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  1. Right, but Toomey’s seat is up in 2022 even though he’s not running so the GOP will still face some pressure on the issue. Murkowski is a possibility, but Trump won Alaska by a lot so it’s not the same situation with her. And Ron Johnson in WI is a whackjob, so he’s not going to care whether it’s popular in his state or not.
  2. Yep, but it would definitely be a gamble. I’m not convinced yet that Dems will gain a Senate seat in 2022, and they very well could lose the House just on redistricting alone. But if $11 (for some reason I thought they were talking about $12) is all they can get now, then get it and press on with more of their agenda until they have the votes for $15. I still wonder if they couldn’t pick up support for $15 from one of the blue-state Republicans, though. It wouldn’t be easy, but it seems like a better opportunity than trying to force Manchin to support it.
  3. By the way, about the talk of pressuring Joe Manchin, Trump won that state with 68% of the vote. I don’t think Manchin is the one they need to be pressuring on more progressive policies. They should be pressuring Pat Toomey (PA), Susan Collins, and other Republicans in blue states. That seems more fruitful to me than trying to get a Democrat who represents a state that Trump won overwhelming to go farther left.
  4. He’s just desperately trying to land something, anything. As I said, it’s sad and pathetic that this is all he’s got to offer to the discussion.
  5. Yeah, the bolded part is completely false, like most of the bull**** you spout around here. And you’re coming across as extremely insecure and pathetic with this whole thing. Take the weak **** home and go back to posting about eating ***.
  6. That’s exactly the problem — a few Dems oppose the $15 minimum wage. If none of the Republicans will back it, then they just don’t have the votes to pass it.
  7. All I’m saying is that the guy spends years posting RT.com articles, edited videos, and memes from anti-vax nutjobs and then is all “YEAH WE SHOWED HIM” when somebody mixes up a minor detail about the arcane parliamentary procedures in the Senate. The guy who thought Nicolas Maduro was democratically elected shouldn’t be popping his mouth off about political discussions.
  8. Part of being a professional is admitting when you occasionally make mistakes. You sound like that loud-mouthed shrimpy little kid hiding behind the bleachers shouting “YEAH” every time his team does something as though you had anything to do with it. It’s just sad and pathetic.
  9. Alex Pareene didn’t know that either. He got it from other sources, including an article from The Week as well as comments from members of Congress. (Unlike you, I actually read the articles that people post here.) Stick with eating *** and animal videos. You have nothing of substance to offer to the political discussions.
  10. Nope, at least not the intricacies of Senate legislative procedures. Not my area of specialization. And legislative process is so arcane and tedious that even experts in that area get it wrong sometimes. But funny attempt at a dunk from a guy who apparently gets all of his political info from random Twitter personalities and celebrities like comedians and actors. You didn’t even know that “Sal The Agorist” was an anti-mask and anti-vaxxer nutjob, so don’t sit here and pretend like you know f*** all about this topic.
  11. Fine, go ahead and try it. The outcome is going to be the same. And I already addressed a GOP filibuster of a minimum wage bill in a previous post.
  12. I was indeed wrong about requiring a vote to overturn the parliamentarian. I thought that required a majority vote by the Senate instead of the Veep overruling. But after that, there will still be amendments offered, including one by Manchin to reduce the minimum wage amount down to about $12. That would get majority support because Manchin and likely Sinema would vote for it. So the $15 minimum wage isn’t going to happen regardless of overruling the parliamentarian or not.
  13. Remember when everybody used to trash right-wingers for posting CommieBlaster type sources? Certain people on the boards have become the left-wing version of that. “Don’t talk about sources, just address the content!” And when people don’t check the sources they use, they hilariously end up posting from people who aren’t actually on their side, like this *** clown who BO was posting to “dunk” on Biden and Democrats...
  14. People also don’t seem to realize that even if Harris overruled the parliamentarian, there are still amendments lined up to reduce the minimum wage to $12 that would get the support of Manchin and Sinema. So $15 minimum wage isn’t happening no matter what at this point. Pass this bill and get people their checks and other relief. Then circle back and put a minimum wage increase that can pass through Congress and get that signed. And that opens a path for infrastructure and some other priorities for later in the year.
  15. I want to know the history of this one, especially when the lawsuit was filed and by whom. Because if they let the moratorium stand until Biden was in office and then sued to block it...yeesh.
  16. There are so many ways that our economy is ****ed right now that it’s hard to focus on any one of them. The $400 emergency thing is a big one. The housing market in most areas has priced the majority of people out of ever owning a home...that’s another one. The rising costs of health care and college is another. How in the **** can medical bills be the #1 cause of bankruptcy in this country? Nowhere else in the developed world is that the case. And recognizing all of that, I still say that people spent too much time and energy lobbying blame on Biden for rhetoric that minimized the
  17. I suspect that they’ll pass the covid bill very easily now and then come back with a separate (non-reconciliation) bill to increase the minimum wage to $12 an hour. They have the votes for that. Some in the GOP will threaten a filibuster, but I’m not sure that it will be politically viable to block such a popular bill and the $12 increase might actually get 10 GOP votes anyway. And again, I support a $15 increase. But frankly, this could be a really good move for Dems to put up a standalone $12 increase and dare the GOP to filibuster. If they do filibuster (and I”m not sure they wil
  18. As much as I support it, this is probably for the best because that was proving to be a huge hangup for the entire bill. It should pass a lot more easily now.
  19. The Senate Parliamentarian just ruled that minimum wage increase cannot be included in reconciliation process.
  20. That’s the main reason that I”m not in a hurry to buy a PS5 right now. I want to know what’s going to happen with Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6 before I make that plunge.
  21. Biden Reopens Gateway For Green Cards And Work Visas, Reversing Trump COVID-19 Freeze https://www.npr.org/2021/02/24/971206197/biden-reopens-gateway-for-green-cards-work-visas-reversing-trump-covid-19-freeze
  22. Is the GME thing a 1-month anniversary celebration or something?
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