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  1. I don’t mind people posting twitter with factual information and I don’t mind people dunking on the media when it’s warranted. What HM and I most often complain about is the utter bulls*** some of y’all continue to post that is not factually accurate and in many cases outright false. HM is right — there was nothing wrong with the headline or the article. The twitter “dunk” was complete BS.
  2. Or maybe I’m cautious and don’t jump the gun with imperfect data...like I was telling people regarding Trump in 2016? It was too early to call that election when that tweet was posted.
  3. Dems have the VA senate. On track to win majority in House and just need 6 more seats (they are leading in 10). https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/11/05/us/elections/results-virginia-general-elections.html
  4. I understand how it works. There’s not enough certainty in those benchmarks because of intra-county variations in turnout and vote choice to justify calling it that early.
  5. It was way too early for anyone to call it.
  6. Good deal. Beshear might win and I’ll be very happy with that. But your tweet “called” it way too early.
  7. Who is calling it right now? CNN, NYTimes, WaPo aren’t.
  8. There’s only a 6,000 vote difference right now and closing.
  9. How did other Republicans on the ballot perform tonight in KY? Oh wait...
  10. Your defense of Trump is that he’s a paranoid, delusional nutjob who used his personal lawyer to run a shadow foreign policy that exchanged military aid for dirt on his political opponents. If that’s your defense, well good luck with that.
  11. Sorry, I mean “transcripts”, not “tapes”. But the rest of it still stands.
  12. I’ve not seen a major news outlet call it yet.
  13. With Mueller, we never actually knew the extent of Trump’s involvement with his campaign’s outreach to Russia. Here, we have the tapes, we have the testimony of the current and former ambassador, and we have testimony from a lot of people directly involved. They all say he was digging for personal political benefit. Literally, it’s what the people Trump himself hired for these jobs are saying. Sorry, but the “well we don’t know and let’s wait” thing doesn’t work here.
  14. THIS. IS. NOT. OVER. YET. https://www.cnn.com/election/2019/results/kentucky JFC, people.
  16. We do have the answer. He wasn’t asking for an investigation into Biden. He wanted the President of Ukraine to make a public announcement that he was opening an investigation. Rudy was trying to arrange for that to be on Fox or CNN. That’s dirt designed to hurt his political opponent. And the DNC server thing had nothing to do with corruption or policy. That’s dirt designed to hurt the Democrats.
  17. On KY governor, most of the votes left uncounted are Bevin counties. This thing ain’t over yet.
  18. Guys, don’t 28-3 this gotdam KY governor’s race!!!
  19. What’s to prove? He didn’t ask for investigations into any other person or entity that wasn’t Biden or the DNC.
  20. Not at all difficult to prove. He wanted dirt on his political opponent ahead of the 2020 campaign, Joe Biden. That’s personal gain. He wanted dirt on the DNC (servers). That’s personal gain.
  21. If the current leads in VA races hold, Dems will get control of both houses of the legislature. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/11/05/us/elections/results-virginia-general-elections.html
  22. Beshear just pulled ahead by 2% in the KY governor’s race with 74% precincts reporting. No idea if that holds or not. No results yet from MS governor’s race.
  23. Who posted about the Virginia elections and something about the speaker might lose? I remember the post but can’t find it now.
  24. So the Lev Parnas turn could get very interesting. He says he might comply with the House subpoena. That would include handing over documents — texts and phone records. There’s the issue of privilege, especially if Rudy was their lawyer, but Parnas was at ground zero for all of this. If he flips and hands over Rudy texts, buckle your seatbelts. Whether the texts are harmful to Trump or not isn’t even the point — you know those texts are going to be hilarious.
  25. So I can’t find a complete list of people who testified to the House, but I do count three witnesses whose testimony hasn’t been released: Morrison Vindman Taylor ^^^I’m guessing tomorrow will be Morrison and Taylor will be released tomorrow, unless there’s another witness that I’m forgetting.