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  1. You're welcome.
  2. I thought the same thing and had a sense of "The Walking Dead" dread about them changing the script. What happened has VERY important implications later on that taking the eye would not have had.
  3. That might have been the perfect way to do that scene. I knew it was coming, too, but wasn't sure how much detail they would show. Wow, great stuff!
  4. Might want to fix the spoiler tag.
  5. Okay, that makes a lot of sense. A lot of this period is kind of fuzzy for me given how much skimming I did through the Theon chapters. I only started paying attention again once a lot of this stuff started.
  6. Also the Actor who plays Theon (Alfie Allen) is little brother to the British singer Lily Allen, who made a song about him "Alfie" which got into the top 20 in the UK charts... which Alfie wasn't too happy about and after seeing the song I can understand why. Spoiler response back at ya':
  7. Oh right, I mixed up the Bolton's and the Karstark's. I also had forgotten about the siege of Winterfell and the whole backstory with Theon. At the time, I was kind of tired of the Theon character and was skimming through those chapters of the book, paying closer attention to the characters that were more interesting to me. Thanks for clarifying the story in the TV show.
  8. And btw, if you have the opportunity to watch the first and second seasons again, I highly recommend it. The ingenious thing about A Song of Ice and Fire is that you always see things that you missed the first time that you watch it. Here is a spoiler for those who haven't seen the first season...if you've watched the first season of the TV show or read the first book, then go ahead and click the spoiler tag: To get to my point, in a rambling and round-about way, there's a lot of things that you probably just forgot or ignored at the time as unimportant that ended up being central to the main plot. I highly recommend reading the books or, at the very least, watching the first couple of seasons again. Notice that the intro of the show uses clockwork imagery. That's not coincidence. The plot of the books and the TV show unfold like clockwork...things happen precisely and exactly as they are supposed to happen based on what we're told about the characters and their personalities.
  9. It was kind of a funny but unimportant scene that didn't seem very relevant at the time. I think most people who watched the show and/or read the books kind of looked past that, as well. The real question is how the Stark bannermen (the flayed man banner) got a hold of Theon from the ironborn (Theon's men). The ironborn are at war with the Starks and the Lannisters right now, so what's unknown is how the Stark men got ahold of the son of the king of the Iron Islands. It's been so long since I've read the book that I can't remember how that happened (or if it's even explained in the book), but there's definitely something missing from the plot. The next couple of episodes are going to set in motion a series of events that become VERY important, and they involve the flayed men and the Starks, so perhaps the ambiguity of Theon's circumstance is a result of that series of events. That's intentionally ambiguous to prevent any spoilers, so maybe we can return to this in a few weeks when the answer might be a little more obvious. And now to a MAJOR spoiler alert: Having said that, the focus on the Unsullied in the East and the evolution of Margaery Tyrell and her relationship with Joffrey is completely worth the under-emphasis of the Theon backstory.
  10. It was implied at the end of last season when he was trying to rally his men to defend Winterfell and his own guy knocked him out and dragged him off. We didn't get to see a lot of the Karstock (spelling?) flayed men banners in the interim, but I thought it was pretty obvious that his own guys are the ones who captured him.
  11. I said earlier that it was going to drag along somewhat. That said, I'm a little shocked at how quickly they pushed through the Unsullied plot. It looks like they move along the action a lot quicker than I thought they would. I went back and read a few chapters from SoS and noticed that Martin puts in a lot of miscellaneous details such as the food being served. During one of the more important events, he spends about a page in the chapter describing all the foods being served to the guests. I suppose that makes it seem like the plot is much longer than it really is. The one thing that I really hope the TV show does right when they eventually get to this is: Also, regarding tonight's episode:
  12. Interesting read. From what I can gather, they're shifting a few things around chronologically for this upcoming season. For example (MAJOR SPOILER ALERT):
  13. I don't know, honestly. First, there aren't many spectacular plot twists or events on the scale of Blackwater Bay or what's in SoS. In that regard, I kind of worry that they'll drag on for 2-3 seasons and lose a lot of TV fans. Second, the events that do occur mark a distinct direction from GoT in the sense that it becomes more about the fantasy aspects (dragons, white walkers, other things that I don't want to spoil). I just really worry about how they're going to get through the two books in a way that does justice to the story while also giving Martin time to finish his seventh book. Good help us if we get to the end of DwD and he's not yet finished The Winds of Winter!
  14. Also, the first episode of this season is probably going to drag a little. The book takes a little while to get going. Spoiler alert for those who haven't read the fourth/fifth book:
  15. Funny. I just checked on that exact same thing! Going to watch Walking Dead and then GoT afterward.
  16. These next two seasons are where most of the really epic ish goes down. About the only great moment from last season, for me at least, was the Battle of Blackwater Bay. Everything else in the season either built up to that or was building up to the major events for this season.
  17. If you have HBO, you should be able to watch them all OnDemand.
  18. Who then comes back and kills the imp. But we've said too much already.
  19. There was that one guy who didn't use spoiler tags when he talked about how Arya dies in A Storm of Swords.
  20. I really wish people would be careful with this stuff, ESPECIALLY this season.
  21. Holy crap, that looks epic. I was seriously wondering how they would handle the Unsullied, the dragons, and Daenerys Targaryen's odyssey. We know that "the big event" is going to happen this season, but my biggest worry is actually how they handle the events in the East. Also, while "the big event" is going to be the jaw dropper this season, I'm actually kind of stoked to see the battle between the Mountain and the Red Viper, which I assume comes next season. That's going to be kind of epic if they do it right.
  22. ^^^this. Man, this dude has really thought through this stuff in a way that even GRRM might not have. Jesus, dude, you ought to be a consultant for the last two books. Seriously. That's some really deep, insightful s*** right there. That said... In conclusion, this guy's insight and knowledge of this series makes me feel like a complete, total, and 100% dumba**. In sum, this guy is the master of the Westerosi universe.
  23. Okay, so you obviously know way more about this than I do. If all of that is true then...