to ignore my awesome Netflix stand-up comedy recommendation, huh?