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  1. Within the context of the story, not at all. SERIOUS spoiler alert here:
  2. Yeah, I didn't find it very believable myself. I thought the end of the prologue was better.
  3. I'm about 150 page into A Feast for Crows and loving the whole series. I do have to say that the epilogue for A Storm of Swords and the prologue for A Feast for Crows almost made me put down the books (until the very last part of the prologue, of course). Didn't get the back story at all and the first 50-70 pages were really boring for me. That might be because I wanted to get caught up with my favorite characters. But now that we're following the main characters, I'm feeling the groove again. I almost want to not finish the last two books because I'm afraid of how bad it's going to suck waiting another 6 years for the next book to get finished.
  4. I could only stomach a few chapters before I sent it back to GameFly. The graphics are mediocre and the gameplay itself is quirky. But the biggest flaw, I think, is the acting/writing for the characters. It just wasn't believable. The story itself is okay, but the characters and the writing were terrible. I think that "The Walking Dead" game is 10 times better in terms of characters, story, and gameplay.
  5. You know, now that I'm more than halfway through a Storm of Swords, I can definitely see them dividing it into two seasons. Each 10-episode season needs 2-3 character development episodes and a "holy s***" or "the s*** hits the fan" episode. Do that two or three times during the season and fans will continue loving it. I think there's definitely enough of those types of episodes in the first half of the book for a full 10-episode season. Take Jaime Lannister, for example: I don't think they have enough time to cover all of the events in that book in a single season. Imagine, for instance, 4-episodes in and then introducing the "Red Viper". That seems like a natural character to leave off until the 4th season to me. One of the things that could seriously lose non-readers is introducing too many new characters in too short of a time frame.
  6. The best homemade pizza I make uses a certain Iowan's recipe from another forum for the crust and then tops it with green olives, pepperoni, anchovies, and perhaps some italian sausage if I'm feeling fancy. I'm also a big fan of some of that gub'ment cheeze, if you take my meaning.
  7. He saves his pimp hand for the king. That's bada**.
  8. Okay, so admittedly I'm less than a quarter way into the first compendium, but I disagree. With Game of Thrones, there is a definite canon that would be hard to rewrite. Things must happen a certain way in that show. But with The Walking Dead, it's okay for things to happen out of sequence as long as the core conflicts and drama are preserved. There was only a couple of additions to "A Game of Thrones" that I appreciated, such as... ...whereas I appreciate and respect a lot of what was added to "The Walking Dead". I think that it's easier to rewrite and rework scenes from a graphic novel, which let's face it, is really just a glorified comic book, than it is to change things from an honest-to-God series of novels that are (slightly flawed) modern day classics.
  9. I know, right? The first season stuck to the books pretty carefully, but the second season seems to have gone off script a lot more. I understand them completely rewriting the Battle of Blackwater Bay. That makes sense. But some of the decisions seems kind of random to me. On a related side note, I just started reading "The Walking Dead" graphic novel. Holy crap, there's a show that completely rewrote the canon. I feel bad reading ahead of "Game of Thrones" because I know that I'm going to get spoilers along the way, but I don't feel bad whatsoever reading "The Walking Dead" because the storyline was virtually completely rewritten from the books.
  10. Might should have put that in spoilers. Just saying.
  11. Sure it's fun to speculate, but I think it can be ruled out for a couple of reasons. First, what is the purpose of the characters? Syrio's role was to teach her how to use a sword and how to be strong emotionally. The sneaking around part in the books (e.g., catching cats) was to teach her how to use her feet in a swordfight. It wasn't to teach her stealth killing. If Syrio were Jagen, why didn't he use the stealth to easily deal with all of the soldiers when they came for Arya? A few darts would have taken them down, right Second, related to the purpose of the characters, why wouldn't Jagen tell Arya who he is/was as Syrio once they were free? There's no reason for him to keep that from her now as he invited her to Braavos to be her new instructor. Syrio would be more likely to follow her as she tries to find her way back to her family, and then continue the lessons. He was hired by Ned Stark and would be welcome by the Starks for defending Arya. Why would he up and abandon Arya now? Finally, Jagen represents a natural progression for Arya's character. She learned emotional strength and self-restraint from Syrio as well as how to use a sword. Jagen's instruction (I assume they'll meet again because of the coin) would round out her fighting skills with a broader skill set and is a more natural development for her to become a warrior as opposed to some maiden to be married off to another family. The last fits into my theory that Arya could become one of the most bada** fighters in Westeros.
  12. Yeah, I don't think he's her dancing instructor. There are a lot of people who talk like him and who have those skills (magic?) in Braavos and that area of Westeros. I think it's reading too much into the story to make that connection.
  13. I doubt that we get more detail on that next season. They are clearly hurrying through some of the parts of Book 2 in order to gear up to Book 3. It's a legitimate trade-off that they have to make with television, even when it's stretched out 10 episodes. But it seems to me that starting with Martin's re-write of the Battle of Blackwater Bay to a lot of the other "non-canon" changes they have made this season that the focus is on getting to the "holy s***" moments sooner rather than developing the characters and story in the next season. I'm really surprised at how closely the first season followed the book and how much this season has deviated from it. They've added some significant things not in the books:
  14. Yeah, there's a lot going on in the books that they don't have time to put into the TV show. I don't think that I'm about to tell you is any kind of spoiler--it's something that was left out of the book but doesn't give anything away--but I'm going to err on the side of caution: My thoughts on the episode, and this IS a spoiler if you haven't seen the show:
  15. I gladly pay money to Amazon.com to watch "The Walking Dead" 24 hours after each new episode airs and I would gladly pay the same to HBO for "Game of Thrones". But since the latter isn't available, on the days that I don't go over to a friend's house to watch it, I d*** sure pirate the s*** out of that episode to keep up to date with the series. It's a classic example of someone who is willing to pay but has to pirate because that is the only way to get the content. And I will buy the DVD's next season gladly to live through the season once more.
  16. That is epic!
  17. And now, back to the second season of Deadwood.
  18. I thought Martin did a masterful job re-writing the entire battle of Blackwater Bay without that and condensing it into a single epic scene with the wildfire. Easily one of the best scenes in all of TV history. This series is so freaking good that I'm wondering whether to finish the second book before the season finale next week. They really mixed up the timeline from the books and I'm no longer sure where to stop to let the TV series catch up now. In the books, the mother of dragons has already gone through the hall of the undying. No spoilers, just saying.
  19. He sent her off because some people might think that a victory would be hers instead of his. So basically, his ego prevented him from using their demon baby.
  20. Btw, why are we talking about something that wasn't in the TV show as a spoiler?
  21. Oh, I'm sure. It's like the Stark kids in Winterfell...they wanted you to guess for the entire week.
  22. I'm on it. Will let you know when I get caught up in the book.
  23. But he wasn't in the preview for next week's episode.