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  1. This duckettpleaze guy is a little up in HoMo's arsehole. I think they may be secret gay lovers...not that there's anything wrong with that.
  2. Wow indeed. Not surprising, but it's big because it's finally public now.
  3. For me, most of the deviations are okay. Unlike "The Walking Dead", the deviations are not central to the plot. It's things like Brienne and the Hound to set up the scene with Arya (which is in the books), or like Arya being the one who kills Polliver in the pub scene instead of the Hound. The only times that I thought they messed something up was when they rushed through an important scene or otherwise left something really important out. Edit: Mdrake said virtually everything I just said, but explained it better.
  4. Quick question - was my comment about this too much of a spoiler? I think this is a better answer, so I'm thinking about editing mine.
  5. I thought the lack of smell was interesting, too, because it essentially rules out the possibility of a huge conspiracy theory that's debated among book readers. Either the show runners know there's nothing to any of the theories or they're cutting themselves off from a possibly big reveal in the books (if it's ever revealed).
  6. Not sure whether this should be spoilers or not, but I'll put the answer in spoiler tags anyway. Nothing specific here, just a general point about them.
  7. I agree about the Brienne/Hound/Arya confrontation. I thought that was actually better than in the books. I also agree about the Tyrion/Jamie scene. He just sort of pops up out of the floor for no apparent reason. The backstory about Tyrion's ex wife is what motivates him to go back and confront Tywin, and that was completely missing. But the dialogue between Tyrion and Tywin was excellent, nonetheless. I even thought the Daenerys scenes were fantastic, and I was sure that would be boring. Everything else was great, I thought.
  8. I really liked this episode. The only thing they screwed up was Tyron popping through the hidden passage randomly. I agree they should have included the tysha background as motivation. But the hound and Brienne fight was freaking epic. C*** punt for the win.
  9. Yeah, I've been afraid that he's going to spoil that scene where Hot Pie joins the Wildlings and beats Jon Snow to death with a giant ham. That would suck for people who haven't read the books!
  10. All kidding aside (and that post IS just a joke), last night was a fantastic episode. Glad they tapped the producer who did Blackwater Bay for this one. The scrolling shot was unbelievable. I also loved the shot where they panned from the top of The Wall to the back gates of Castle Black with flaming arrows and then cut to Ygritte firing shots back. Just a well done episode all in all.
  11. If it's not obvious, that last post is a joke and is not something that actually happens in the show/books. Or does it?
  12. It's going to be sad next season when Jon Snow unknowingly kills Arya after The Hound arrives to join the Night's Watch. Edit: Should I have put that in spoiler tags?
  13. Whether people will still watch the show is completely separate from your childish behavior. Look around. Nobody is defending you. Because you're acting like a child.
  14. "I was wrong but I won't do the right thing because people said mean things about me. And all you people should stop saying mean things about me before I *really* start posting spoilers because that will show you meanies!" What a freaking toddler mentality.
  15. I think part of her problem is that she doesn't seem to have a main goal. She's kind of spinning her wheels in Slaver's Bay and it's not clear if she even cares about the Iron Throne anymore.
  16. Hey "Truthhurts": Seven people were killed in California by a mad man. I doubt that anyone on these boards knew any of those people Now imagine that your wife and child were killed by a mad man. Everyone on these boards knows you. Which of the two would elicit more outrage and sympathy? It's human nature to sympathize more with people you know than with people you don't. B***ing about "hypocrisy" because people are not equally outraged by whatever other outrages have occurred in this world misses the fundamental point - Snake knew HM personally. And he poked fun at HM's very real family crisis in a thread on these boards. I've seen you whine about "corruption" on these boards regarding our government. Well do you gripe as loudly about corruption in Mexico? Indonesia? North Korea? Yemen? Myanmar/Burma? What a freakin hypocrite you are, to gripe about corruption in your backyard while ignoring all of the corruption around the world. Why don't YOU give equal outrage to all of this corruption in other countries? Oh right, because you're human. And you're most outraged and influenced by things that affect you and your personal friends. Just. like. every. other. person. on. this. message. board. /thread
  17. The scene with The Mountain was cartoonish. Very, very poor way to set up the dual next episode. The whole thing was just a "meh" for me.
  18. All five books...
  19. Sorry about that. I put all the blame on mdrake...I wasn't going to give specifics until his post. We'll try to be more careful, won't we mdrake?
  20. ^^^Accidentally read the spoilers. I thought about posting it in the other thread, but in this case it's spoilers about the next few episodes of the show. Plus, I just wanted to p*** you off.